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  1. Please stop breaking things, test before you release.
  2. Will we see an update to this pack?
  3. FUSION still plays your Blitzkrieg maps so any update is more than welcome.
  4. Leader

    FUSION PvP Nights

    Sure 20:00 BST ok?
  5. Leader

    FUSION PvP Nights

    We could arrange a meeting for next week?
  6. Leader

    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    The net code is just well rubbish, BIS can't even give us a working flag for those of us that play CTF type games instead they try to reinvent god. Get back to basics.
  7. Leader

    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    As a supporter of Arma 3 I am very disappointed in the direction BIS is taking, Arma 3 is becoming battlefield :(
  8. Leader

    FUSION Looking For New Members

    The doors are open for anyone wishing to join us tonight, the fun start from 8pm BST
  9. Not what I would call awesome or bloodthirsty sorry.
  10. When will you fix the reload and weapon change sounds? it's a bit silly hearing a reload from the other side of the island
  11. Have you even bothered to read the reply's on this tread? people have been complaining about this issue since you released the linux server.
  12. Leader

    The D Word

    So pleased you have not found our server, I hate people that just moan.