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  1. Hi, default mission on vanilla (in mission editor preview) dosen't work, sorry dosen't show any marker on map or gps. edit: 2.1.1 is working, on armaholic there is the 2.1.0
  2. dum3d0

    [SP][MP]CO-OP 06 Long night

    So the virusr thing is a mistake I'll fix it on my server. About the waypoint, I put under spoiler
  3. dum3d0

    [SP][MP]CO-OP 06 Long night

    I reply also here: There is a bug, mission fail at start if you play on dedicated server. The teamleader name is "leader" but the trigger check for !alive player, I realize now this only work in single player or on listen server but on dedicated server player value is null so the mission failed at the beginning.. And also, other 2 trigger condition are "!alive virusr" but there is no "virusr" object, there is a "virus" object so maybe it's an error and you should change to "!alive virus"? Btw I can't move the waypoint placed on the teamleader, can you explain why? [TS]Sgt.Maj.DuM3D0
  4. Yes read this post and some few replies after http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?191716-ACE3-A-collaborative-merger-between-AGM-CSE-and-ACE&p=2963348&viewfull=1#post2963348
  5. @Chains: Intel are small documents and it's color sometime is similar to terrain color, also you have vegetation that may hide those documents. every time you clear a sector you should walk next or over all dead enemys and you should find intel. Note that only the player who found the intel get a message for founding it, other players can see if any intel is found by checking the map and looking for distances indication in red. It's like this:
  6. From where this v0.9.8.1 come out? On GitHub and here I can see only v0.9.8
  7. @X39: Yesterday we did another session on ver. 1.2 (modified with our modset), I changed the enemy respawn to 60 minutes (so we have no respawn per sector) We where 9 players, I was medic so I was in the rear. I report what my clanmates report to me during and at the end of the mission. 1. "The (enemy) spawn is quite ludicrous, sometime they materialize, vanish and then materialize again 10mt away or inside a building. My team had to wait 3 waves of spawn in a single sector at 50mt from it before we could clean the sector. In a city you don't see this because you have many buildings, and here you can have a convincing fight. I saw an enemy AT take up their launcher and suddenly take up their rifle again and there where none of our vehicle next. In my opinion insurgency system is good in cities like the old ArmA2 Falluja insurgency, because enemy spawn at 250mt from the sector. A map like Altis give the feeling to be in a wilderness but suddenly you find a hut with 20 enemy coming out from it" Now some other problems: 2. Sometime we see 1 enemy in underwear with no weapons. 3. Still no reaction from AT and AA (I sync also one AA and one TL to the gamelogic) to our land and air vehicle, they only fire with rifles. My teammates just cleared a sector driving over enemy units. So we decided to use only unarmed MTV to reach enemy sectors. No chopper or tank or armored vehicles otherwise only gunners could have some fun. As I said in other posts only grenadiers trow grenades to us. 4. I had all the time good and stable FPS (above 30) during most part of the mission (we were 9 players), we attacked only isolated area composed of 2/3 sector and we destroyed 3 enemy ammobox. In the last part of the mission, we were 6 player and we decided to attack Sofia from the military outpost on the hill NW from the city. 5 sector around the hill was active and the mission was still playable, but then we started to attack the city heading for the center. With many active sector FPS dropped to 15 and less (for me and also for all other players), I was unable to aim, and go through a building was very difficult (you have to center the doors open it and go through). Too many enemy spawn I think, you need to think something different otherwise the mission is unplayable. 5. Some sectors are still red after killing all enemy. When it happen, sometime we hear enemy voice from a bulding but there is no one. Maybe they are stuck underground? 6. Vehicle spawn at base: is it possible to have only bluefor vehicle available to spawn? I had a look at the code with no luck.
  8. @X39: 1- Enemy don't shoot at you when you are in a vehicle, only grenadier sometime fire at vehicle with grenades. How to reproduce: Pick an armed MTV from base, drive throught several red sector. 2- Not clear how to rearm repair refuel vehicles, land vehicles can be rearmed/refueled/repaired by the three service truck, but what about helicopters? (haven't tryed planes). 3- Is your "XLib Resupply" module available inside this mission? Can I try to place a gamelogic inside the xinsurgency we have on our server?
  9. Sorry, where is version 1.2? The one on github?
  10. Sorry I still can't understand "RespawnTimeout", you type a value in seconds, ok. But what I have to type if I don't want the enemy respawn? I'll try to comment the code under //Auto-Load saved inventory in init.sqf and see if ACE saveloadout works Tnx
  11. - I've never used this module before, I'll try to play with some settings. I always use Light Vehicle Respawn Script with no problem. - No? and this code in init.sqf what is for? //Auto-Load saved inventory if(!isDedicated) then { [] spawn { waitUntil{!isNil {player}}; waitUntil{!isNull player}; waitUntil{alive player}; player addEventHandler["Respawn", {if(!isNil "Mission_var_SavedInventory") then {[_this select 0, Mission_var_SavedInventory] call BIS_fnc_loadInventory;};}]; }; }; - I think I found something: this setVariable ["deathTimeout", 150]; I need to set this to 0 to -1 or I need to remove the code? - I wanted to see if you paid attention to what I wrote. 8P (was too late I were too tired) - I presume you mean "Insurgency game logic" - No? I can't place an enemy Fennec GMG maybe and sync to the "Insurgency game logic" like the "missile specialist (AA)" ?
  12. dum3d0

