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  1. Hi i hope some one can't help me as for some reason i can seem to sign my work any more in the log file this pops up <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">Error description: 8009000b: Key not valid for use in specified state. CPAcquireContext failed
  2. armatech

    Signatures problem

    I'm the owner of City Life RPG and you most definitely do not have permission in anyway to use my work so whoever you brought my work from lied to you and looking at your repo all the rest is also stolen content.
  3. armatech

    [Release] MIL_Mirror

    excellent job but is it just me or is your mirror mirrored
  4. Need more love 4 days short of a whole month so lots of fixs i hope to come in MR orange balls
  5. armatech

    Enhanced Movement

    Glad to see you are still working on this would love a fix for the human vehicle collision issue maybe disable collision with the vehicle you climb on until the player is back on the ground
  6. armatech

    MrSanchez' Headlamps

    fantastic mod love it in every way other then this error people get when they join the server when some one has it active 17:17:12 Error in expression <each _totalEnabled; if(_enabledPlayers == SAN_Headlamp_EnabledPlayerUnits)  the> 17:17:12 Error position: <== SAN_Headlamp_EnabledPlayerUnits)  the> 17:17:12 Error ==: Type Array, expected Number,String,Not a Number,Object,Side,Group,Text,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Network Object,Team member,Task,Location 17:17:12 File \san_headlamp\core\san_defineFunctions.sqf [SAN_Headlamp_fnc_Init], line 215
  7. armatech

    Enhanced Movement

    its a the little bird chopper and no other mods of the enhanced movement the trick is to have the engine running then hit your EM keybind and boom. im quite excited with this AI dooohicky you talk about cant wait
  8. armatech

    Enhanced Movement

    Since the new Jets DLC if you try and climb on top of a running chopper the chopper will blow up
  9. lol love you man was having a bad day till i was reviewing your update RTMS_FuckYouBIS = { };
  10. armatech

    Civil Aviation

    The issue is you can't get in the vehicle as there is no get-in option you can however script to put you inside it but that not right Tested with A3 1.68 and only 2 addons sab_aircraftlib.pbo and sab_robindr400.pbo http://i.imgur.com/kSGWTVO.jpg
  11. armatech

    RPG City Life (Open Beta)

    As notice the original poster of this has no rights to use city life content he left the community off his own back and never owned the copyright to any of our community created content. So this is not a true contact http://i.imgur.com/1xgpoBq.jpg and should be ignored
  12. armatech

    Civil Aviation

    sab_robindr400 cant get into it on the RC branch 9:23:07 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing driver get in direction point 9:23:07 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing driver get in direction point 9:23:07 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing cargo get in direction point 9:23:07 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing cargo get in direction point 9:23:07 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing gunner get in direction point 9:23:07 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing gunner get in direction point
  13. armatech

    Flying Circus

    i get this error from time to time http://imgur.com/sm3SoO1
  14. armatech

    Antonov An-2

    class cfgWeapons { - + class burst; class HMG_M2; - class MGunCore; - class MGun: MGunCore - { - class StandardSound - { - soundsetshot[] = {"HMG050_Shot_SoundSet","HMG050_Tail_SoundSet"}; - }; - }; + class manual; class sab_an2_127: HMG_M2 { displayName = ".50"; magazines[] = {"sab_an2_500Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracers_yellow","sab_an2_500Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracers_red","sab_an2_500Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracers_green"}; - class manual: MGun + class manual: manual { reloadTime = 0.0425; }; here is the apex fix also the same fix is needed for the C130
  15. armatech

    Powered Paraglider

    small issue 16:15:47 Sound: Error: File: sab_paraglider\data\sounds\close.wss not found !!! 16:16:41 Sound: Error: File: sab_paraglider\data\sounds\open.wss not found !!!
  16. armatech

    Sab Aircraft Lib

    sorry your right the version i had in git was old so i got all twisted with my report to you sorry for this the 2nd change is still a valid change though as it will stop the error popping up
  17. armatech

    Sab Aircraft Lib

    Need to move burst from cfgweapons to above the class and rename to Mode_Burst then change all the burst:burst to burst:Mode_Burst class Mode_Burst; class cfgWeapons {
  18. armatech

    EricJ Release thread

    Tip class CfgPatches { class Ej_uh60_soundsets { requiredaddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F"}; requiredversion = 1.56; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; magazines[] = {}; url = "http://"; name = "Ej_containers"; author = "EricJ"; }; }; Warning: uh-60_c\Weapons\config.cpp Line 807: \u100\sound\Safety.wav Warning: uh-60_c\Weapons\config.cpp Line 844: A3\sounds_f\weapons\reloads\new_trg.wav Warning: uh-60_c\Weapons\config.cpp Line 1046: \uh-60\sound\HKSafety.wav
  19. armatech

    AutoPilot Script

    fix for your configpatchs class CfgPatches { class APS_AutoPilot { units[] = {"APS_ModuleAutopilot"}; requiredVersion = 1.60; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Modules_F"}; author = "Jack Ost"; url = "http://"; name = "APS_AutoPilot"; }; }; config.cpp: Line 163 Expected Semicolon
  20. Any chance of having a option to turn on/off this behavior for backwards compatibility as all my systems are optimized with sim disabled but before i could still get actions to show
  21. another optimization suggestion with RTMS_fnc_GetMaxDistance with a heavy modded server this functions completely locks up the startup for both client and server (note heavy modded server) now to work around this i simply added if(true)exitwith{30}; at the top of the code as i don't see any other data being collected other than the max size of all objects. Now i see 2 possible fix's 1. Have a default value that will work with most buildings of 100 2. Collect the data once on the server then broadcast to the client I feel option one is the best solutions as its impactless. whats your view as its your code and might be needed for another situation that i'm not seeing atm