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    Content Required

    Hi, Im trying to get on board and enjoy Reforger, Im enjoying what is in game so far. However that only lasts quite literally one maybe two play sessions at best. The game/tech demo really does need more content. Mortars/artillery, air/ground vehicles, weapons. It is severly lacking to keep people playing. I havent seen any type of roadmap/content list of what is coming either 😟
  2. Hey I found this new line inside the SoundShader config for the Katiba rifle while working on some audio. Its the customCategory line. class Katiba_Tail_SoundSet: Rifle_Tail_Base_SoundSet { soundShaders[]={"Katiba_tailTrees_SoundShader","Katiba_tailForest_SoundShader","Katiba_tailMeadows_SoundShader","Katiba_tailHouses_SoundShader"}; volumeFactor=1.3; customCategory="limit2"; frequencyRandomizer=1.5; }; Any ideas what it does?
  3. Hey I'm trying to make an AI fire his weapon on full auto/single etc using a radio trigger using this command https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forceWeaponFire My AI is AFF autogunner called S1 This is my code in the OnAct box in the radio trigger alpha S1 forceWeaponFire [LMG_Mk200_pointer_F, FullAuto]; All seems correct yet nothing happens and the AI wont fire, RPT says : Could someone correct this for me. Regards Bp
  4. I found this on the new dev build, its a kill cam but how do I add this to my mission to test it? /* Author: Karel Moricky Description: Death screen. Parameter(s): 0: OBJECT - killed unit 1: OBJECT - killer Returns: NOTHING */ private ["_soundvolume","_musicvolume"]; #define CONTROL (_display displayctrl _n) disableserialization; _player = _this select 0; _killer = _this select 1; if (isnull _killer) then {_killer = _player}; _start = isnil "bis_fnc_death_start"; if (_start) then { bis_fnc_death_start = [daytime,time / 3600]; _musicvolume = musicvolume; _soundvolume = soundvolume; //MUF-TODO: check if this is done before sound is faded in fn_feedbackMain.fsm //3.5 fadesound 0; //MUF-commented sleep 2; cutText ["","BLACK OUT",1]; sleep 1.5; BIS_fnc_feedback_allowPP = false; //MUF-switch health PP off (["HealthPP_black"] call bis_fnc_rscLayer) cutText ["","BLACK IN",1];//MUF-black in (remove black screen that was launched in FSM PP) enableenddialog; }; waituntil {!isnull (finddisplay 58)}; _display = finddisplay 58; //--- Black fade in _n = 1060; CONTROL ctrlsetfade 1; if (_start) then { //--- Play ambient radio setacctime 1; 0 fademusic 0; 4 fademusic 0.8; playmusic format ['RadioAmbient%1',ceil random 1/*30*/]; _musicEH = addMusicEventHandler ["MusicStop",{_this call bis_fnc_log; [] spawn {playmusic format ['RadioAmbient%1',ceil random 1/*30*/];};}]; uinamespace setvariable ["bis_fnc_death_musicEH",_musicEH]; _display displayaddeventhandler ["unload","removeMusicEventHandler ['MusicStop',uinamespace getvariable ['bis_fnc_death_musicEH',-1]];"]; CONTROL ctrlcommit 4; } else { CONTROL ctrlcommit 0; }; cuttext ["","plain"]; //--- HUD _n = 5800; CONTROL ctrlsettext gettext (configfile >> "cfgingameui" >> "cursor" >> "select"); CONTROL ctrlsetposition [-10,-10,safezoneH * 0.07 * 3/4,safezoneH * 0.07]; CONTROL ctrlsettextcolor [1,1,1,1]; CONTROL ctrlcommit 0; //--- SITREP (ToDO: Localize) _sitrep = "SITREP||"; if (name _player != "Error: No unit") then { _sitrep = _sitrep + "KIA: %4. %5|"; }; _sitrep = _sitrep + "TOD: %2 [%3]|LOC: %6 \ %7"; if (_killer != _player) then { _sitrep = _sitrep + "||ENY: %8"; if (currentweapon _killer != "") then { _sitrep = _sitrep + "|ENW: %9</t>" }; }; _sitrep = format [ _sitrep, 1 * safezoneH, [bis_fnc_death_start select 0,"HH:MM:SS"] call bis_fnc_timetostring, [bis_fnc_death_start select 1,"HH:MM:SS"] call bis_fnc_timetostring, toupper localize format ["STR_SHORT_%1",rank _player], toupper name _player, mapGridPosition _player, toupper worldname, toupper ((configfile >> "cfgvehicles" >> typeof _killer) call bis_fnc_displayname), toupper ((configfile >> "cfgweapons" >> currentweapon _killer) call bis_fnc_displayname) ]; _n = 11000; _bcgPos = ctrlposition CONTROL; _n = 5858; //CONTROL ctrlsetposition [_bcgPos select 0,safezoneY + ((_bcgPos select 0) - safezoneX) * 4/3,safezoneW - 2 * (_bcgPos select 2),safezoneH / 2]; CONTROL ctrlsetposition [(((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 40) + (safezoneX), ((((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25) + (safezoneY), safezoneW - 2 * (_bcgPos select 