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  1. HateDread

    Warfare BE

    I've come back to this after so long... in v2.071, how do I command the AI to attack specific towns? That used to be really obvious / easy in earlier versions.
  2. Hey all, I'm running some BeCTI 0.96 (Warfare, lots of AI) for my own uses on a LAN network, with just me as a player. I'm wondering if having the dedicated server and my client on an i7 3770k @ 4.3ghz would be better, performance-wise, than a dedicated Q6600 @ 3.0ghz. I realise that the i7 is obviously more powerful, and uses hyperthreading, but just wondering if the power is offset by having both aspects run at once, in which case the older processor would be better as a separate server. Regards, - HateDread.
  3. Hey all, Arma 3 Alpha says 'Update required'. I hit play, it comes up with the 'Updating Arma 3 Alpha' window - it says 'Preparing to launch ArmA 3 Alpha...' above the empty update bar. This hangs for a minute, then I get; 'An error occured while updating Arma 3 Alpha (connection time out)'. Steam connects and updates other games, so Steam IS connected. I've deleted Appcache folder and restarted PC, then Steam, and it made no change, nor did deleting ClientRegistry.blob and restarting Steam. This happens in both the normal and development streams. Any ideas? - HateDread.
  4. HateDread

    Arma 3 PDW Pack.

    Really looking forward to the P90! Looks so good, man.
  5. HateDread

    TeeTimes Warfare

    Hey there! I read the OP but couldn't quite figure... Does this mission have AI that runs their own squads and attacks and captures towns, as per BE Warefare from Arma 2?
  6. Hmm, I've tried the following; But it works whether I'm in water or not. What am I doing wrong? Also, using SetVariable, if I've got the unit named in my .sqf, i.e. _diver = _this select 0, can I do the following? Just not sure if I can pass it back like this.
  7. I've tried "!(underwater player)", but the action is still available no matter what. I'd prefer it to not even be available while on top of the water... the player has to be on solid ground. I tried getposASL, but I screwed that up too. Can I pass something back into the init space that forms part of the condition for the opposite action? So either the variable passed back into the unit init space is a yes for action 1, or a yes for action 2, and so the appropriate action is shown in the menu. But I feel that this would be inefficient and messy, and I'm not sure if the init space can be changed after game start? (Probably... hence the name).
  8. Hey guys, Trying to get some sort of diver weapon storage working, but I can't figure out how to efficiently add some sort of condition that only adds an action to the menu when the player reaches the shore. I want it to disappear once activated, to be replaced by a counter action (i.e. 'retrieve diving gear' when the first one was 'store diving gear'). Just having trouble conceptualizing how to pass back some of the stuff through an execVM to the unit (as I was calling the diver's .sqf in the init field, but that might not be preferable?) Thanks in advance! - HateDread.
  9. HateDread

    CO_02 Skirmish at Marina Bay by SilentAce07

    Thanks! It's good to just jump in to some combat... I've been trying to make this kind of thing myself, so I appreciate it. Gear saving/respawning with the previous equipment would be great - annoying to keep having to re-equip it all. That + bags would be good (including spawning in first with a backpack of some sort). EDIT: Oh and have the items replenish in the crates... don't wanna run out of ammo!
  10. HateDread

    CO_02 Skirmish at Marina Bay by SilentAce07

    Hey Silent, loving this mission! Can you possibly add all of the attachments? I think some guns are missing as well. When I pick up a different weapon, it comes with no attachments and there are none that I can grab :( Iron sites are good, but a scope is better!
  11. Jesus, guys. Let's actually encourage discussion, eh? I think the OP might be hoping for something more like, either: 1. We could nail down appropriate 'defaults' for the default action key, such as always 'get in as driver' on a car, unless driver is full, then get in as gunner, etc. - Including making this default key only work on what you directly look at, as opposed to what you're near, so if there are multiple doors, only the one you look at gets activated/used. This would make the default action key work much better. OR: 2. Have a specific key just for getting in and out of vehicles. You need to get in under fire. 'Default action' might decide to switch your guns, check the vehicle gear, etc. This is made worse by missions that add extra options, often from the top of the list. TL;DR: Relax and discuss this. Add button for enter/exit vehicle.
  12. HateDread

    [Mission] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Arma 3

    Thanks, Bob. I'll be waiting/salivating right over your shoulder.
  13. HateDread

    Simple CTI Warfare

    Hey man, nice work! Does this include AI commanders and what-not? Like, if I play this mission with only one buddy, will it just be one vs one with our AI units, or will each team be filled out with AI units being controlled? EDIT: Just saw; Guess that answers it :)
  14. HateDread

    [Mission] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Arma 3

    Hey man, looks good, especially with the physics of the zombies dropping dead! However, when I host via listen server on LAN and jump on, I find that the zombies can hardly notice me. I have to shoot one for it to run at me, and the others just ignore me until I fire upon them. I'm walking around watching them moan and roam. Any ideas?
  15. How on Earth did you set up that join url? Even Skype's documentation doesn't really explain how to do it. You used /get uri in the group chat, perhaps, but then what? Cheers.