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  1. Eclipse4349

    [Working] MP ammo box script

    I am looking for the same thing...
  2. I actually did that before posting it here :) http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=3920
  3. Posted on the Arma 3 Feedback Tracker *Here*. As the title says, the AI do not respond well at all to movement commands when they are in danger mode. This has been a nagging issue at least since the first ARMA, and we really need it addressed. It makes the AI an annoying hindrance rather than an asset to be used and enjoyed by the player. The AI need to put staying in formation with the squad leader above whatever their own "normal instructions" are telling them to do. If I, as squad leader, run across a valley and up a hill, and I have not given an order to do otherwise, and the AI are not in "danger mode", my AI squadmates should KEEP UP. They need to RUN. I should not get to my destination and then have to wait a minute or two for my squad to catch up. If I thought it was necessary to move slowly and carefully, I would have. The AI need to "trust the squad leader" and follow his lead. When in combat or danger mode, the AI is much, much worse. When in this mode, nothing a squad leader does will cause the AI to MOVE. There are many times when you just want the AI to stop all else that they might be doing and MOVE. For example, let's say you want the squad to quickly move over the crest of a hill to put the hill in between themselves and incoming fire. Instead of quickly moving as commanded to do, they slowly bounding-overwatch-move their way, or flounder about, and get killed. All of them. As squad leader we need some other type of move command. One that says "no AI, I don't want you to take all day to get there as you slowly go through a 'bounding overwatch' movement resulting in you all getting killed, I want you to DROP EVERYTHING AND MOVE!" I suggest adding another type of move command. The squad leader should have two different "move" commands to choose from: "Move" and "Tactical Move". Tactical Move would function as our current move command does now, and the command would be given in the same way. The standard "Move" command would just be renamed to "Tactical Move". The new "Move" command, on the other hand, would break the AI out of whatever they are doing and cause them to MOVE VERY QUICKLY to the given destination. There would be no bounding overwatch, no hindrance to their movement at all, even if they take fire. They will treat the "Move" command as life or death, GET TO THIS LOCATION! Once they reach the destination, the AI can then resume their normal behavior as the situation or squad leader dictates. Both move commands should be shown on the same menu, without requiring Left CTRL or Left Alt to be held to show it in the command menu. This makes it not only easier to use, but also easier for everyone to see it as an option. Simply choose either "Tactical Move" (the Move command we have now, just renamed) or "Move" and left click to issue the command.
  4. Eclipse4349

    TeeTimes Warfare

    Looking forward to A3 Warfare!!
  5. I have been searching for an answer to this and I haven't been able to find an answer. In Warfare, building a base building can be pretty annoying. It seems like 90% of the terrain will not allow a building to be placed on it. Is there a way to turn off this terrain limitation, even if it would result in a building not sitting correctly? I am making custom warfare missions that have custom town and camp locations and a number of significant config and variable tweaks that greatly enhance gameplay. Hopefully there is a command out there that I can add to my config to take care of this annoying issue. Thanks in advance. I'll be releasing a big mission pack once more missions are made and thoroughly playtested and tweaked.
  6. Eclipse4349

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    You know, that thought occurred to me after I made my comments. I would highly suggest adding an on-screen instruction for this. At a minimum I would use the hint command to instruct the player on what to do. My first inclination was a script got hung up and the mission was broken! After playing a few rounds with AI only last night, I think that this is the sort of mission that Arma games need to ship with. Instant action, no fuss, and a heck of a battle, but still more interesting than a thrown together DM or TDM that has no built-in way to pick a load out or add respawning vehicles. I think more players, especially those who prefer PvP, would have stuck with Arma if the out-of-the-box missions were more like this. Great job!
  7. Eclipse4349

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    First, I am quickly becoming a big fan of v1.04. Second, when I load v1.05, I cannot move. Neither my mouse nor my keyboard does anything. But v1.04 works fine. :)
  8. If possible... Mod support - hassle free! - Appropriate mods are activated when a client joins a server that is running mods. If the client does not have the mod, then: - Client prompted to download mod files when joining a server that is running mods that the client does not have. Saying "yes" begins the download, while still in-game, like downloading a mission. No need to manually find and install mods or use 3rd party applications to download or manage mods. - Support for downloading from 3rd party host to reduce server bandwidth usage (server would have mod files uploaded to a host, would link host to server as the download source for the mod(s) hosted there
  9. - v. 1.60 4th mission The mission that has you searching for Lopotev and you have the support option of help extraction from Starforce 21: Calling for extraction works, the chopper flies to your location and lowers to the ground, hovering until your squad is all in. Then nothing happens. There is no prompt to do anything, and the help just sits there hovering. I only have played in single player, and I hadn't played ARMA for quite a while, until 1.60 and it's mp fixes was released. I do not know if the problem was a result of v1.60 or a previous patch.
  10. Eclipse4349

