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    Thanks for your opinions guys. I'm sure we will see each other in the game, question is only when :)


    That would be nice, but digital download doesn't replace the feeling of owning something physical you can touch, smell, look at. I remember days when games were packed in big boxes with lots of manuals, maps, assists, books, and other merchandize and I miss those times. That's why I always prefer boxed game when it comes to buying original. Secondly, your second answer has a point.
  3. Hi, I'm very interested fan of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (and other BIStudio's games) because it's reminds me of all those classics like Battlezone I, Battlezone II, Uprising, etc. However, I'm bit in dilema whether to go into P&C BETA or not - even for that great price 16.99 euro. That's mainly for the two reasons: 1. I'm old school, I want game on DVD in nice box. 2. I'm little afraid of spoiling final game experience. It's still beta, remember. :confused: Anyone, any ideas?
  4. is this what are you looking for? http://www.armaholic.com/argentina/editing/manuals/Editing-Guide-SE102-EN.rar
  5. GTX295 is made from two cores or one? if two, its drivers doesnt support ARMA2 correctly. Also, trying to play ARMA2 on Win7 is just joke. Unfinished beta system that lacks optimization with so difficult game as ARMA2 is. What can I say? Owner dumbness. change drivers + OS

    looking for team players

    i will add you on xfire, you can also, - ZOLLINO ---------- Post added at 11:07 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:05 AM ---------- simplest way I can be of advise is to download and install Xfire (icon in my sig) and add me to your friends, I'm adding some new people playing ARMA2. Xfire is intended to speak about games, appoint and connect to games, having fun and communicate with each other. This way you can find more people for your small squad and learn basics from beggining. I'm at the same stage so feel free to add me so I can you.

    Reversing Mouse Controls

    this is exactly thread i was looking for, thanks!