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  1. Does anyone have this problem that has a discreet sound card? Just curious. Was thinking about getting one.
  2. ^^Yep. Just tried the VTOL after a long hiatus, and it's not smooth on my throttle (Logitech 3D Pro) anymore. Guess I won't be flying those. **EDIT** Changed Thrust (Plane Movement) to use the "Analogue" option instead of the regular thrust options. Back in business.
  3. He also set his shadows off by setting Shadow Distance to 0. That makes the game look like shit. (circa 2003)
  4. kridian

    Game Engine: Multiple Water Levels?

    It baffles me that such a thing would take NASA engineers to implement in this engine(?) I dip my head into the UE4 forums from time-to-time and see the use of flow maps to achieve these little stream/river current effects. Is there just no more room in the rendering pipeline for these shaders?
  5. kridian

    4WD Audio Bug

    Yes. It's only with the Jeep. Audio settings: 24bit, 48000Hz (3.5mm mini-jack connection)
  6. Oh wow, does this bring back memories. In 2009, (lots of players had AMD GPUs) there was this horrible graphics corruption. They called it, "Splintering". Thread for nostalgia. This was almost as upsetting as the "3 FPS bug". People thought it was due to heat or corrupted VRAM, but I think ultimately it was driver related. Try a different driver. The last page of that mega-thread has other ideas too.
  7. You have to look at this way: the x32.exe is a sinking ship. The .x64.exe is the way forward. Make your peace.
  8. Have you not tried the 64bit.exe yet? You're on a 32bit OS aren't you? And your hard drive is an old platter drive? Need system specs dude.
  9. I've been experiencing this after every Release Candidate where BattleEye will not update in the Launcher. Says something like, "Cannot update BattleEye". Steps to resolve this: Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye and delete contents in that folder. Now open ArmA 3 game by Launcher and see if that BE folder populates with the new files. If it doesn't update the BE folder, go to the Steam window and right-click on ArmA 3 > Properties Select the Local Files tab in that window and select Verify Integrity of Game Files After that, launch ArmA 3 again and it should update the BattleEye folder.
  10. Strange, I don't experience this problem in x64.exe. For what it's worth, I have Sound Samples to 80 in ArmA and my sound playback device set to 16bit, 4800Hz. Will keep changing settings to see if I can replicate it. *Edit* Cannot duplicate.
  11. kridian

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Yep! After a 3-month hiatus with ArmA3 (due to the fps bug), I jumped into a 50 player co-op Invade & Annex for 3 hours of non-stop battle. There were no slow-loading textures. Zooming with binos or scope were flawless. FPS was about the same as before if not a little better. Someone created a thread about the grass LODs in the foreground popping too much. I would agree with this. (minor annoyance)
  12. kridian

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Sitrep was posted today. You might want to keep your eyes on those.
  13. kridian

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Is this what you're talking about? If so, turn off Antialiasing-FXAA in your NVidia Control Panel. Also, I set the Antialiasing - Setting to 'Application-controlled'. Then turn on the FSAA in ArmA3.
  14. PCWorld article today: AMD's CEO says patches will boost Ryzen gaming performance: It 'will only get better' We'll see how this unfolds.
  15. kridian

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    FIXED. Dev branch update this morning fixed it.