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    [COOP] The Magnificent Seven

    Nice! Will check it out! Just a note Rydygier, for the steam workshop, would suggest adding the map requirement Hazar-Kot Valley to the right as a downloadable link, so folks who cant seem to read the whole page miss it. For those of you who've never seen the movie Magnificent Seven its on Utube for free
  2. Gunter Severloh

    The ISIL Foothold

    UPDATE Changelog August 10th, 2020 v1.16 Removed AIS Revive system as it was preventing the player from interacting with anything after teamswitch when playing solo. Added couple walls at the base. Added ammo for a couple launchers at the Outpost objective as the launchers didn't have any. Added a few benches in some areas. All 4 versions Updated: Original mission - (this version i had connected HAS mod to all playable units, as originally only player had ability to call for airsupport. All other versions already had this.) ACE version Respawn version No mods version
  3. Gunter Severloh

    The ISIL Foothold

    by Gunter Severloh Hello Arma3 community! Here is a mission i built that i have been working on and off since November 2018: Story After a recent reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan, intel reports ISIL forces have established a foothold in the Southwestern area of Kunduz using local Afghan compounds as their place of operations. Your mission is to locate and clear these compounds, eliminate the anti air threat, destroy their ammo, fuel, Radio, and eliminate the ISIL commander leading the occupation. Screenshots Video This video is a play through for the original mission with all mods. Video doesn't represent the latest build. Download Requirements Hermes Airlift Services Mod v1.95 Kunduz Afghanistan - Fixed Doors Iraqi-Syrian Conflict - (Requires RHS) RHSUSAF RHSAFRF RHSSAF RHSGREF MISSION FEATURES General Mission Requires: Kunduz, RHS, Iraqi-Syrian Conflict, & HAS Mod Playable in Single player or Multiplayer. 6 Player Coop with Revive. 1 player teamswitch. No respawn which means when you die you teamswtich to the next available AI. You can change the AI difficulty in the MP parameters. You can change the weather in MP parameters. You can change the time of day in MP Parameters. Friendly Assets 2 dune buggies seats 4 - (no respawn). 2 Humvee's with .50cal - (no respawn). 1 Ammo, fuel, & repair truck - (no respawn). 4 Artillery (Mortar M252) Fire missions. 6 calls for a helicopter to: CAS, Drop supplies, Transport, & Pickup. Access to Virtual Arsenal at Base to change uniform, weapons, loadout & gear. Recruit AI Halo Custom Map Mission set on Kunduz, Afghanistan Map - (Fixed Doors version so you can open the doors). Over 50 custom placed buildings, walls, objects, sandbags, and wrecks in and around the compound areas. Gameplay Soldiers randomly garrisoned in and around the compounds - (Each play through is different!) Roaming infantry patrols will seek you out if you make your presence known. Roaming .50cal Mounted truck. Random starting positions of several of the objectives. If you play solo you have only 6 lives, die with all 6 and mission ends. How long can you survive? If you recruit AI, they will revive you if you go down. Play in SP and save your progress as you go or teamswitch when you die. Option to Halo/Parachute to the AO. Option to recruit AI infantry to command. Full Briefing with Tasks. Briefing, Supports, and Tasks will transfer to the player on teamswitch. 18 objectives with tasks. Use your map to locate objectives based on their description for the task. Your enemy is the ISIL forces, also known as ISIS. Player's faction is Blufor (RHS - USA SOCOM / MARSOC). Start at a large FOB and drive, or fly to the AO. Advice & Tips Know that the enemy has anti air, locate it and destroy it before flying in or calling in for CAS support. Take your time, patience and recon are crucial in surviving in this mission. Theres no wrong way to approach or do an objective, but rushing and carelessness will cost you. Check the rooftops, windows, doorways, and your corners before you make your move. Shooting your weapon will draw their attention, so shoot and scoot! You only have 4 lives if your playing solo, when all 4 are gone its mission over! Use your support Assets, they are limited but can maximize your efforts if used at the right time. Playing Coop means working together, covering the other guy, reviving/giving aid/ammo. Use the terrain to your advantage, as a long range fighter many threats can be eliminated from afar. Move to cover from cover, and look for the next position of cover for your next move. Do your recon, assess the terrain, plan your move, look at where there is cover. When in doubt throw a grenade. When the enemy has an idea or is zeroed in on your position, MOVE! Move diagonally, laterally, not straight when being shot at. Arc your doors and openings, doing so will allow you to peer the inside flanks. Close your flanks - after moving into a house with doors, close the door behind you. Dont try to out shoot an enemy that already has a bead on you, move! Use natural, and other light sources to illuminate the enemy surroundings. Dont crest hills and become a silhouette, always crawl and use rocks or bushes to conceal your shape. When searching for enemy, look for silhouettes, or shapes that dont belong, dark on sand stands out. When trying to move closer while an enemy is spotted ahead, put objects (buildings, stones, hard cover) in front of you while moving to hide your movement, and give you cover. Watch my video to see how i do it 😉 HOW TO PLAY You can find the mission under Singleplayer Scenarios on the main menu if you install the pbo from google drive, from there you can save with the game menu. You can also find it under MP Lan. Mission is meant for MP lan and server play as its a can be played solo and coop. CREDITS I want to thank the following members of the Arma community for their work/help with my mission: Rydygier - for his insights in using !ALive code, sorting out bugs with mission end. Larrow - for his code on Multiple support requesters. pierremgi - for his help with code for transferring the briefing on teamswitch. Kronzky - for his Urban Patrol Script. Sushi - for his [TOG] GARRISON SCRIPT. Simmax - for his Kunduz FOB Template which i upgraded. Rydygier & myself - for HAS - Hermes Airlift Services Mod. Red Hammer Studios - for their RHS Mod. AccuracyThruVolume - for his fantastic Iraqi-Syrian Conflict Mod. James2464 - for his original map Kunduz Afghanistan. Moser - Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux script. Ghost - Halo script. Hortzy - for his help with parameters Armaholic - for hosting the mission. ================= Changelog:
  4. Jarrad96 watch my tutorial it will show you how:
  5. Gunter Severloh

    Multiple support requesters

    Adding to this, just to let you guys know who wants to implement the transfer providers script which does work np, in combination with AIS https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24088 as soon as you on teamswitch, spawn into a new playable unit, AIS breaks something with this. You lose all function in terms of accessing anything, cannot open doors, pickup objects without using inventory, etc. you become a spectator on foot.
  6. Gunter Severloh

    How to unbinarize an sqm file?

    Adding to this. The merging option doesn't work as suggested above, unless i did it wrong, but cfgconvert does. What you need to do is the following: (For Arma3) Go to this folder C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\CfgConvert Take your binerized mission.sqm and drag it over, yes over the MissionDerap.bat Give it like 20 seconds or less, and then a backup will be created of the mission in your mission folder itself, along with a changed date of the mission.sqm You should now be able to open the mission.sqm to remove any mod dependencies under the addons. =============== You will need the Arma3 tools installed in order to do this, however you dont need to start arma3 tools. This should also work for previous games Arma1, Arma2. Ideally if a mod has an issue and your, or a mission wont load and is binerized then do the above method. If you have the mods the mission requires then obviously load the mods and then remove any items from the mission that has been made dependent. i would suggest only going the mission.sqm as the last resort, bugs will happen, but so does running sound mods while building missions and then wondering why your mission requires a sound mod for example. Hope that helps. Ps. i added this info because i had someone ask me for help as they had a mission that wouldn't load and was binerzied, figured i'd share. Cheers!
  7. You have them off in your profile there. Add the following to your server.cfg // Server Difficulty Override forcedDifficulty = "custom"; See more details here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg#Arma_3_-_Forced_difficulty
  8. Gunter Severloh

    [MP] Gun Game (Vanilla/Modded)

    Was in Arma1 back in the day, and you could fight against AI, mission was called -----> Crime Underground DM - Created By Goon i have the mission, just played it actually.
  9. Gunter Severloh

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Wow, never knew anything about him til you guys mentioned him here, its sad to read about a member's passing, according to the comments on his last video of his channel He has a younger brother who has replied to the comments on his last video. I know this is somewhat off topic here being Rydygier's mission and were talking about this, but even though i never met, or knew the guy or have seen any of his videos til now, i feel like i had lost someone myself from the community maybe not as influential or well known as say Bushlurker or another member, regardless there is an empty spot here. Its an interesting idea of losing someone and being sad for them when we have no blood relation to them. i think its not so much as one is a member of the community a player of the game we all love, and to some its meaningless in general as its "just a game" no ... its not, joy, and happiness be it for something or for someone is about the meaning you take from and give it, the context of that is on its own accord. Hell i feel sad when some of the regular members on the forums i used to pm all the time, or talk to on steam, some being fans of their missions, mods, scripts ect, are just not on the forums anymore, and trying to contact them is almost like as if they really did die. I miss them whether my relation, my time i spent talking about whatever was small or alot, i miss their presences, i miss the fact that we all to a minute, or larger level shared an experience of the games in this series, we all shared an enthusiasm, a joy, a creative level to each their own, and when one passes away one feels a heartfelt loss, when one is no longer on the forums, and for months to years there is ... a feeling of a loss there. I always try to appreciate those who are here and participate, create, and do their thing, we will all die, and or leave one day thats just life, but lets enjoy and appreciate the experience of the moment when we are in them with whomever. Back to Pilgrimage. Cheers!
  10. Gunter Severloh

    Issue with ARMA 3 and Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

    Owning the same Joystick myself, Be sure to configure the joystick through windows first if you haven't done that already. Be sure in the controls you are using the analog controls But as pierremgi said it will also depend on the model plane you are flying, some may have only so many functions, others may have complete function. Mostly flying WW2 planes myself, and dont have any issues.
  11. Just add // Server Difficulty Override forcedDifficulty = "custom"; to your server.cfg it will force the settings you have set in the profile, see here for further details: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg#Arma_3_-_Forced_difficulty
  12. Gunter Severloh

    Arma3 Videos

    Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena A massive overhaul v1.15 Release thread https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/223874-desert-ops-run-tactical-arena-v115/
  13. Gunter Severloh

    Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena v1.15

    Update This update v1.15 is a massive overhaul to the mission! Just to let you guys know, Rydygier has been a major contributor and help with the mission in terms of coding, without his skill, and dedication to code my mission would only be so far, i have added Rydygier at the top as a creator of the mission too, he did alot of coding in terms of implementing alot of ideas i had, along with some of his own to add, adjust, and fix bugs the mission had. One of the major components in this update which was implemented was the following: Mission Start At mission start player can choose from a GUI Menu: What side they want to fight on: Blufor, Opfor, or Independent. What faction they want to fight against they can choose vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded. What faction they want to garrison the buildings throughout the arena either with vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded. For two weeks, and two weekends, Rydygier and myself spent an all time consuming coding, idea, and testing journey to make not only this new feature happen but among many other things that were done. Best to see the changelog for all that was done in this update: Changelog 8-6-20 v1.15 Buildings, planks, walls, & walkways update Added 2 stairs and steps to side of villa building giving it more access/escape from the ground/roof. Added wooden box to the plank over office building as player would clip and get stuck. Added many new concrete barricade walls in areas lacking cover, also replacing long sandbag walls. Added several double rr tracks, with small boxes and walls establishing new areas you can access/escape. Added several access points to buildings that only had one way to go, now has 2-3 access/escape paths. Added a pergola building in a large space that was very open and lacking cover. Added in 2 areas stairs from a roof down to a 2nd floor, allowing more access/escape paths. Added placed a ceiling over each enemy AI squad start positions to prevent the AI from engaging you if they happen to be in their spawn and you on a roof near them. Added platforms roofs to two pergolas which allows more areas to go to and fight from. Connected 2 ramps to each other allowing for a more diverse avenues of access or escape. Filled in a 2 corners for two connecting pathways. Fixed a track transition where player would slow to a stationary walk. Fixed a stair that wasn't close enough to a 2nd floor which left a gap, made player get stuck. Fixed a box on top of a balcony acting as steps, as player couldn't cross over it. Fixed when enemy AI are outside the arena they are automatically moved back inside to their starting location. Replaced one remaining old wooden plank with sidewalk path. Replaced a pergola building with a small shop. Straightened out parts of the outer wall as it was curved. -Straightened out 2 rr tracks planks and moved them out a bit further to allow player more room to move. Added At mission start player can now choose from a GUI Menu: New Features, Functions & Scripts update What side they want to fight on: Blufor, Opfor, or Independent. What faction they want to fight against they can choose vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded. What faction they want to garrison the buildings throughout the arena either with vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded. Added Player can now fully heal if/when wounded if they return back to any one of the player starting locations. Player can now see at the top of the screen their: Kills/Deaths/Garrisoned enemy remaining. New MP Parameter - Garrison Strength will spawn and garrison a minimum of 8 and maximum of 40 enemy soldiers based on faction choice. Flag at player start will change & reflect the side the player is on. Altered hunter patrol AI. If the group has any knowledge about any players, it will send from time to time (like 30-120, usually 60 seconds interval) 2 members after player, Hunters may enter buildings and engage the player in close quarters (CQB). Tasks are now executed through script and not through editor placed modules, this prevented/stopped double tasks from being created. Updated Briefing, adjusting the description, and credits. Enemy Commander's gear, uniform, and weapons along with his 2 elite soldier's that guard him. Kill trigger at player/enemy AI starting areas to reflect side player/enemy is on. ================ Here is a video that is an overview of what was done for the framework, although theres alot more then what the video shows and some of the new features and functions, along with a look at how the mission now plays. Video took me a bit to record, and edit as i have been doing 10-11hr days for the past week so my time has been limited. The mission is alot of fun! Lastly i want to thank Rydygier once again, for all his help, and contributions to the mission, thanks my good man, you helped change some mere ideas into reality for a mission that i have been very passionate in creating! Cheers!
  14. by Gunter Severloh & Rydygier About the Mission This is an massive infantry based tactical arena where you can practice CQB, & MOUT tactics solo or in coop, or just to shoot some enemies for fun! Fight against enemy AI soldiers that will patrol the area and respawn once killed after so much time. Custom plank system While your on the hunt or are being hunted by the enemy squads, you can access all buildings either by ladder, platform, plank, staircase, ramp, roof, or by walkway. There are optional objective tasks you can complete, locate and destroy 7 caches, kill an commander, and locate and eliminate an enemy garrisoned squad that will complete and end the mission. You play as a Spec Ops soldier, mission is meant to be played in MP lan/Server for respawn and coop. See features below for further details of the mission. Screenshots 112 Screenshots - Imgur Photo Album https://imgur.com/a/kEKBSZe#kw1pzdE Video Video goes over the mission details, how it works, and i give a tour of the mission in the editor, and then play it demonstrating various things, with commentary. Note: This video represents the latest build and play of the mission Note: The video doesn't represent the current build/look and how the mission plays. Note: The video doesn't represent the current build/look and how the mission plays. Download Steam Workshop v1.15 - Desert OPS Run Altis version Steam Workshop v1.15 - Desert OPS Run VR version (zip) Google Drive v1.15 - Desert OPS Run - Altis version (zip) Google Drive v1.15 - Desert OPS Run - VR Version Armaholic v1.15 - Desert OPS Run Requirements APEX DLC - (Needed for the Planks, RR Tracks, walls & stone sidewalks) Recommended map for the VR version Deserted VR https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1946431719 MISSION FEATURES General No Mods required other then the APEX DLC. Choose what faction side you want to be on at mission start. Choose what enemy faction you want to fight against. Choose what enemy soldiers will garrison the buildings in the arena. Playable in Single player or Multiplayer. Singleplayer you have limit of 8 lives and can teamswitch when you die. 8 Player Coop with Revive. Playing solo via MP lan you will respawn in 2 seconds. Change Weather in MP Parameters. Change Time of day in MP Parameters. Change AI Difficulty in MP Parameters. Change Garrison Strength in MP Parameters. Mission Start At mission start player can choose from a GUI Menu: What side they want to fight on: Blufor, Opfor, or Independent. What faction they want to fight against they can choose vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded. What faction they want to garrison the buildings throughout the arena either with vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded. Gameplay Custom plank system will allow you to: Access, Climb, and Run a top and through all buildings and houses. Enemy AI will patrol arena, and respawn after a set time after all group members are dead. Enemy garrisoned soldiers will be randomly place inside and outside buildings at mission start. Enemy Hunter AI, patrolling AI will hunt the player, enter buildings and perform CQB if player location is known. Full Briefing with Tasks. 9 Optional objectives with tasks. 8 - 40 man garrisoned enemy soldiers in random positions in any of the buildings (Task). Player apon death will have option to be revived if playing coop with other players. Player apon death will respawn in 2 seconds at 1 of 4 player random starting locations if solo. Access to Virtual Arsenal to change uniform, weapons, loadout & gear. Save and load your loadout on the fly outside of Arsenal. Fully heal if/when wounded if you return back to any one of the player starting locations. All dead bodies, weapons, and player dropped items will delete within 4 minutes. Player Aim, recoil, and stamina lowered for a more responsive and faster gameplay. Weather, Time of day, & AI Skill level can be adjusted under parameters in MP. Street lights, & lamps allows for night time play. Mission set on desert of Altis Map - (VR Map version linked above). 40 custom placed buildings and over 1500 custom placed objects. Surrounding wall system, with custom bump outs for player and AI spawn. Safe zone for AI and player to prevent access to their starting areas. ====================== HOW TO PLAY To play Solo/Coop on MP Lan: 1. Go to Multiplayer 2. Server browser 3. Host Server 4. Type in server name, # of players, password. 5. Choose map on left (Altis or VR) and the mission on right. ===== Mission also works on a dedicated/GSP server. CREDITS I want to thank the following members of the Arma community for their work/help with my mission: ============= Rydygier - for his major help with code for the player ammobox, respawn, factions, and GUI scripts. Norrin - for his AI_respawn_UPS which Rydygier ported to Arma3. pierremgi - for his help with code for transferring the briefing on teamswitch. Kronzky - for his Urban Patrol Script. DaVidoSS - for his cleanup script. aeroson - For his get and set loadout script. Sushi - For his Tog Garrison script Hortzy - For his insights and help with the weather parameters. ============== Changelog:
  15. Gunter Severloh

