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  1. OFman

    ArmA2.org domain for sale

    Hi, I bought arma2.org domain some time ago, now I'm going to sell it. If you are interested or have you any questions please contact me: info[at]alcarda.eu OFman.
  2. CWR Kolgujev: http://arma2.pl/islands/cain/cain.jpg
  3. OFman

    OFM Uhao

    @Shadow Yes, there will be an update of Uhao but maybe in september or later.
  4. OFman

    OFM Uhao

    OFM Uhao Version: 1.0 Developer: OFman Description: OFM Uhao is an island with tropical ambient and atmosphere. Terrain elevation is based on real Oahu island in Hawaian area. Notes: -Sometimes AI has problems with pathfinding on roads. I recommend put more waypoints for AI if it's possible. -If you want order AI to land on the airfield you should use secondary landing place (which is the same airfield as first one but with different parameters). Use <_plane landAt 1> command. Big thanks for all testers especially: eJay T_bone Mateck Volt W0lle Screenshots: Trailer: http://www.vimeo.com/1364912 Link: http://www.arma-zone.pl/download,12,120,dl [123 MB] Armaholic mirror [79 MB] (7z) Have fun
  5. OFman

    Uhao island

    First MP test on Uhao Beta2
  6. OFman

    Uhao island

    Some screens from MP game on next page
  7. OFman

    Uhao island

    The problem is not everyone have QG.
  8. OFman

    Uhao island

    I hoped nobody here live on Oahu You have to remember that the island is not like real Oahu, shape and climate is similar but thats all.
  9. OFman

    Uhao island

    There are a few villages or small towns. Today Beta1 will be ready to testing.
  10. click Addons: Uhao (WIP)
  11. OFman

    Uhao island

    New screens from Uhao: I'm going to release the island in july.
  12. OFman

    Uhao island

    I updated mountains, now look more realistic And some new screens: