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  1. Dahlgren

    Arma Server Web Admin

    Last update to the GitHub repository was made in March so I'm gonna say yes?
  2. The emftopng binary can be found via http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-how-to-export-topography/ Or link to the Google Drive folder directly, https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B29LgF9v_YpQd1pjcjRsbXhTRHc&usp=sharing
  3. Assigning the arma server to a specific IP on a server with multiple interfaces can be done using -ip=, https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters#Server_Options
  4. Dahlgren

    Arma Server Web Admin

    The web admin allows managing multiple servers with only one server folder
  5. Dahlgren

    Arma Server Web Admin

    You have installed a newer incompatible version of webpack. You can check this with npm ls webpack which should say webpack@1.15.0 as of this post date. The application requires the versions as specified in the package.json file which are to be installed with npm install. Restore the correct package.json by redownloading the file and do npm install again.
  6. Dahlgren

    Arma Server Web Admin

    The manager generates a server.cfg based on options selected in the UI such as title etc. There's a box to input additional settings which are not configurable in the UI. Those will be appended to the server.cfg file. The generated server.cfg is automatically added as argument to the server.
  7. FFP team made a breaking change in how Rk rifles were defined. It's been resolved now.
  8. I've updated my compat mods to the new config format Anrop Unsung JSRS FFP: JSRS Sounds SFP: JSRS Sounds
  9. Should be possible yes. You can even avoid the JSRS_Soundmod_Configuration dependency by declaring some default Arma 3 cfgPatches like a3_data_f or a3_sounds_f as addonRootClass for it.
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1817844401 class CfgPatches { class JSRS_Soundmod_Configuration { requiredVersion = 1.60; requiredAddons[] = {}; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; }; class JSRS_Soundmod_Cfg_Weapons { // Use meta information from specified addon. Used to avoid repeated declarations. addonRootClass = "JSRS_Soundmod_Configuration"; requiredVersion = 1.60; requiredAddons[] = {"JSRS_Soundmod_Configuration"}; // Probably not needed :P units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; }; }; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgPatches#Sub-folders
  11. Fantastic, really looking forward to this change! Making a mental note to update my JSRS compat stuff for SFP and Unsung once this is released.
  12. Dahlgren

    Discord Rich Presence

    Apparently BattlEye did whitelist this extension sometime between Spring and now
  13. Enables Rich Presence in Discord, https://discordapp.com/rich-presence Supports BattlEye Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326839989 No reported issues since March so I should probably make a more public release of it Shows current mission, world and elapsed time Current Supported Worlds: Abramia (IceBreakr) Altis (Arma 3) Beketov Chernarus (Arma 2) Desert Island (CWA) Dingor (IceBreakr) Everon (CWA) Esseker Intro (Arma 1) Isla Duala (IceBreakr) Kolgujev (CWA) Lingor (IceBreakr) Lythium Malden (Arma 3) Malden (CWA) Panthera (IceBreakr) Sahrani (Arma 1) Rosö (SFP) Southeast Angola 1974 (IceBreakr) Stratis (Arma 3) Sturkö (SFP) Takistan (Arma 2) Tanoa (Arma 3) Thirsk Thirsk Winter Utes (Arma 2) Wamako (SFP) Vidda Winthera (IceBreakr) VR (Virtual Arsenal / Virtual Garage) Additional worlds will be added as requested
  14. Dahlgren

    Arma Server Web Admin

    Should be fixed with the recent update (18th of August)
  15. Dahlgren

    Arma Server Web Admin

    Currently only mods in the game folder is supported, support for other/more folders might be added later on