    First time modeling

    Hope this will help you at least for information and references along with what these other two posters are able to help you with. Cheers!
  16. Scripting Guides & Tutorials Compilation List Last Update: July 9th, 2020 The following is a massive list of Scripting guides, and tutorials, they are set in alphabetical order, there is no numerical order to the list, the numbers to the left of each listing is only there as a an associative reference. This list is what i had collected, this may not be all the scripting guides and tutorials, if there are some that you know of that are not on this list please let me know so i can add them. Cheers! [How To] C# ARMA Extension [HOW TO] quickly test a script - Script Library [TUTORIAL] Contact Scripts [Tutorial] Creating Custom Weapon Animations [Tutorial, Polish] SQF scripting for absolute beginners in Polish All Arma Commands Pages Any tutorials on gesture animations Arma 3 Coding Basics Arma 3 scripting tutorials from gokitty1199 ARMA 3 SQF Cheat Sheet Arma 3 Stamina Arma 3 Vehicle in Vehicle Transport ArmAScript Examples Arrays @ OFPEC Scripting Command Reference Category: Dialogs Category: Scripting Topics Code Optimisation Custom Animations Guide Dialog Control Dialog Tutorial For Noobs [By A Noob] Event Scripts Fockers Arma3 Scripting Guide FSM Tutorial Functions by Functionality Initialization Order Introduction to Arma Scripting Johan Gustafsson's Scripting Tutorial List of Vehicle Base Classes List of all hidden texture inits Language-arma-atom Scripting Commands by Functionality Scripting Introduction for New Scripters Your Guide to Dialogs KK's blog - Arma Scripting Tutorials Coding, Configs, Scripting Tools & Utilities Debugging & Error Checker Tools & Utilities FOV Tools GUI & UI Tools Dialog, GUI, & HUD Videos Credits I give alot of credit to those members of the community especially Killzone Kid for creating the guides and tutorials listed above, i would hope that the community would appreciate those contributors for what they have created for this great game.
  17. Gunter Severloh

    The Lost Brothers -Isaac and Ishmael Mod

    Best to ask @vilas about his mods and see if he has copies on his end or elseware.
  18. Gunter Severloh

    The Lost Brothers -Isaac and Ishmael Mod

    No, Author of the mod hasn't been on the forum since 2017, but the links all work they do for me, go to the first page of the thread, and download from armaholic, all the links work. If it dont work then heres the link to armaholic for the mod https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=3755 Cheers!
  19. Gunter Severloh

