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  1. thts what i asked,answer is a few pages back, but i got some weird results.if any one use it with triggers NOT markers can you post a link to a download test mision please. thanks mark
  2. thanks for that woody ok onto the next problem, when the town is cleared how do i get the units to go back to the spawn point were they came from and then delete them for respawn again on trigger activation if cleared "chard" go "back to waypoint" and "delete"; how would i implement this ? thanks mark
  3. ok im gunna take a step back from the last post, i have 4 triggers on each town one for each squad, now befor i experiment again :eek: do you think this would work in just one trigger ? is it the correct format ? "fith_group = true","sixth_group = true","seventh_group = true","eighth_group = true" each one of those groups reprisents one trigger now i have over 64 groups and the amount of triggers is getting silly. so what i want to do is combine 4 squads onto 1 trigger. those groups above are from chak chak
  4. hi thank you that was a much better reply :) now you say it should be very possible and simple. how do i go about it ? what code goes were, waypoint script ? on activation of waypoint ? maybe a seprate trigger, ive tried a few combos with no success thanks mark
  5. really dude, you are makein this dificult for me, the backpack error is xenos work not mine, all i have added is the spawn script, everything else is xenos work not mine, so them errors belong to him :) the back packs still work fine so its not to much of a problem. and please i dont want to here "you need to make a new mission and start from there because ive already done that and had upsmon working as intended but i cant seem to get it to work with the 4 spawning squads i set up at chak chak. im not a rocket scientist, im not a master scripter or mission maker and i love to cut corners (xenos TvT domi template) as i dont have time to make a full mission as it would propbably take the rest of my natural life. all i wanted to no, is it possible to add upsmon to the four squads i added at chak chak ? thanks mark
  6. deleted!! check your PMs galzohar EDIT: hi @ galzohar could you take a look at the mission im working on ? im still getting a few errors in the .rtp concerning the back pack which i cant seem to fix. any ideas ? (lower priority) now for the upsmon troubles. ok just take a look at chak chak. the rest of the towns im still ading squads to, i added most of the squads just to see how it performed, quite well i might add. now what im trying to do is when the 4 squads are spawned they move to there waypoints and then i want upsmon to take control. can this be done ?, i have tried a couple of attempts with no success heres the link to the mission http://rapidshare.com/files/423341920/TvT_Domination_warefare.Takistan.rar thanks mark
  7. nope its still not working,i followed your instructions to the letter and nothing :( could you take a look at my mission please if you have time. thanks mark EDIT: mission on rapid share now, link sent
  8. nope it wont work. i dont no whats going rong zohar, can you put it down in a few simple steps 1. 2. 3 etc all i want is a group on stanby waiting for the trigger to be activated by opfor. when it is activated the group then starts to move towards the town.
  9. hi all sorry if this has already been posted is there away to activate this by trigger ? what i want is the units to stanby until opfor is present then when opfor is detected the ai units start to advance on the town what ive done 1. created a marker and named it chakchak. 2. created a group but left the init field empty. 3. created a trigger and in the on activation i put: nul=[this,"garmsar"] execVM "ups.sqf" then synced the trigger to the group leader but it didnt work :( any help would be appreciated thanks mark
  10. spyhunter82

    RUM Assets

    @ Draper can we get a test mission for takistan because i dont even remember what arma 2 looks like, chernarus whats that ? LOL
  11. this is for OA only.... open the btk folder then open the engine.sqf and change "ParachuteBigWest" to "ParachuteBigWest_EP1". example below: //// Create parachute and smoke sleep 2; _Parachute = "ParachuteBigWest_EP1"createVehicle position _Object; _Parachute setPos (getPos _Object); _BlueSmoke = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle position _Object; _BlueSmoke setPos (getPos _Object); _Object attachTo [_Parachute,[0,0,-1.5]]; good luck mark
  12. no there was an update from sxp2high, you should use execVM "BTK\Cargo Drop\Start.sqf"; as for the .paa im not sure as i only use arrowhead now
  13. yes it unloads in the air check the demo above or use the full version from sxp2high on page 1
  14. sorry about the link "dam rapidshare limit" heres the latest demo http://rapidshare.com/files/419363998/simple_load_and_unload.Takistan.rar
  15. @ muzashi http://rapidshare.com/files/41925909...d.Takistan.rar take a look at the link EDIT: just noticed your useing domi 2.11, you might want to update that. im useing 2.54 but i think the official is 2.28