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  1. Hey Matmus, I wanted to personally thank you for making this great campaign ! I really enjoyed it 😁 I think the story and the characters are awesome. Looking very much forward to seeing Part 2 of the project !
  2. Not sure if this question has been asked already but are we going to see some authentic 1980s diving gear? ;) Could open up some nice Black Op/Spetsnaz scenarios with a twist!
  3. Really looking forward to this mod! I've been craving for some Cold War action for a long time, I often fire up the good old CWA just to get into that 80s atmosphere... I would also definitely be making some missions for this mod once it comes out. In that respect, are you guys planning to port the Scud-B from A2, and give it a Soviet reskin? That vehicle provided the setting for some nice search & destroy missions back in the day! Also, all pictures posted here so far look great! Love the mix of classic OPF units and some refreshing new camos and vehicles. Hienoa työtä norsu!!
  4. Hi slatts, really enjoying your work! Are you planning to include Soviet infantry with non-rolled sleeves? I would imagine it would get pretty cold training on the island of Kolgujev with the arms mostly exposed.. ;) EDIT: typo
  5. Hi slatts, I myself have been trying to make an OFP-styled "mod" for a single-player mission pack by retexturing some CUP units and vehicles. From the pictures you posted I see, "unfortunately", that your mod will be much better than mine. :D However, I have done quite a bit of research on US Army and Soviet cold war-era units and gear. Actually, there is not much new content needed to expand CUP to cover a 1985-ish setting. In essence, the Soviet equipment is basically already there or can be retextured (except for the KLMK camo suits, I tried to make them from retextured NAPA uniforms). The real problem is American equipment. M151 MUTT is still missing from ArmA 3. There are some versions of the AH-1 Cobra, 5-Ton-Truck and M72 LAW in other mods but not in CUP. I see you have already done the M113A1 and M1 Abrams. DeltaHawk's 1980s US Army uniforms are there, but that's of course a different mod. The UH-60A Black Hawk would probably have to be modified from the UH-60L in CUP. Toadie has done the M21 and an older M60, but obviously they would have to be included in CUP/your mod somehow.. Anyways, I will probably halt the development on my own modification, and wait for this one instead, as it's definitely looking much more promising. ;) If I can help with your mod in any way, please let me know.
  6. gotcha

    Black Ops Weapons 80's 90's

    Well, I for one have been looking for an M60E3 for a long time for a mission pack I'm devising based on CUP, Deltahawk's units and your weapons. So you would definitely make me happy if you were to include the M60 in a future update! You do not have any plans for sniper rifles, do you? ;) (M21, M25, or early M24...)
  7. I saw some pictures of '85 style Soviet units in one of the previous teasers, but not in the latest showcase. I will officially be crying if they're not included in the upcoming patch release. :)
  8. gotcha

    US Military Mod (80s 90s)

    I would normally never ask this but I'm so excited about this mod so I can't help myself.. :) Are you planning to release a demo or an 'alpha' version including the most typical uniforms/patterns first? I'm working on a campaign for the cold war era, but I'm really struggling to find proper BDUs with woodland camo and 80s era vests for A3 anywhere. The only ones around are those from Sudden's East vs. West mod, but they don't really fit well with say RHS. I think this is a true gap in the addon landscape, as there is quite a lot of high quality Soviet equipment laying around but nothing to face it. I'm sorry about the rambling but I'm really looking forward to your mod and cannot wait to see your units in game! :)
  9. Yeah, I still remember the full intro of CSLA 2 mod campaign in OFP lasted 1 hour and 6 minutes or something like that. :) That was truly art! Still remains one of my favourite user-made campaigns of all time, I was surprised at the time how little fame it got. It also had well over 25 missions if I remember correctly, not even BIS can match that campaign length nowadays. Good luck with your mod, I'm really looking forward to it!
  10. You cannot storm the building yourself - you must get your whole team to the warehouse so that you can continue. There will be a cutscene. Notice that all members of your team have to be close to the warehouse.
  11. gotcha

    Badlands and Russians

    It's not too bad after all. Just use the cover of the buildings (in Stary Sobor) while taking out the enemy armour. The city is very broad, so you can sneak into the urban zone before being spotted. After that it should be easy, as long as you don't run out of ammo. Position your group somewhere around the city to take out enemy infantry. You won't necessarily be needing any extra troops or vehicles - just plenty of RPGs. :)
  12. gotcha

    Badlands and Russians

    Hi! I have not found another way to complete the mission.
  13. Sorry to bump up such an old thread. I figured out a work-around for this, and thought someone else would be trying to achieve this same thing as well. Place some generic objects to the path of the group (like wrecks, tents, preferably anything big). Then for example activate a Trigger where you want the "aiming walking" to start, and write on the OnAct line: [unit1, unit2, unit3, unit4, unit5] doTarget object1 Now the unit1, unit2, ... are of course the units in the group (behaviour 'Aware' and speed 'Limited') and object1 is the cinematic object you have placed on their way. If the route is very long, place several objects and change the object of 'doTarget' everytime they go past one. Make sure the object is big enough (like any wreck, tent, ...) and close enough (I tested 200 metres and less), so that the group notice the object. When you want them to stop aiming and behave normally (for example just before a battle), make another trigger and write on its OnAct: [unit1, unit2, unit3, unit4, unit5] doWatch objNull Now they won't be aiming at anything particular anymore and will behave normally. I tested it quickly just now, and it should work.
  14. Excuse me, but I didn't quite understand this. West means BLUFOR, East means OPFOR and Resistance means NAPA, right? So how can you make two East factions hostile to each other? Shouldn't it have a more specific definition of the faction, like for example: ChDKZ setFriend [East, 0]; East setFriend [ChDKZ, 0]; I know it doesn't work like that, but I'm also designing a mission with Russia vs. ChDKZ, and am searching a more sophisticated way of making them hostile than the good old "making-an-invisible-West-officer" trick.
  15. I'm not sure if this is the case, but I've had lots of experiences that all fixes on a mission, for example, don't take place without restarting from the beginning. I know there's quite a lot to play before Badlands, but I'd still suggest you should play the whole campaign from the beginning, and then it ought to work.