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  1. eJay

    Tipping point mission

    I've finished this mission on second try. I didn't have any issues with artillery, also I cleaned up enemies ahead. Just run from cover to cover and do not stand for more than couple seconds. Also, it's essential to have 2-3 squadmates.
  2. It's rather "Q1 release date" than realistic date. Game is still on alpha stage, even BIS developers want to know when ArmA III hit the shelves.
  3. GC has different engine, it's not ArmA technology.
  4. eJay

    First Impressions

    First hour of CC is godawful, it's the worst FPS game this year. Happily, next hours are better and strategic mix of action and RTS works well, although AI sometimes sucks. I love dynamic weather system, visual quality is good.
  5. eJay

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    I think proper status of Bis Booth is "Receiving..." ;)
  6. eJay

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I've found this on YT - More detailed presentation.
  7. eJay

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Game looks even better than on E3 videos but it runs...worse? At this GC video it looks like 20-25 fps.
  8. eJay

    Development Blog & Reveals

    These old screens looks insane! It's more prototype for ArmA than real game, although I would like to play it once, even if it had a lot of bugs ;) Perfect damage system for cars WIP?:)
  9. eJay

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    I've finished campaign within 4-5 hours, nice score. Pros: + new vehicles are quite nice + weapons, sounds and soldier models & camo + mission with dog ;) + Some nice landscapes on new Chernarus (Bystrica) Cons: - campiagn is rather boring and joyless, no plot, no story, it's only ACR showcase based on sandbox (it's Manhattan mission from A2 but with "seek and destroy" objectives) - poor SP missions (shooting range is ok, but I would like to see some night spec ops scenarios) - new maps are only cutouts from Chernarus with few changes and summer setting (one is small and almost unplayable). Because the price is almost 10 Euro, I think the product is mediocre. Still better than horse armor from Oblivion.
  10. eJay

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    On first mission in campaign I've captured this second guy (one who tried flied away from area), but then nothing happened and I could not give him the order to mount my jeep. Also I've waited almost 10 minutes for support but Pandur didn't reach my destination. Old sins...echhh
  11. eJay

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    I'm pretty dissapointed with Bystrica map. It's only refreshed Chernarus with few changes like trees, grass and buildings. I hoped it's gonna be brand new location.
  12. I turned everything Off, even deleted old CFG files and reinstalled Nvidia drivers. Nothing happens, still low FPS and it's unplayable now.
  13. This pach destroyed almost all FPS in game I had. Before patch; VD - 2500m Shadows, Objects, Textures, Post Process - Normal AA - off FPS - 50 and up After patch: Everything very low or disabled VD 1000m FPS - 8-20 I'm now very mad about it ;( Win 7 4GB RAM 560 GTX AMD Phenom II X4 980
  14. eJay

    Development Blog & Reveals

    New vehicle showcase I'm really like volumetric clouds.
  15. eJay

    Development Blog & Reveals

    It's probably still WIP animation I think...