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  1. Would you like to join the testing group? drop me a PM :)

  2. Check the group, file is up now :)

  3. Off the top rope, elbow from the sky!

    I bet you didn't put him on your ignore list. that's no fun

  4. why are you never on steam

  5. Been trying to get you but been busy at the wrong times

    When im back we can work faster on the nz units now that I've finished texturing

  6. back in the saddle again .. or in black.??,./

    what's good man?

  7. oh lol

    But nah, I'm alright for right now. I'm still working on a tighter version, it's just the effect is a bit difficult to replicate. I'm still workin on it though, it's good practice as well. ill send you a pic soon, perhaps tomorrow (i'm gona work a bit more on it then)

  8. uh oh. Well, can you try sending me the p3d in question? are all your textures ^2 or whatever? (ie not 2048x2048,1024x512 etc etc)

  9. buy a mac.

    But really , you can only view .tgas (i think only tgas? i know it wont show .paas)

    that's your problem.

  10. thanks, it means a lot coming from you. It is quite motivating when your hard work pays off from leachers and experts alike :)

  11. Joined, good to see other people on BI who use modo as well

  12. I always had them , just not a good camera to take pics . All I had was a cell phone camera :D

  13. My mac has f13 key. Try again

  14. If I take pic of my multicam acu and make units will you stfu about ze colors?

  15. What a nerd.

  16. Devil durgs has it.. Get it from him, it's my Christmas present ... And a ticket to your christmas present ...

  17. Post pics of my units and get on skype Tybye

  18. It's alright , happens to me all the time :(


  19. In on plane .. Should be back soon! You got any updates dude

  20. ye.. santa or something lol

  21. Mechanix gloves ... awww yeah

  22. Everyones favorite vehicle texture artist ... Love your work, one of these days I must learn from you