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  1. Hey guys. Not a modder, yet at least. With that out of the way, after watching a lot of combat footage in Syria and other conflicts, the one thing that stood out to me was the lingering smoke, ever present from the gunfire and explosions. Is this Somthing that can modded in, in addition to muzzle flashes for example?
  2. Psilocybe

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Just had to have a look in the mods section...now I've seen this ill be f5'ing indefinitely :(
  3. Wow, This looks great, can it be played solo?
  4. Make sure you are running latest version of ARMA, restart your steam.
  5. Fixed my issue. Had to restart Steam, and what was I missing? Latest Arma III patch. Derp.
  6. Psilocybe

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Hi! WIll the latest PPE and 'hitpoints' A3 changes be represented in ISC? Thanks for the mod btw, I use it all the time! Also, I use ACE and i find the random gear seems to overide my units having ear plugs and other gear i try to add via config for ALIVE (for example, laser designator).
  7. No dice. I tried that too :( Going to try running nothing but ACE and CBA see if thats the issue. Still no good. Steps taken: Added auto XEH pbo Tried missions with both check PBO module placed and not placed. Remapped the interaction key Isolated ACE mod. For me, its broken.
  8. With or without the 'check pbo' i get the same issue still, cannot use interaction menu still.
  9. I cannot interact anymore, i tried placing check pbo module and putting the XEH files in the CBA_A3 folder too. Breaking my game without it :(
  10. Psilocybe

    Camera woes

    Has nobody else encountered this 'stuck' camera? EDIT: So with BIS_FNC_CameraOld you need to use the numpad arrow keys to look around, check, how do I pause the action to make sure I am getting the right shot?!
  11. I am making a mission and want to create an intro. I have selected the type as 'intro', made a trigger with : [] call BIS_fnc_camera; but when i start the mission I am simply stuck inside the playable character and can only 'skip' the non existent mission. What am i doing wrong!?
  12. Psilocybe

    Camera woes

    Not all good just yet, I have read that bis_fnc_cameraold is better for intro's, however when i do use it, i cannot change the direction of the camera, it seems locked 'north' though I can pan left and right and ascend and descend. I have not gone on to make the mission yet, just working on a rudimentary introduction, first timer. Any info would be appreciated.
  13. Psilocybe

    Camera woes

    Thanks for the reply... Turns out I needed to put the trigger on top of my player :(
  14. Oh, I didn't, I placed a f-16 and set a way point to intercept it, took a lot of mucking around. Essentially the first part I want to have the jet being shot down, then fading to black and a follow on mission trying to rescue one of the pilots.
  15. Hi guys, in light of a certain situation that has happened on a border somewhere in the middle east I decided I would try to replicate the scenario in ARMA III, unfortunately the AI pilots of the shot down plane do not eject so I figured i either have to force them to or spawn two pilots when the plane is !alive... I am very foggy and have all but forgotten on how to do any of this, and so I am asking for some assistance! Thanks. Edit: All ive managed so far is : made a pilot, named him "A" Made an empty plane, called it "plane" added this moveindriver plane to "A" Created a trigger: !alive plane A action ["eject", plane] Edit 2: Got it to work by making: this allowDamage false to the pilot as the missile was killing him outright, i then added another trigger with a countdown of 25 seconds allowdamage true. Its ramshackle, any better ways of doing this!?
  16. Amazing. Ive seen so many video's with fighting, on and around buildings just like this!
  17. Aww yiss. This is the news i've been waiting to hear :)
  18. Psilocybe

    AI discussion [Any Branch]

    Awesome thread. I recently retried the (groupthis) enableattack false; and again, was overwhelmed at how much better the AI performs, might be interesting to throw it in the mix?
  19. Psilocybe

    ASR AI 3

    Hi Robalo! I am having a couple of issues understanding this mod. The coefficient of a group is decided by the number issued to a faction (ie, 1.0) by the Class skills, with your SF, SF2 Regulars and what not? So 1.0 would be what you see is what you get, and 0.5 would be 50%? For example The second thing I am struggling with is the classes, where are they defined, what determines who is SF, Regular, Civilian and what not? I play with the Middle Eastern Conflict mod, I have added them to the sets, but I am curious to know who is what. Thanks.
  20. Psilocybe

    Zero Dark Zero

    Okay cool, thats no problem man :) Thankyou for the reply :)
  21. Psilocybe

    Zero Dark Zero

    I went to the crate, got all the flight gear, spoke the the dude at the vampyre, he gave me a place to drop from... then what? I tried the 'enter orbital something or other' but nothing happens...
  22. Psilocybe

    Zero Dark Zero

    Any good tutorials for this mod? The documentation wasn't quite enough for my apparently feeble brain. I dropped the modules for socom and found the desk but could not interact with it. Went up to the air Marshall at the vamp but couldn't get in the air... Thanks.
  23. Psilocybe

    SAMO Squad Action Menu Orders

    It doesnt work as it used to when I use SAMO, strange.
  24. Psilocybe

    SAMO Squad Action Menu Orders

    Sorry, ill clarify, i mean the vanilla scroll wheel menu's.
  25. Psilocybe

    SAMO Squad Action Menu Orders

    Great work, really enjoying it so far. Question, not sure if intentional but we have lost the rest of the old menu's, correct? I sometimes miss a few of the finer details i could select with it, from posture to formation etc, are they gone or am I missing something?