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  1. Hi. After running "Heightmap: Road integration" in Terrain Processor, most of the ground below the streets is flattened. But for some roads, it just creates huge canyons. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. Hi. I cant pack my terrain to pbo. Im trying since hours, but nothing works. I am using pbo project, it runs fine until it tries to binarize. It just sits there and does nothing. CPU usage for binarize.exe is at 14-15%, disk usage went to 0% after one minute. Addonbuilder is able to create a pbo, but I cant select the terrain in arma.
  3. Looks very promising, but still needs some improvement. If I import my 20480x20480 sat mask with 0,5m pixel size, it only loads 1/4 of the texture. The tiles end at 010x010. It only works if I resize the image to 10240x10240 and use 1m pixel size. The next problem is that it seems to ignore very small areas. It perfectly creates a huge amount of bushes in the big areas but almost ignores single groups of bushes painted on the mask. Having to lower the resolution of the mask makes it even worse.
  4. Migebuff

    Long time to binarize *.wrp

    Hmm...ok. Thx. I miss the ofp days where you could find informations on the forum or ofpec instead of some super secret "discord channel" things that not even google is able to find :-(
  5. Edit: Pls close, uninstalled ArmaTools, too frustrating. It works in bulldozer. All textures, roads, buildings etc are there. P drive should be fine since bulldozer and terrainbuilder are working.
  6. Migebuff

    Long time to binarize *.wrp

    I have exactly the same problem. Is there already a solution?
  7. Is this the same mod from the old OFP days? I still remember that terrain, Ia Trang or something like that.
  8. Migebuff

    Cosmos Engine; This Mod Blew Me Away

    Flying to another island by loading a different mission was already possible 13 years ago, the first space mod that displayed a picture of the earth below the player was released in 2003. Nothing new, no need to go crazy.
  9. Arma3 + this = awesome.
  10. Migebuff

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    Thx, I uninstalled/reinstalled everything several times and somehow it started working again. Packing the abc folder worked, but I had to use Mikeros Pboproject instead of addonbuilder.
  11. Migebuff

    Buldozer not start

    It wont start because they forgot to include the required dll files. If you manually start the buldozer.exe it will show an error about missing physx-files. You could copy them from your A3-folder, but then you will get an error message about buldozer not responding. Edit: I dont why, but it works again. Something I noticed about the problem: Even if I set the path to P:\buldozer.exe, it will load the arma3.exe from my A3-Steam-folder, which produces the "not responding"-error. It appears as arma3.exe in the task manager and creates an arma3.rpt-file, which looks like this: Notice how it mixes arma3-exe and buldozer-commands. The path in terrainbuilder is set to "P:\buldozer.exe"! After several tries it now uses the correct buldozer.exe, which creates "buldozer.rpt"-files instead of "arma3.rpt". Now they look like this: I have no idea why it is now using the correct exe, but it works and the "not responding" error is gone.
  12. Migebuff

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    Doesn't work. I tried these settings: I moved the abc_sample.pbo into my addons-folder, but the terrain doesnt show in the worlds list. After looking at your config, I found this: But there is no abc.pbo. So I changed it to "abc_sample\abc_sample.wrp". Now the terrain shows up in the list. But if I try to open it, this error appears: Again it wants to load files from abc.pbo. I dont think Im supposed to create one, because in the config.cpp it says: "fileName = "abc_sample.pbo";". Do I have to create a second pbo for the textures? edit: "Bulldozer not responding"-error is back. Too frustrating, I give up and wait until BI releases a working version.
  13. Migebuff

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Use this config:
  14. Also unplayable for me. Day: 40 fps @ 4000m Viewdistance. Night: 9 fps @ 4000m. Max playable viewdistance at night is 300m. I also found a (very) small bug in the editor: This pixel error is visible on every background color and always stays at the same place.
  15. It has been posted how to extract the hack script from memory. Maybe someone should post the new script instead of complaining about BI. No new information = no fix.
  16. Ok, thx for explaining, I didnt know there is already an eventhandler in the original game. Maybe the new patch changes something. There is still no changelog, but it seems they changed some things in functions_f.pbo.
  17. What exactly does this script do? It has been some time since I wrote my last script, and I dont know much about the new commands. If I unterstand correctly, it adds an eventhandler which gets triggered if the variable "BIS_fnc_MP_packet" is changed. Thats when he sends his script to the client. Then the eventhandler does nothing. It also overwrites the "BIS_fnc_MP" once. What if he changes BIS_fnc_MP back to a working function? Its only overwritten one time, nothing stops him from overwriting it again. The eventhandler detects that he sent something, but doesn't do anything to the data he stored in "bis_fnc_mp_packet". Shouldnt it be something like this? "BIS_fnc_MP_packet" addPublicVariableEventHandler {hint "bis_mp_packet changed, not good.";BIS_fnc_MP_packet="" }; while {not (BIS_fnc_MP == {}) } do {BIS_fnc_MP = {}; }; I didn't test it, just some thoughts. If he starts using a different function, why not check all bis_functions and change them back if necessary? orgfnc = BIS_fnc_MPexec @! BIS_fnc_MPexec == orgfnc BIS_fnc_MPexec = orgfnc
  18. I dont know if it has already been mentioned, but it seems that there is a bug with the nightvision. Before activating NV: After activating NV + switching back to normal view, the image is darker than before: Same here in camera mode, before & after:
  19. Try this: player1_tk=0;this addeventhandler ["fired",{if ((_this select 0) in list plsdontkill) then {player1_tk=player1_tk+1;if (player1_tk>=3) then {hintc "OMG very bad guy";_this select 0 setdamage 1;player1_tk=0} else {hintc "No. Bad guy."};deletevehicle (_this select 6)}}] It disables weapons, bombs, grenades etc. Create a trigger named "plsdontkill" and set "activation" to "blufor" for west spawn zone, "opfor" for east respawn. I didnt test it in mp, but it I think it should work.
  20. Migebuff

    You guys seen the rainbow?!

    I think it depends on the time. If the sun is too high, they look really strange: ~20 min later, it looks better:
  21. Migebuff

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    Latest Proxtube version 1.4.7 works.
  22. Migebuff

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    usradd your@email.com You will receive an email with your password. Use your emailadress and the password to log in.
  23. Migebuff

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    User: igor@m26.node-42.rv4a3.org Pass: melteme Heres the email: >mail inbox view 1