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  1. Call me a skeptic here. Would you care to elaborate what wouldn't fit for Arma if the original Chernarus was designed for it? I don't have DayZ standalone, so I'm curious to know what exactly has changed so much. From what I saw quickly in the videos, they've expanded it, made most houses enterable, added swamps... nothing that I would consider inapropriate. I would understand though that they don't want to release Chernarus+ before the official release of DayZ and that it may even be a paid DLC, but other than that...
  2. EricM

    Pet Peeves of A3

    Weird no one mentioned that : Still no "LAND" order to command your AI pilot to drop you after twelve years...
  3. A gun sound is a gun sound, it goes boom. And for similar rifles and ammunitions, as we have, I guess it sounds about the same. At this point this would be just cosmetic but wouldn't change the gameplay and possibilities. Zeus is a huge gameplay changer made by a tiny commando of two Devs. I'd take that over diverse sounds anyday. The rest of the crew keeps fixing bugs, animation system, AI etc... as much as they can.
  4. EricM

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    I think it's great. I wished for better RTS-like commands for a long time in Arma, being a long time Battlezone fan too, and this could be great. Making it "official" will also make it much more widespread. Excellent and innovative move BIS. Thank you. Arma is a Sandbox, this is perfect for it. The lightning bolt is just an extra gimmick for fun.
  5. EricM

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Ultimate MAP downloader would do the trick I guess (and yes it works with bings).
  6. Indeed, audio levels are perfectly fine in stereo (2.1) Nice ride so far for my first 4 missions. You'd wonder what the campaign would have been without the sun shaft : it looks like the first 3 missions were designed around them specifically ! but :
  7. EricM

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    The results are really remarkable. It would be much better if this was generated "on the fly" with logic maps and different tileable detail textures, but I could certainly live with a "baked in" higher rez version. It certainly something that could also be automated to some extent with custom photoshop actions.
  8. EricM

    Weird Texture bug on the Buzzard

    Same here, it's a corrupted texture bug imho
  9. EricM

    Reality Check

    Meanwhile DayZ is stuck into dev limbo, and I've been playing Arma 3 since April. DayZ seem to be suffering the feature creep that RIE and DNA have been fighting for so hard (at the cost of drastic and unfortunate cuts, I agree) since last year. As a result, Arma 3 is out and DayZ is pushed back again. Both DNA and RIE seem to be focused on making the basis more solid (even if more limited) before expanding the possibilities. Rather the opposite of standard BIS development up to now (DayZ included). That's understandable despite the negative side effects (3D editor where art thou?). Slowly trying to clean up the AI code, FSM, animation, controls... baby steps. We all have our pet peeves, and indeed, without the context of a campaign and story element, the game does feel a bit "sterile" at the moment for me. The gear tab is still missing in the mission editor, and commanding interface is still bonkers though (still no easy access to categories without knowing them by memory, about 30% of actions I probably have never used since OFP demo, and a few I'm still longing to see included : "land" order when in flight for instance). I know most workarounds, but this is still plaguing my experience.
  10. Haven't checked, but tides in the mediterranean sea are barely noticeable in real life, unlike atlantic ocean for instance. So maybe they reduced it to realistic low values or removed it altogether.
  11. EricM

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    No special pb here either. Around 50-60 fps in Ultra, down to 30-40 in cities and occasional stutters here and there, but nothing out of the ordinay. Win7 64 bit, GTX680, i7 3770 @stock speed 3.4Ghz. Standard HDD. I really feel sorry for the guys having trouble. I hope you'll find a way soon.
  12. EricM

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I for one loves the new clouds and underwater stuff... I spend half of my time flying and scuba diving. It completes the whole sandbox.
  13. A preview in english on a major site IGN : http://uk.pc.ign.com/articles/932/932227p1.html Bigger trailer : Bigger trailer Eurogamer preview : Eurogame preview
  14. If this is a mod-friendly Carrier command engine, does this mean : - We could recreate something similar to Carrier command in terms of environnement (with water maybe, different skies...) - base building ? Scavenging ? research/upgrades? - Ennemy AI? - in a nutshell, with enough time and talent, could I make my own Battlezone-like game?
  15. That'd be a nice "in-between" solution : Only model a limited portion of the interior and restrict the movement possible, a bit like the 3D scopes.
  16. Seen that on the internet : If I actually have to really walk across 400square km I'm going to die.
  17. Dragging and carrying people out of the line fire and such was really cool in A2. I would have thought that it'd be actually easier to implement with ragdoll now in than before. Really a loss here.
  18. EricM

    Any chance for default melee weapons?