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    I'll do a screenshot next time we play.
  13. Never mind, forgive my bad english. After a while I realized what was the "Vehicle Spawn" parameter. We tryied your map the altis version with our modset : - CBA - TFAR - ACE - ASDG JR - NATO SF & Spetznaz - FHQ Accessories I found some bug I fixed myself and some other bugs: 1- Enemy are friendly with bluefor, so nobody will shoot you, I had to modify the parameter inside "Advanced intel" and set indipendent friendly to nobody 2- Random respawn in base cause destruction of all vehicles in base and keep going this way in a loop. Maybe some of our teammate destroyed some vehicle inside the base (read bug #3) but respawn need to remove wreck first. Xinsurg_bug (3) by Dumedo, on Flickr Xinsurg_bug (2) by Dumedo, on Flickr 3- Positioning of helicopter in base is made wrong, every time you try to take off with chinook you explode. Same in vehicle spawn location, it's too small. 4- We play with ACE respawn and rallypoint, I have script to automatically equip players unit (named a1, a2.. b1, b2 etc.) then when we die an ACE module save our loadout and we respawn with same loadout. In your mission I removed all respawn except respawn_west, place 14 more playable units named a1..a7 and b1..b7 everyone of us used this playable units, then I removed this in your description.ext : respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive", "MenuPosition"}; respawnOnStart = -1; I place on map all my usual ACE module for respawn and rally point etc, all the usual stuff I got (and work fine) in several mission I made with ACE and the other modset we use on our server. Problem is that when you die or you hit esc -> respawn, you respawn with default loadout (like the one you have when you just place a soldier in editor) so every time you need to go to virtual arsenal and load your equipment. Don't know what could be broken, maybe some incompatibility on some of your respawn script? I need to remove something else? 5- Dead enemy respawn is bad imho, put more time or more enemy and no respawn or put a parameter and let the players choose 7- No AI shoot at our choppers, never. Are there any AA enemy units or enemy AA artillery? 8- No enemy vehicles? 9- Found enemy ammo box, put several satchel of any type but ammo box is indestructible and we had no message for ammobox destroyed. After many satchel we still could see the inventory list inside the ammo box with all the stuff inside. Xinsurg_bug (9) by Dumedo, on Flickr 10- We finally managed to find a chopper (a Ghost) and then we fly to the ammobox location, when landend fps where extremely low I got 13/15 FPS everyone had low FPS, I suppose the cause was we flew over many red sector activating them. Could you deactivate a sector after some minutes of inactivity or when players are far away? Sorry long post and bad my english it's too late for me, nite ;)
  14. I'm going test this mission with my clan tonight, I'm just trying to figure out how it's working (not the gameplay, I know how insurgency works) and noticing some bugs in Altis version - The parameter for respawning I presume is for the player side faction vehicle, after how much time the vehicle respawn? - When I get in a vehicle I got this error: "Cannot load texture a3\ui_f\data\gui\cfg\ranks\_gs.paa" - No objective, no briefing. - There is two respawn marker in base one called "respawn_west" as usual the other is "respawn_west_1" what is for? I'm trying to make an ACE version with pre equipped players.
  15. dum3d0

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    - One of my clanmates has a suggestion, he would like to have the possibility to select by parameters to play only side missions. In this case you could play evolution with 4/5 players. I think there was something similar in the old A2 version. - I still don't understand what are the big red arrows on the maps. - I checked the server cpu load during last session on your mission, and the CPU was ok, got 30% load or less. Tnx. PS: We'll try to setup an headless server.