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    LOD Discussion

    Something I noticed just recently is that slow rotations cause noticable lod switching, while quick twitches produce way less switching, sometimes none at all. I just tried this in an altis forest: look to one direction, then another about 90 degrees to either side. Keeping switching between the two and notice the lod switching. Now instead make really quick twitches between the same two directions. Any difference? For me, the quick twitch doesn't produce any lod switching at all.. how come? Anyone else care trying?
  2. lol! .. I think he's referring to Operation Flashpoint. Can't but think back to OFP with ECP.. oh the nostalgia! I've been following the recent changes and I really like what I'm hearing! The state of the audio right now, I think is the best yet in the series and I'm really anxious to see where this is going. One thing that I would really like to see fixed is the sound of missiles being stuck to the launcher instead of following the projectile, this is one thing I think would add alot to the soundscape.
  3. Yeah, you're right about that. What you're suggesting seems like a good mechanic and I'd be very happy if BI could implement it like that
  4. So I thought: Nice! They've finally fixed this issue. But it seems seems a bit strange to me, a little the wrong way around. Now there's no effect on impact unless the projectile stops, and shouldn't an impact generally set the round off? Wouldn't it be better the other way around - the projectile is deleted (or fragmentation is created) after the explosion effect, which appears on impact..?
  5. ahahahaha! lol, I was so sure I clicked the last page! Guess I was a bit too tired :o on the bright side, case closed about the motion blur issue ;)
  6. What? Can't we do that already? Or have I missed something?
  7. heruon

    Feedback tracker administration

    I think this one can be marked as resolved. Probably accidentally fixed by the overhaul of weaponhandling :) http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=6916
  8. What's this exactly? I noticed today that I can barely hear enemy fire at about 400m distance. As I recall it, it was more audible just recently? Could be that I've been playing with megagoths sound lately, but I don't think that's actually it.
  9. This is sounding great! And I really like the distance the sounds can be heard from... An arma dream finally coming true :) However, I feel like it could be a bit more.. aggressive, or.. alive. It's really hard to explain though. But I'm guessing that has more to do with them fancy tails not being in place yet. :) Don't get me wrong it sounds simply great! Loving the work you're doing
  10. This! This is what has been annoying me the most about the gun sounds. At a distance I expect to hear the discharge, a bang, but not any mechanical noise
  11. Aah, I see. Thanks for straightening that out. Going to try out your volume levels as soon as arma finishes updating.
  12. I'm getting these errors when trying to play the showcase mission "Armed assault": 22:59:59 Warning Message: Script functions\Showcase_Armed_Assault\fn_saa_addWaypoint.sqf not found 22:59:59 Warning Message: Script functions\Showcase_Armed_Assault\fn_saa_ambientFiring.sqf not found 22:59:59 Warning Message: Script functions\Showcase_Armed_Assault\fn_saa_echoSupportCalled.sqf not found 22:59:59 Warning Message: Script functions\Showcase_Armed_Assault\fn_saa_handleDamage.sqf not found 22:59:59 Warning Message: Script functions\Showcase_Armed_Assault\fn_saa_apcHit.sqf not found 22:59:59 Warning Message: Script functions\Showcase_Armed_Assault\fn_saa_chopperLanding.sqf not found 22:59:59 Warning Message: Script functions\Showcase_Armed_Assault\fn_saa_music.sqf not found 22:59:59 Warning Message: Script functions\Showcase_Armed_Assault\fn_saa_bobcatPush.sqf not found Mission is unplayable as the vehicles won't start moving at mission start.
  13. Thank you for this megagoth! This really adds a new dimension to arma! I really like how you've caught the punch of a gunshot in a really nice way. And the thing is, that with this I can actually play at a higher volume than before, and it still doesn't create discomfort. It's simply superb! A few questions though.. With the new sound system in place, how does this work with your mod? I mean the old system was based on having multiple samples for different distances, but the new system uses a distance based filter. If I got it right. So, does your mod automatically use the new system, and just one base sample is used? Or is that up to you to choose?.. New or old system. And, can you get access to this new fancy filter and edit it to your liking?
  14. I really like what you done with the soundengine BI! This more dynamic approach, I believe, is really the way to go and the positional bulletcracks really add to immersion and put me inside the game more. Thank you for this BI! And while many weapons have been changed to the better, I strongly feel they lack the proper punch of a firearm, especially at a bit of range. I think you should really listen to what megagoth has got to say about that :) Anyway, this all is a huge step in the right direction!
  15. Yeah, that last part got me really curious.. Is a more dynamic approach like that something you're actually considering? Atleast, it seems logical in an open world game like arma. Simply put, imo it would be awesome! But would it really be necessary to generate a new sound for each shot? Same general position and direction - same sound. Would probably save you alot of resources. Even if it's something you'll never get to do, it's still exciting that you're thinking of it :)
  16. omg! That sounds really good! Will be trying the update tomorrow. Thank you so much for your hard work LAxemann!
  17. Well, it may not add that much.. but it does add a feeling of space, which is something Arma really lacks otherwise. I do like the effect but I guess it depends alot on the performace impact. Would it perhaps be possible to instead make a script that delays the sound from the jet? Just to simulate speed of sound? edit: Listening to it again, I really like the effect!
  18. Totally agree with BlackPixxel as well.. 3d positional sounds is the way to go. So much more immersion, and less disorientation
  19. As much as I'd love to have that I'd rather they started with adding just that, but for projectiles. Buzzing ricochets perhaps? After sorting out eventual bugs they could apply it to the bugs ;)
  20. Just flew a bit with the AH-99 and it's really not in a flyable state imo. What's with the rpm? It's constantly fluctuating which makes flying quite unpredictable. Really small inputs make the rpm plummet. Anyone else?
  21. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this mod.. it's just brilliant! Thank you so much for this!
  22. Thanks for pointing that out. Ofcourse that discussion started the page after I stopped reading.. :p Well anyway, yes, something feels a bit off and bullets really don't seem to have lateral movement matching the misalignment and at normal engagement ranges I'd say the effect is negligible, as long as you know about it. But if you don't know about it and wait for the sights to realign, I guess i'ts fine
  23. Just tried this out and I think it's quite good, but I really was expecting heavy weapons to feel more sluggish. Anyway, what I noticed with this misalignment is that the projectile actually isn't fired in the direction of the misalignment, it's just fired in the direction of the front iron sight. Can someone else confirm this? I tried this with MX SW ironsights by snapping the weapon to a point and firing while the sights are still not yet aligned, and even at several hundred meters the bulllet lands where the front ironsight was when i fired. This becomes more apparent with tracers as they do not have any horizontal movement, they fly straight from you. So, anyone care to make sure I'm not just fooling myself?
  24. Added: Sound of church bells Nice, BI! I appreciate the effort to make the audio environment more alive. More so, I like that you made the sound nearly positional, there's just one little problem with it.. If you turn while the bells are chiming, the sound sticks to the direction from which it started playing, until it starts all over with a new sample. To me stuff like this is very disorienting. And while you're at it could you perhaps add a chiming impact sound for bells?