    co10 Escape

    Shoot it down if you can, then move out of the area. Trick is to keep moving, as the heli will come back and forth, the worst part of it is if you sit around in an are to long hiding, they might call artillery on you, or mortars, even if you dont kill the heli you can drive them away for a bit, in the meantime get out of there. Any patrols you run into, at least infantry, kill them and take their gear, ammo, and weapons if your lacking, well thats a given but it comes down to survival, plus any killed infantry may have a map which is what you want, it will give you an idea of were enemy ammo depots are and radio towers to call for extract.
  20. I agree with you, it is rather stupid, whats also stupid is the hive mind of the AI, soldier in a group gets shot and everyone knows about it i really dislike that, but i mean if the AI are communicating like bravo check, charlie check, and or have a visual of each member of the group thats one thing. But then when one of their own is dead and not part of their group or even just a single soldier from the same side, there is no response, its like the dead body doesn't register or turns into something else like an inanimate object and not a soldier anymore. The question to ponder, when a soldier is killed, is it still a "living" entity like it was when it was alive? For example, when a unit is alive its part of a faction, a side, so hes friend or foe to someone, but when hes dead is all code, or what have you for that unit set to null, or not running anymore that other AI cannot recognize him anymore as to what side hes on, i mean obviously AI only communicate with their own whom are in their own groups. Then when you extend that through script, or AI mod the i forget the term but the communication goes beyond individual groups and other AI "hear" whats being said in terms of reporting an enemy is here or there if you get my point. For a dead AI what is he?, and is there any function to the unit other then being able to access his gear and weapons? I think if you can take that of what an "Alive" ai has and extend it to a dead AI, but then for the dead AI his simulation has ended, but hes still holds the same functions as alive AI in terms of faction or side. As pierremgi said would make an ideal module for such thing as im sure having many dead AI would effect performance somehow, so the module would be ideal for a story, or as suggested an infiltration type mission, all depends. Interesting subject imlay! You should have a read through my AI Facts & Myths compilation list for Arma3 Should give you an idea of what the AI are capable of.
  21. Gunter Severloh

    Helicopters flight model is completely wrong

    So .... you fly helicopters for a living? or an instructor? or someone with a profession who deals with helicopters all day? or are you in the military and deal with helicopters? or living up to your forum name here and being a troll? Your argument wouldn't hold up in court of law if you get my drift as your not providing any information or anything thats proves your points otherwise. Alot of religion authorities say the same thing, believe them, they know what their talking about, then most fools say ok and go along with it without asking why, or anything logical and asking for evidence. You should ask this guy and see what he knows about helis, the guy is a freaking heli demon when it comes to flying Im sure he would beg to differ. https://www.youtube.com/user/CallMehTOMMEH Same with Dslyecxi who is a big time heli fan, and flies in real life https://www.youtube.com/user/Dslyecxi
  22. Update Added: Backpacks, Helmets, Gameplay, Infantry Weapons, Objects, Planes, Ships, Statics, & Tanks Planes 7Y Assets WW2 - Chat Fix - The mod 7Y Assets WW2 removes the chat box from the players' screen. This mod restores the chat box so it's visible again. Factions & Units Factions Vindicta - WW2 Factions [IFA3/FOW/GEIST] - This addon adds WW II era factions to Vindicta. See steam workshop page for details.
  23. All Arma3 WW2 Mods Compilation List Last update: August 1st, 2020 Hello WW2 Fans! This compilation list was created from my frustration of steam Workshop's lack of function to better sort items in collections, this sorted list is my Arma3 WW2 Steams Workshop Collection seen here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1508144524 that compiles all the WW2 items (not missions) into one place! The collection on the Steam Workshop page has all the items in one place however they are not separated or sorted based on type or subject, my list here does this for you! Video Overview Animations & Static Poses Backpacks, Helmets, Gameplay, Infantry Weapons, Objects, Planes, Ships, Statics, & Tanks Compatibility Mods Factions & Units Insignias & Loadouts Major Conversion Mods Map Markers Outfits & Uniforms Singleplayer/Multiplayer Campaign Mission Mods Retexture packs, & Texture packs Scripts Sound, Radio, & Voice Sound Mods Terrains (Maps) Credits I hope that from my list here that the community would recognize the creators for their work, and give credit where due, as new content adds more enjoyment and replayability to the game. ========== Note: This thread will be updated as new content is added to the Arma3 Steam Workshop WW2 Collections.
  24. Update Added Outfits & Uniforms Uniforms US WWII Class A Dress Uniform - The mod features an enlisted and officer version of the dress uniform. Both uniforms are complete with mostly correct coloration and placement of the medals and other misc. decor.
  25. Gunter Severloh

    [COOP] Seven Samurai

    37 positive ratings, and 228 subscribers, and over 5,000 visitors to the workshop page nice! Mission is even showing on the popular weekly items page http://prntscr.com/tr81wc Try out the mission!