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  1. Federico 76

    3den Enhanced

    Hi R3vo, first let me say thank you for your mod. I usually make coop missions for my friends and it really simplified my life a lot! Especially since i'm not that good in scripting stuff. Anyway i wish to report a couple of bugs i found with the "hostage" feature of the mod: 1- You can free the hostage from 15 meters away; 2- You can still "free" the hostage after he is dead. Again, thank you and keep up!
  2. Federico 76

    Un-restrict ammo in arsenal

    Yes, it would be nice to have the full list of ammo available, maybe with the option for show/hide the ones that the unit is not using.
  3. Federico 76

    Grimes Simple Revive Script

    Hello everyone! I just downloaded this script, and i came across the same problem... But since i found a possible workaround for singleplayer missions, and since a lot of people are still using the script, i thought that it would be nice to share the solution. Basically, it gives the player the opportunity to choose another playable unit on death, so that he can revive his previous character with the new one, and eventually retake control of the old one. Of course the whole thing won't help much if in your mission there is only one playable character. Usually i tend to make each single member of the player's squad playable, so he can maximize the squad potential. This is usefull if you play the mission as the squad leader, but it turns to be quite buggy if you play as a subordinate that can't give orders to the rest of the squad, so beware. Anyway, that's how it's done: Open with notepad the G_Unconscious.sqf file located in the G_Revive folder; Scroll down to this part: if (isPlayer _unit) then { disableUserInput true; titleText ["","BLACK", 1]; if (G_Revive_Black_Screen == 0) then { [_byVeh] spawn { _byVeh = _this select 0; sleep 3; if (_byVeh) then { titleText ["You are Unconscious. Wait for teammate to revive you.","BLACK IN", 9]; } else { titleText ["You are Unconscious. Wait for teammate to revive you.","BLACK IN", 4]; }; }; }; }; delete everything under the first line and add the "teamSwitch" command, now it should look like this: if (isPlayer _unit) then { teamSwitch; }; Than scroll down to: if (isPlayer _unit) then { [] spawn { sleep 3.25; _reviveDialog = createDialog "G_Revive_Dialog"; waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay -1)}; G_Revive_Unc_Global_KeyDown_EH = (findDisplay -1) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown","if ((_this select 1) == 1) then {(findDisplay -1) displayRemoveEventHandler [""KeyDown"",G_Revive_Unc_Global_KeyDown_EH];closeDialog 0;player setVariable [""G_Unconscious"",false,true];}; false;"]; }; }; and remove the "_reviveDialog" line, like this: if (isPlayer _unit) then { [] spawn { sleep 3.25; waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay -1)}; G_Revive_Unc_Global_KeyDown_EH = (findDisplay -1) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown","if ((_this select 1) == 1) then {(findDisplay -1) displayRemoveEventHandler [""KeyDown"",G_Revive_Unc_Global_KeyDown_EH];closeDialog 0;player setVariable [""G_Unconscious"",false,true];}; false;"]; }; }; Now when you die the team switch menu should appear... Known issues: -Once you're dead, if you click on "Back" in the team switch menu, or if you take control of another dead unit, you can still give orders to your squad members (if the selected character is the squad leader), you can also use first aid kits, even if it wont actually do nothing besides consuming the kit. -Probably, the respawn system for the player won't work anymore. Not sure if it was supposed to work with singleplayer anyway. I think bots respawn should be fine (hopefully). All this needs more testing. Finally, i'd like to thank Grimes for this noob friendly script that helped a lot of people. Cheers :)...
  4. Federico 76

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Yes, of course everything will work in the vanilla game... The point here was to find something that actually works with the mod, since it would be a shame to lose all the improvements of the mod just for this issue. Well, i guess i'll have to modify that part of the mission or disable the mod. Thx for help anyway, maybe in your list i can find something good for replace zeus AI.
  5. Federico 76

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Thx for reply again, but the script seems not to work well with the mod: for some reasons, as they see the enemy, they start moving around as usual... I made some tests and i noticed that this problem is caused by the FindCover.pbo, which seems overwriting any command given to AI (including "setUnitPos" command etc...) as soon as contact with enemy is established. I also tried to remove that file from the mod, and, even if i get the error message when i start the game, i'm still able to play... But then unfortunatly it's not possible to load any saved game made with the mod even if the saved game was created after the FindCover.pbo was removed. Well, it seems there's not much we can do... I'll try to get around the problem somehow.
  6. Federico 76

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Thanks mate, this looks very good for a fast set up of soldiers in cities, and i will use it for sure since it can save a lot of my time... But, let's say that for exemple i want to put some guys behind some cover like sandbags etc... Then i should really find some kind of command that actually tells them to hold the position without going around on their own. I just hope that this is possible to do with this mod, since it is a great improvement of the retarded vanilla AI :)...
  7. Federico 76

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Hello everyone, i'm trying this great mod right now, but i have a problem with it: Even with the "setVariable ["zeu_AIBypass", true]" command the AI soldiers are still moving on their own, and since they're supposed to defend a building and shooting from windows, it's necessary that they stand exact in the place i put them... I could try with "disableAI "move"", but with this they won't be able to turn around anymore. Any solution? Am i missing something? (I also used the "forcespeed 0"; "doStop this" and "disableAI "target"" commands.)
  8. Federico 76

    SLX Mod WIP

    Hello guys, i've just tried the mod and the AI now looks great, but i've a problem: in the editor seems like that the AI can now ignore the "dostop", "force speed" and the "setunitpos" commands when in fight... I ofthen use dostop and forcespeed to make an AI soldier (that is part of a group) hold the position especially when i put them in a bunker or when i want them to snipe from a window etc... So, basically, i want to know if there is a way to tell someone to hold the position without moving at all. And of course the "DisableAI "move"" command isn't good because it also freeze the soldier in one direction. Can anyone help me with that?
  9. Ok, thanx very mutch for the response. I'm going to try to find that module now.
  10. Hi everyone... I've just downloaded and installed the mod, and sure it looks great , but i've got a problem: i think that i've intalled it correctly and everything seems to work fine, but when i watched the videos posted in the first page i noticed that i miss some parts, like the rifle bolting animation: in my game, while the bolt of the rifle works correctly after each shot, the soldier doesn't move his hand at all. Also, in those videos i can hear germans that actually speak german, while on my PC they still speak russian... And of course i've the 1.08 patch too. I've downloaded the mod from the first mirror (ArmedAssault.info), maybe i should try to redownload it form another one?
  11. Mmm... My squad leader give the "engage" order even if the group is in yellow combat mode... Am i missing something? :j:
  12. AI can not see (and shoot) through the windows of the open houses that you can find in most cities... My version is 1.02, i don't know if this bug is present also in the previous versions.