2), safezoneH / 2]; CONTROL ctrlcommit 0; [CONTROL,_sitrep] spawn { scriptname "BIS_fnc_death: SITREP"; disableserialization; _control = _this select 0; _sitrepArray = toarray (_this select 1); {_sitrepArray set [_foreachindex,tostring [_x]]} foreach _sitrepArray; _sitrep = ""; //_sitrepFormat = "<t align='left' font='EtelkaMonospaceProBold' shadow='1' size='" + str safezoneH + "'>%1</t>"; _sitrepFormat = "<t align='left' font='EtelkaMonospaceProBold' shadow='1'>%1</t>"; sleep 1; for "_i" from 0 to (count _sitrepArray - 1) do { _letter = _sitrepArray select _i; _delay = if (_letter == "|") then {_letter = "<br />"; 1} else {0.01}; _sitrep = _sitrep + _letter; _control ctrlsetstructuredtext parsetext format [_sitrepFormat,_sitrep + "_"]; //playsound ["IncomingChallenge",true]; sleep _delay; if (isnull _control) exitwith {}; }; _control ctrlsetstructuredtext parsetext format [_sitrepFormat,_sitrep]; }; //--- Create UAV camera _camera = "camera" camcreate position player; _camera cameraeffect ["internal","back"]; _camera campreparefov 0.4; _camera campreparetarget _killer; showcinemaborder false; //--- Set PP effects _saturation = 0.2 + random 0.3; _ppColor = ppEffectCreate ["ColorCorrections", 1999]; _ppColor ppEffectEnable true; _ppColor ppEffectAdjust [1, 1, 0, [1, 1, 1, 0], [1 - _saturation, 1 - _saturation, 1 - _saturation, _saturation], [1, 1, 1, 1.0]]; _ppColor ppEffectCommit 0; _ppGrain = ppEffectCreate ["filmGrain", 2012]; _ppGrain ppEffectEnable true; _ppGrain ppEffectAdjust [random 0.2, 1, 1, 0, 1]; _ppGrain ppEffectCommit 0; //--- Camera update executed every frame bis_fnc_death_player = _player; bis_fnc_death_killer = _killer; bis_fnc_death_camera = _camera; bis_fnc_death_loop = { scriptname "BIS_fnc_death: camera"; _display = _this select 0; _player = bis_fnc_death_player; _killer = bis_fnc_death_killer; _camera = bis_fnc_death_camera; _sin = 20 * sin (time * 7); _killerPos = [ (getposasl _killer select 0), (getposasl _killer select 1) + (_sin), (getposasl _killer select 2) + (_sin) ]; _dirToKiller = if (_killer == _player) then { direction _player; } else { ([_player,_killerPos] call bis_fnc_dirto) + _sin; }; _pos = [ getposasl _player, -20, _dirToKiller ] call bis_fnc_relpos; _pos set [2,((_pos select 2) + 7) max (getterrainheightasl _pos + 7)]; //--- Pitch _heightCamera = getterrainheightasl _pos; _heightKiller = getterrainheightasl _killerPos; _height = _heightCamera - _heightKiller; _dis = _killerPos distance _pos; _angle = (asin (_height/_dis)); _camera setdir _dirtokiller; [_camera,-_angle,_sin] call bis_fnc_setpitchbank; _camera setposasl _pos; //--- HUD _n = 5800; _hudPos = (worldtoscreen position _player); if (count _hudPos > 0) then { _hudPosW = ctrlposition CONTROL select 2; _hudPosH = ctrlposition CONTROL select 3; _hudPos = [ (_hudPos select 0) - _hudPosW / 2, (_hudPos select 1) - _hudPosH / 2, _hudPosW, _hudPosH ]; CONTROL ctrlsetposition _hudPos; CONTROL ctrlcommit 0; }; }; bis_fnc_death_keydown = { _key = _this select 1; if (_key in (actionkeys 'nightvision') || _key < 0) then { bis_fnc_death_vision = bis_fnc_death_vision + 1; _vision = bis_fnc_death_vision % 4; switch (_vision) do { case 0: { camusenvg false; call compile 'false SetCamUseTi 0'; }; case 1: { camusenvg true; call compile 'false SetCamUseTi 0'; }; case 2: { camusenvg false; call compile 'true SetCamUseTi 0'; }; case 3: { camusenvg false; call compile 'true SetCamUseTi 1'; }; }; }; }; //bis_fnc_death_vision = (1 + floor random 3) % 4; //--- Random vision (not NVG) bis_fnc_death_vision = -1; [-1,-1] call bis_fnc_death_keydown; _display displayaddeventhandler ["mousemoving","_this call bis_fnc_death_loop"]; _display displayaddeventhandler ["mouseholding","_this call bis_fnc_death_loop"]; _display displayaddeventhandler ["keydown","_this call bis_fnc_death_keydown"]; //--- Team Switch display opened waituntil {isnull _display}; _displayTeamSwitch = finddisplay 632; //--- Team Switch display closed - cleanup and restart the view waituntil {isnull _displayTeamSwitch}; _camera cameraeffect ["terminate","back"]; camdestroy _camera; bis_fnc_death_player = nil; bis_fnc_death_killer = nil; bis_fnc_death_camera = nil; bis_fnc_death_loop = nil; ppeffectdestroy _ppColor; ppeffectdestroy _ppGrain; if (!alive player) exitwith {_this call bis_fnc_death;}; //--- Resurrection! BIS_fnc_feedback_allowPP = true; 0 fadesound _soundvolume; 0 fademusic _musicvolume; bis_fnc_death_start = nil;
  5. bigpickle