    Melee : baseball bats, golf clubs, swords, bayonets, attack dogs, machetes, fists, rifle stocks.... None of which is useful against a tank, granted, but it is for and against non-conventional forces, angry mobs, zombies, wildlife, reluctant hostages, breaking through a door, getting information... With wasteland and DayZ being so popular it's still strange to see so many people so oblivious to the fact that it could be useful some day... Use your imagination. And yes, I've also been playing since OFP demo over a decade ago without it, that doesn't mean I wouldn't want it to come and make its way into the game. Same as "swimming" ("real soldiers don't swim/jump with 15kg of backpack", right...). It wasn't there before, but I love it now...
  19. EricM

    Any chance for default melee weapons?

    A simple melee system could be the basis for many things : if not for you as a soldier, for your opponents as a threat. Imagine being faced with a goup of angry civilians. now give them machetes... Now the mob is a different beast... I don't believe either in stealth kills, but knives can be used for hunting/survival missions, cut stuff (eg underwater). The "No melee/no jumping or vaulting" crowd is just ignoring that you can play in arma other things than a fully loaded grunt with an assault rifle... so : not a priority by any means, but I certainly wouldn't mind expanding the possibilities...
  20. EricM

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    It's not that they're ignoring it, more likely that they cannot aknowledge it publically. They have to assess if they can effectively do something similar at some point and what priority to give it in the gran scheme of all they have to finish first to release the game. The very fact that they tried to improved the midrange texture is a first step indicating that they're aware of the problem to some extent. Dwarden also knows about it. Better not say anything than make promises you cannot keep. Not being in the know of the internal working of RV4, it's hard to say if it would be a trivial addition or not (probably not as much as we'de think, seing as adding only a "simple" normal map was already a big step as it seems). The good part is that they already have logic maps in use for the clutter, so fingers crossed... Very good examples though. It's really killing two birds with one stone : with the appropriate set of "midrange detail texture" for each kind of surface color you not only make the far away ground look better, it also helps create the illusion of distant grass, rock and clutter for camouflage.
  21. It works flawlessly here on a fairly recent I7 tower with GTX680 with everything on high. So It also works very well on "newer computers", just not all combination of hardware as it seems. Mobile hardware is also a compounding factor as it is usually more geared toward power efficiency than performance, and sometimes "power saving" mechanism can get in the way and mess it all (it happened to me once).
  22. EricM

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Despite the massive wall of text, the point is well made. It would really make for a great addition to the game visuals. Basically, RV engine already uses a similar set of masks for the clutter generation... so it would be a natural extension (those masks may even already exist). The various tileable "detail maps" are nice and since they're actually broken by the masks you probably wouldn't notice the repetition too much. Nice try.
  23. I'd agree that ambient sound is too low, especially when raining : it looks like it's really pouring buckets of waters, but only with a very faint sound. I could boost everything, but I'd then be deaf at the first gun shot. And this isn't very consistent with the fact that you hear your footsteps quite well at standard volumre.
  24. EricM

    JUMP please!!

    I've been playing OFP since 2001, but I'd indeed welcome a well implemented jump feature for many reasons : Arma is not only a "Grunt" Simulator, you can play as civilians in your underpants, and I can certainly jump while in my underpants in real life. Gamewise it only enriches the possibilities and it's important for a sandbox/modding standpoint. Same goes for knives and melee weapons : doesn't make sense in infantry combat, but since you're not always using a rifle (playing against civilians, zombies, hunting for food?) it would be nice to have them included at some point. So imagine a jump system based on weight/stamina : - As civilian or light gear : V = real Jump (no shooting) - As Infantry and med gear V = High vault over obstacles (including small walls) - As Machine gun and heavy gear (AT, AA) : V = only small vault (as currently) Ideally the vaulting animation would depend on the height of the obstacle, but that's another level of complexity. All the "No jumping or I'll quit Arma" people are a bit shortsighted imho. It's not a black/white situation. It just has to be done well, so that it's both realistic AND appropriate AND enriching the sandbox experience.
  25. We'd need a "stance up" action and "stance down" action that we can map to Ctrl+key or mousewheel or Track IR then.