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  1. Taurus

    Deleting actions ???

    Hello. Actually the first variable you have there is a "place holder" The actual action ID(which you need to remove the action) is sent to the script as described here: addAction If you can't get around this I'll explain more thoroughly later.
  2. In the upper right section of the forums is a very interesting text. "Search this forum" Then some threads show up covering topics which already has been mentioned. For example: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=94373&highlight=buildings and http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=94315&highlight=buildings If that fails you could try searching the ARMA - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING-forum. Good luck.
  3. Taurus

    Which Internet Browser Do You Use?

    This Pretty neat.
  4. It's the weapon you should use. _myVehicle fire "SmokeLauncher";
  5. here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Weapons
  6. Taurus

    Silent Hunter 5 announced!

    Hm, not all, but many, especially the ,,, gamer. Some did complain, I didn't have any problems with it either. BIS is very special in this department as they even patch Arma after all these years. Well, lets not write this game off shall we? We will see what happens, perhaps I'm naive I don't know, but time and rants from the communities has changed things in the past.
  7. Taurus

    Silent Hunter 5 announced!

    BangTail Well if it was any other game I wouldn't, but Silent hunter is one of my favourites. And if you don't like it, then the choice is simple. I'm not particularly fond of what UBI has done to Rainbow Six, they moved to the console and the game was doomed. But if some of their developer teams makes game I like I'll still buy games from UBI. The gaming industry needs to get the "piracy"-problem under control, and perhaps this is how to do it? Is this decision written in stone? Blizzard is wavering about their decision to only have Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 playable via battle.net Paying a monthly fee for any game that isn't a MMO is out of question. I still do not see having to connect to some server somewhere to verify my game that much of a problem. For better or worse UBI is not new in this area. One example you cannot play your Dragon Age game with DLC without first logging on to their server. IMHO that's why the console games are developed.It is interesting you mention Bohemia Interactive here as they sure hasn't made precautions against piracy? I like Bohemia Interactive that's why I'm still here even tho' the quality of their games has been vague to say the least, if it would have been any other developer I'd uninstall the game and moved away a long time ago. I'll give up PC gaming when all games are Console ports, which sadly seem not too far away... Now I derailed yet another topic, my apologizes.
  8. Hm, strange. If you want you can PM me the mission and I can have a look at it. It's hard to get a clear view of what you want to achieve or how the script will run and in which context.
  9. Hi. Did you get a chance of testing this further?
  10. Taurus

    Silent Hunter 5 announced!

    I think I can live with that. The game is genuinely good and developed for the PC and my laptop would literally choke to death if I installed that game on it. Perhaps someone will make an "offline"-mod or UBI come to their senses later on.
  11. Hm, I tried that and it worked. I can't test this in Arma now, but the below code should run successfully. if(isServer && ((typeOf crate) == "USSpecialWeaponsBox")) then{ crate setVehicleInit "handle = [] execVM ""scripts\weaponcargo.sqf"""; };
  12. Hello. You need to check what type the crate is. Like so: ((typeOf crate) == "USSpecialWeaponsBox") i.e. you cannot compare an object with a string. Hope this helps.
  13. Hello. I usually doesn't write this. But, I seriously wonder what the sticky threads on this forum is used for. Do you know Bakos? Modules Official Documentation Links Frequently Asked Questions/Requests Read those two, and good luck.
  14. Yes you are correct, I didn't check carefully what command was being used, I assumed it was isNil. So I just "copy pasted" it and added the quotation marks. It's not that I didn't write the correct command on the first line.
  15. Splicer. To check variables with isNil you need to enclose them with "" !isNil "PatrolScript" About "this" It's a programming reference which will take a while to explain. But basically if you put "this" in a units init-line it will always refer to the object(unit) itself. e.g. A soldiers init-line MyDude = this; MyDude will be: B1 1-1-1 MyGroup = (group this) MyGroup will be: B1 And so on. hope that shed some light on the subject.