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Hi devs Are there any plans to modify the Planes RPM factor settings to a more usable scaler? At present its 0.0 - 1.0. Its not really a useable option to fade from low rpm to high rpm samples as both will play at the same time, ultimately the rpm for Planes is either off or on. Cheers
  6. *.pac;*.paa;*.rtm;*.sqf;*.sqs;*.bikb;*.fsm;*.wss;* .ogg;*.wav;*.fxy;*.csv;*.html;*.lip;*.txt;*.bisurf;*.sqm;*.ext;*.dbf;*.prj;*.shx;*.shp When ever installing Addon builder this box is blank, you need to add these extensions for the builder to work. Copy and paste into below: Admin please sticky.
  7. Hi all I thought I'd try my hand at some skinning since no one has done any brits yet. I'm enjoying how they are turning out so I'll release them to you all when they are finished. I'm doing a Tri Force pack containing: RAF Regiment Gunners Royal Marine Commandos British Army Soldiers Here's a little taste of what I've done so far, wont release till the community make some Berets and some Mk 7 Helmets as thats were the differences will be seen along with unit badges etc.
  8. bigpickle

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    @megagoth1702 I get this error when running the demo mission you posted for the sound controllers, I cant fix the issue either. 11:53:43 Error in expression <"\n"; } forEach (getAllSoundControllers (vehicle player)); hintSilent DUMMY_stri> 11:53:43 Error position: <(vehicle player)); hintSilent DUMMY_stri> 11:53:43 Error Missing ) 11:53:43 File C:\Users\MegaBeast\Documents\Arma 3\missions\#soundControllers.Stratis\init.sqf, line 24
  9. bigpickle

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    Yeah I gathered as much. I have another one which I'm sure you've encountered. The A164 30mm cannon. How does the loop system actually work? Here's what I know: The new sound shader system does not seem to be implemented onto the weapon, old config style is the only thing that works. Loop system is measured in Samples not decimal. GAU8",1,1,1000,{30000,130000}}; green highlight is the start and red highlight the end of the looped area. When converting Bis gau8 sample the file played at what seemed to be twice the speed in the audio editor. When I have tried to set up a loop with a sample, once in game is doesnt loop. Any guidence would be muchly appreciated
  10. bigpickle

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    That answers alot for me thankyou! I also have a question if i may MG. Is it possible to play a sample on an increase of speed/thrust/rpm, but have it not play on the decrease?
  11. Hi, I'm trying to make a Sample play at a certain RPM band only. class TestSound { sound[] = {"MyTestSound\TestSound1", 1, 1, 400}; frequency = "1"; volume = "engineOn*camPos*(rpm factor[0.3, 1])"; }; I know the highlighted syntax is the control information but i dont know how to make the sample play at a specific rpm stage only and once increased or decrased past that stage no longer play. Can any of the config wizards help me with this? Thankyou.
  12. bigpickle

