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  1. Scrub

    Mag Repack

    You just made a lot of people very happy, thank you.
  2. Scrub

    Why Bohemia Why?

    Arma sped up by at least 20% just by going to a SSD. The I/O bottleneck was killing my framerate.. stupid cheap drives.
  3. I thought I read in the latest version of alive that there was a script Snippet you could run to profile new units. Maybe have that snippet trigger every time you put in MCC unit on the map.
  4. Naah, tack and friction are waay overrated lol... Unless its on the nano scale. Study hard <.< It's a shame that it's only related to vehicles. If all surfaces could have it applied we could get on vehicles and transport freely.
  5. Am I the only one that thinks 'surface friction' parameter is something to get very excited about?
  6. Scrub

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    OS, I have thoroughly enjoyed your work for YEARS.. And this is no exception -WELL DONE- And thank you!
  7. I have to echo what Kavoriken stated, much better voice acting (a few more takes after some time with the script while watching the intro play through would probably help inflection, and also not recording 'outdoor' lines in a small echo-office would ad aural authenticity to the cut). Overall a very enjoyable and challenging start to the campaign! The linearity issue, however, is pretty dramatic. It's like there is a 'Tether' to your SL, and a boundary limit Rising like a Dragon... Nice. In short, the openness of the game is being squandered in a frustrating manner for very small issues.
  8. Scrub

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Have not been able to leave the SE corner of the island. too much to see and it isn't even the most populated!! Just spent an hour (or more) in one town watching the AI duke it out, outfitting a warehouse as a garage with all my toys and weapons and just generally blowing stuff up. CANNOT WAIT to see what the community does with such an awesome canvas, much less what the pros at BIS do with the campaign and potential of persistent missions. Altis is, in every meaning one word and can convey: Epic. (noted that AT launchers falling off a ragdolling unit are a bit light, fall like a sheet of paper. No big deal just one for the tweak list)
  9. Most impressed with the progress BIS. I am now loving the Workshop, so damn easy to use! Textures, vehicles and play style are cleaning up nicely. Found an issue where a pistol gets into the face of the player crouched on stairs, will look to see if it is solved in this patch.
  10. Scrub

    Development Blog & Reveals

    lol, my daughter would be smoking up the house with your USB device.. What would the resale value of that be? Meeeeyeeahh... See, Y'all are messed up even using WSAD on a 101 key board. Arrow keys FTW! Ins/home/pgup for stances, del/ pgdwn for lean.. see I'm RIGHT!! :p (continue slinging) On a constructive note, since NOBODY will be totally happy with any preset, may I simply suggest a series of (graphical explained) presets to get the gamer close to the preferred selection to tweak? Possibly even breaking down the area of the keyboard into subsets? (example: numpad, function keys, alpha). <- This may be a bit much, but the concept of several common keybinds available would be fantastic in my eyes.
  11. Scrub

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    I know why people are so eager to see improved AI, but BIS aren't even through adding features and functions, all of which must be accessible to the AI. So other than some general cleanup and tweaking of the existing stuff I don't expect drastic changes until after the public alpha when a feature freeze is instituted. (thanks for the info InstaGoat! ) I agree, the interview was very enjoyable and informative, thanks L.I.!
  12. Scrub

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    Could tell it was an experienced player, taking cues from forward AI and getting low, particularly getting low. Blasted COD twitch kiddies whine and call that 'noob camping' right before they are ventilated in A2. :) Particles still have that same ol' scaling problem up close, hope they don't have max limits like A2:OA. As it is now, even the largest particle can only grow so far and not cover the entire screen, so they look as if they shrink when you run or fly through the fully developed plumes of smoke. I can live with it, looks good 90% of the time. Would be nice to have a solution to sometime later in a patch. Thanks for the intel Papanowel, hope you had fun.
  13. Scrub

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Hey! You have HATS in your description of what the miracle of PhysX can do.. Now we have a hat simulator?!?! Can we now do THIS?: (~17 sec mark) Have Ivan demo it, please oh please [/sarc.. would be fun to do that in PVP though]
  14. Scrub

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Hello? It's later. I want my free, completely un-earned, instantaneous fix of digital ARMA 3 crack that you so 'passionately' pilfered! nnnaaaaooowwww..... (I'll get some fluffy kittens if I have to) ;) On the non-trolling front: I watched all (2 of) the videos available, and repeatedly mumbled "I could play that for the next 10 years". The arty and new particles are nothing short of stunning. Very satisfying to watch. -The PhysX does indeed affect the environment much more so than first expressed. The fluid character animation and Colin McWhatever (ruined C.M. title) quality vehicle handling may be the meat and potatos of the alterations, but the collision detection and particle/environmental interactions open up a world of possibilities. Looks pretty damn real, sounds great, 'feels' about right from an observed gameplay POV. Was out shooting AR-15s two weeks ago, and felt quite close to the responsiveness when the player shot down the three targets in a rapid succession with controllable climb. Saw that and had a 'hell yeah' moment. Keep it up BIS!
  15. Scrub

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    Question #1: To what extent will the core Physx features and functions be available for modders and scripters? Question #2: Will friction now be a possible part of vehicle and unit interaction? Thank you! V V Ahem.. Yes, well.. Thank you Smurf.. *furiously emails*