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  1. I have this problem with TADST and even trying to start a normal server does anyone know a fix ? Warning Steam Appid doesnt match expected value 107410 <> 233780
  2. DO I /NEED to have aserver version of Windows? Ive been trying to runa dedicated server on Windows 7 is that the problem? Also I have used the steam server download does that work AS I have had some issues with it not running with that. We were ALL noobs once please reply.
  3. Does anyone know how to fix this please? I have tried changing the APPid numbers from 233870 to 107410 and back and it wont work.
  4. jammymutt

    Local Server hosting no longer working.

    TADST is for Arma 3 I am rtrying to run a dedicated server on a spare machine, Im having problems findin g the arma2server.exe file for 1.11 it is available for Linux but not for windows Im hoping it will come out soon so I can run aserver.
  5. HI ive not played A2 for a long time , I unserstand Gamespy has knocked all the servers down. I have aspare machine to run a server on but can only find server files for patch 1.10 I cannot find anywhere server files for 1.11, I have seen them for Linux how hard is it to set it up with Linux?. I have used Ubuntu before but only to play about with nothing serious has anyone done a set of instruction on how to set it up[ and use it for a total noob. Otherwise can someone please make a server file for 1.11. I would run the sevrer back to patch 1.10 but Steam keeps updating the game so there is no way you can run it on an old version. Please help thanks in advance.
  6. jammymutt

    NO mod missions

    Hi folks, can anyobne recommend a few mp missions for about 6 players or less please?, I have some friends who want to play but dont like downoading mods so if youy have any that dont require them please let me know so we can put them on the server and try them. Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks for the messages guys I have contacted some of you cheers.
  8. HI ive played Arma 2 and the add ons for a while I just bought A3 today and im looking for a UK squad to join im not a noob but im not a highly experienced player like to play as sniper and play organised finish a mission with no deaths is my goal anyone looking to recruit ?
  9. Hi can anyone tell me how to stop a building from being destroyed using Arma Edit?. Thanks
  10. Saitek Gold /Arma OA/ Win 7 are they compatible?. I have the joystick working but when I go in to game it just doesnt seem to be able to use ALL the features it will use the forward motion for powering but when you slide it back it doesnt work, also left pedal works on left tweist but right pedal doesnt on right twist. Is it time for a newe joystick?.
  11. Hi Im looking for an active squad to join Ive had the game since it was released I like to play sniper or scout but can probably play in most places. I like to play as a close team but also like to have a good laugh sometimes. Im 43 based in Nottingham,UK got Mic, TS etc.
  12. jammymutt

    Player looking for Squad/Clan

    Looking for a UK based squad Arma2 I like to play as part of a team I prefer sniper but can fit in to most positions. Cant bring you much as little bit of website knowledge,teamspeak and forum but thats about it mapmaking is just not my thing !!!
  13. jammymutt

    WASP Squad - fake servers banning players!

    Are you sure about the URL?.
  14. jammymutt

    Time Bomb

    OK im stupid and havent got a clue but can someone please tell me how to use a time bomb in the game?. I put it on the floor and no option to set timer or anything HELP please!!.
  15. jammymutt

    Arma2 dedicated server howto

    I just hnoticed that ANYONE can log in as admin on my server even thoguh I have a password on it. Also my MOITD doesnt work anyone know why?. password = ""; passwordAdmin = "xxxxxx"; hostname="XXXXXXX server"; motd[]={ "Welcome to XXXXXXX Squad server", "Teamplay only please",}; // Welcome message My server name is still the name of my pc and not the one I l;ist in the default/arma.cfg folder. motdInterval=10; // period between motd rotation Something not right?.