    Please share your 1.60 impressions

    With 1.60, ARMA is now at a level that is smoothly playable. Gone are the join-in-progress lag and desync, the warping AI, the warping at distance, and other issues that made multiplayer unplayable for so long in the ARMA series. ARMA can finally be given the credit it really deserves, in my opinion. For the first time, I would say that the engine is mature and fully playable over the internet. It's like a new experience all over again. Along with the other tweaks and fixes, such as AI combat tweaks, ARMA is finally living up to its potential. Previously, the AI usually had a predictable reaction to coming under fire, which was stop, take a knee, wait, lay down, wait, stand, run a short distance, wait, rinse and repeat. AI caught in the open was like shooting fish in a barrel. Watching the AI react now is a thing of beauty! They run, zig-zagging all the way to present a difficult target, to nearby cover that actually shields them from fire, and take an appropriate position in that cover from which to engage! I can't grasp the complexity of programming something that, to us, seems like a simple task, but along with so many other things, you nailed it, BIS!! I am actually psyched about finishing some scripting now that the game is playable in multiplayer, too! The frustration of even a handful of players creating a warpy, laggy, and desynced experience are GONE! The only downside to ARMA 1.60 is the lack of time that I have to dedicate to gaming! Very well done, BIS! I was probably not going to bother with ARMA 3 when I first heard about it, due to multiplayer being killed by lag and warping AI. Now that I have played 1.60, ARMA 3 is a definite purchase for me! Please take as much time as you need to have a smooth, (mostly) bug free release with great out-of-the-box multiplayer content! ARMA is ready for the masses!
  11. Support for 7.1 surround sound
  12. More robust MP content out-of-the-box Larger MP missions like CTI that work from day-one without being lag or warping hell like ARMA and ARMA 2 until recently with the 1.60 patch (GREAT job on patch 1.60!!) Complex MP missions that are scalable and editable in mission wizard. For instance, we need to be able to easily scale CTI anywhere from fighting over only 1 town to the entire map. Good for player numbers anywhere from one-on-one, a small group of friends, a whole populated server, or anywhere in between. Also, should be able to change income rate, pricing level, remove money altogether, etc via mission wizard. Better handling of the learning curve for new players via tutorials and in-game info, tips, tooltips, etc, able to be switched off by experienced players. Also, "hint" is not good for bringing new information on how to play or control something to a player. It is too easily missed, and is removed from the screen or changed too quickly to read. Would be better to have a box or window pop up, pausing the game, until the player clicks a button to move past it. As stated above, able to be switch off by experienced players. Any other similar items that will help new players get into ARMA!
  13. Eclipse4349

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    I think radial menus could be done well and would work well, also. Rather than the current system of using the number keys, a radial system could work as follows: Pressing a "radial menu key" would bring up the radial menu, and would put a mouse cursor on-screen. You then mouse to and left click the option you want. There could be two options per button, one for a left click, one for a right click. And they would be color-coded for ease of use. That provides more than enough buttons and options to completely replace and even add on to the current squad menu and action menu system, and would be much quicker to use. Also, you would not need to take your hands off of your movement keys or the mouse to use the menus. I hate to throw another game in, but I always found Battlefield 2's radial menus to be quite good. Borrowing a page from their book, there could even be two different "radial menu keys", which would bring up different, unique menus. Perhaps one key to bring up your own action menu, and another for all squad-related commands. The options are endless. Done well, a radial menu system would GREATLY ease the transition of new players to the game, and would greatly enhance the speed and fluidity of menu usage for everyone.
  14. Eclipse4349

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    If you are walking and holding shift to run, double-tapping shift makes you run by default, and hold shift to walk. And vice-versa
  15. Eclipse4349

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Completely agree here!! Relying on the community so much to make MP missions turns a lot of potential ARMA addicts away!! It has to be "out of tje box" though, a few months after release is too late!!