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  1. greetings

    I try to create the island of LOST with terragen wilbur and visitor3

    it is my first island, and it is not easy

    would you help me? is you agree that I change the island uhao you made

    could you tell me how to remove the roads , clear the airport island and add the tropical vegetation and palm trees

  2. Happy Birthday :D

  3. There was no snow version of Drago so I can't help you.

  4. Lo m8, just trying to find the Snow version of Drago Island, could u possibly direct me to a link to dl it? Thanx

  5. OFman

    ArmA2.org domain for sale

    Hi, I bought arma2.org domain some time ago, now I'm going to sell it. If you are interested or have you any questions please contact me: info[at]alcarda.eu OFman.
  6. CWR Kolgujev: http://arma2.pl/islands/cain/cain.jpg
  7. Some screens from the final version of CWR Kolgujev:

    cain_new1_s.jpg cain_new2_s.jpg cain_new3_s.jpg

  8. A few screens of CWR Everon (Berghoff, OFman):

    eden_new1_s.jpg eden_new2_s.jpg eden_new3_s.jpg eden_new4_s.jpg

  9. OFman

    OFM Uhao

    @Shadow Yes, there will be an update of Uhao but maybe in september or later.
  10. OFman

    OFM Uhao

    OFM Uhao Version: 1.0 Developer: OFman Description: OFM Uhao is an island with tropical ambient and atmosphere. Terrain elevation is based on real Oahu island in Hawaian area. Notes: -Sometimes AI has problems with pathfinding on roads. I recommend put more waypoints for AI if it's possible. -If you want order AI to land on the airfield you should use secondary landing place (which is the same airfield as first one but with different parameters). Use <_plane landAt 1> command. Big thanks for all testers especially: eJay T_bone Mateck Volt W0lle Screenshots: Trailer: http://www.vimeo.com/1364912 Link: http://www.arma-zone.pl/download,12,120,dl [123 MB] Armaholic mirror [79 MB] (7z) Have fun
  11. OFman

    Uhao island

    First MP test on Uhao Beta2
  12. OFman

    Uhao island

    Some screens from MP game on next page