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  1. Hi Morts, By items, do you mean empty, inanimated objects/vehicles? ArmA2 does have a limit on how many AI groups you can have (up to 144 if memory serves). I have placed lots and lots of objects on mi mission and they all show up (e.g., cars, empty trucks, motorcyles, bikes, etc.). Best, Splicer.
  2. Hi Draper, Got swamped last week and haven't touched ArmA2 for almost 10 days! (What a sin!). :D I'll send you later in the week the script off line so you can take a look a it. Best, Splicer.
  3. Put this in the init field of your AI unit (the leader, that is): nul=[this,"town", "move","reinforcement:",1, "delete:",600] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf"; All you have to do is change "move" to "NOMOVE" or "FORTIFY" And the "town" parameter is the actual name of the marker you created that want the patrol to belong to and patrol around. I hope this helps. Good luck! Best, Splicer.
  4. Good. At least you know what is going on. :D Have fun! Best, Splicer.
  5. Hi Draper, I'm back. Busy week and didn't get the chance to stop by earlier. In any case, I successfully wrote a script that dynamically creates several markers and waypoints between ASpad and a selected target. What I found was that I can now place ASpad all the way to the upper left corner of the map (yes, that far) and I can get a chopper to go all the way to the bottom right of the Chernarus island (not the whole map). So here's the bizarre finding. If I place ASpad way South on the map the chopper does fly straight UNTIL it reaches latitude 150. Then the chopper just tops and hovers. It's like if there is an invisible barrier right there! If I place ASpad just a bit north (e.g., latitude 145) then the chopper can go anywhere I want, even all the way up to the upper left corner of the map! But to achieve this there must be around 6 waypoints between ASpad and the target, otherwise the chopper (again for no reason) stops moving and hovers. I don't know if this will be useful to you, but for the missions I'm planning this info is key to know where to place ASpad on the map assuring that airplanes and choppers can reach target destination. Feel free to drop me a PM to follow up on this off line if you're interested. Thanks again for such a great script Draper! Best, Splicer.
  6. Hi zombo, OK, first of, variables starting with underscore are to be used only in scripts. So, instead in this should be in the team leader init: null=[this, markername] execvm "marker.sqf"; Note that you are expected to enter with the RTE a marker on the map that must be called "markername" (without the quotation marks, that is). So this is sending the variable "this" (which is the name of your leader) and "markername" (which is the name of the marker you placed on the map) to the script called marker.sqf And in the script the name of the leader is assigned to the variable _unit and the name of the marker is assigned to the variable _marker I hope you are able to follow how the rest of the script and the variables are handled. :D I hope this helps. Good Luck! Splicer.
  7. Thank you so much guys!!!! :notworthy: Best, Splicer.
  8. Hi there, In order to create several markers in a script using a while-do loop I need to figure out how to concatenate text with numbers. Example: _i = 0 _i = _i +1 markername + _i the last line to give the text string: markername1 And then when the loop goes another round then a text string: markername2 And so on... So how can one merge text characters with numbers in a loop? Thanks for all you help in advance. Best, Splicer.
  9. OK. Super Bow is over (don't know if you're celebrating because NO won or the Colts lost). In any case, have a few beers, enjoy the rest of the night, and post your breakthroughs soon. :D Best, Splicer.
  10. Just did Master Sergeant! :D Good game... Colts lost and New Orleans won... I'll have to be careful tomorrow when I go out not to mention I was rooting half way for New Orleans too! :D Catch you later Myke! Best, Splicer.
  11. It's working now. THANKS! Splicer.
  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH MYKE!!!!!!!! My best, Splicer.
  13. Hi Monsada, GREAT! But the website says that the file is temporarily unavailable... Splicer.
  14. Hi everybody, I'm writing a script where I want to create automatically several waypoints between 2 points. Now, for some reason when I enter the following line in the script ArmA2 crashes: #waypoints This is just the label I need to use for a goto loop. And the message I get in the arma2.RPT file is: error 7. Could anybody tell me why this is happening and how to fix it/get around it? Thanks much in advance. Best, Splicer.
  15. Splicer

    NUKE E.W. Campaign

    Hi, lucilk has already a script for a nuke: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=88810 I hope this helps. Best, Splicer.