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Hi chaps been a long time away and very glad to see the weapons and helicopters got a good sound config treament! Well done. Aircraft though have not had this extra treatment of more sound classes added, can more please be added development team. *I found what i think is a broken sound class in planes, I cannot for the life of me get this to work when changing audio samples (I'm guessing its used for ground noise when in inside view)* class scrubLandInt { sound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\vehicles\air\noises\wheelsInt",1.0,1.0,100}; frequency = 1; volume = "(scrubLand factor[0.01, 0.20])"; };
  13. Hi and welcome to Speed Of Sound Pure, the definative installment of Speed Of Sound. What you need: CBA - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthrea...-Addons-ARMA-3 & Speed Of Sound Pure 1.3 Full (Armaholic) - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27566 Alternative Download Speed Of Sound Pure 1.3 Full (Mega) - https://mega.co.nz/#!qkZAwZLB!7jUl-VKdLenZ_PcF4MDf0QQmDNYw18lK_q9rF9-HTT8 Alternative Download Hotfix 3 (Mega) For those who had v1.2 - https://mega.co.nz/#!7oAlEKJS!FqyDFcLPAR7ohYkEmSHn-dCZL2XrLVU-wOI43bBk3zg Instructions: Place addons and Optional folders for hotfix(s) into the speed of sound pure folder and allow addons to overwrite and replace. --------------------------------------------- If your a server host you will also need the speed of sound pure server key, although this mod is Client side only, no requirment for the server to run the mod as well. Speed Of Sound Pure Server Key (Mega) - https://mega.co.nz/#!v8pRXIgC!pqoecP...S_3OsBpiKc8xuo Running from command line I recommend : -nopause -nologs -nosplash -mod=@CBA_A3;@SpeedOfSound_Pure Recommended Audio Settings In Windows (Settings I developed with) The above settings can be applied to all audio devices where possible, using a setting of : 48000Hz What is speed of sound pure? Speed of Sound Pure is how I envision the sound in arma 3 should be. Its been one very long evolving project that started back in Arma2 and has grown in size and scope reaching what I feel is the penultimate version of Speed of Sound. How often will it be updated? Hopefully not all that often, there will still be bugs no doubt somewhere but I think I've squashed the major ones but running -nologs on clients and servers ensures smoother play incase errors do crop up. Who do you have to thank for Speed of Sound Pure? Devs Bigpickle Foxy (Geunius Scripter God) Support Networks & Testers For the tollerance and patience in SP/MP testing, opinions and advice! -[EUTW]- Clan & its Members http://www.eutw.net/index.php?id=home Dedicated Rejects Clan & its Members http://www.dedicatedrejects.com/ -=XTRA=- Clan & its Members http://www.battlegroup-xtra.eu/ Hell In The Pacific Mod Team http://hellinthepacific.blogspot.nl/ To all those I havent mentioned, you are not forgotten. My thanks goes out to everyone who helped me. Hope you all enjoy the mod!
  14. I still cannot find them, does anyone know what pbo they are in? or can past the required addons for them?
  15. bigpickle

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Is the new info about sound tails going to be passed to Fired Event handler?
  16. Hi, Will CBA's Fired XEH be updated to retrive and pass the information about the area the weapon is fired on ie give of the "SoundTails" information such as Forest, Houses, Meadows etc ?
  17. bigpickle

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    I really dig what your saying, Frank Bry is way above the average recordist especially when it comes to firearms. That is a level you will not see as an average in Arma or pretty much any other game. My opinion is he is the best in the business by far with Watson Wu a close second. People do need to recognize that a proper field recording setup is needed to gauge the true potential of sound. Personally I sport a very modest field recording rig: Fostex FR2-LE with a Portabrace Carry Bag x2 Rode NTG3 X1 Rode NTG2 Blimps, both old and 2014 edition Rode Extendable Boom Pole For cabling I use: Gold Neglex Quad Microphone Cable for Studio Neutrik XLR http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/mogami-gold-neglex-quad-microphone-cable-for-studio-neutrik-xlr With a gold quad Mogami 3106 splitter when doing mono work http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221652641453?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Although this is a very meger budget setup costing around £1500 - £2000 including microphone stands etc, having the ear for sound and the editing practice can on some occations make up for very expensive kit. As examples to demonstrate I provide a few samples to listen to, these samples were recorded in mono WAV 96000Hz and had doppler artifically created in the editing process, The nosie floor may be heard certainly more than on expensive proffessional setups: Grumman F8F Bearcat Supermarine Spitfire Squadron Takeoff North American B25 Mitchell ---------- Post added at 09:06 ---------- Previous post was at 07:09 ---------- On a seperate subject: I wanted to quote myself as my question may have not been spotted by the devs or audio devs. An answer would indeed help me with my mod development and I'm sure help others who are editing sounds. Another question in reference to the new "tails" is : Will the information about the surface area ie meadow forest etc be passed with a new edition to the Fired Event Handler? Thanks
  18. bigpickle

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Will this attenuation be for all sounds played within the game enviornment ie scripted sounds using playSound, Say, Say3d and all the other commands to play audio? Also danczer is right there should be no symmetry with fast moving objects that project sound backwards, BIS can change this with cone parameters on the samples in the config for the aircraft.
  19. bigpickle

    Long range engagement.

    Very true, something I have been saying for a long time, bullet impacts are generally no where big enough/dusty enough in the arma series.
  20. bigpickle

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Can you explain what you mean by this? do you mean we the ability to add different sample tails to different environments? ie like woodland, urban etc if so how will that work from a script perspective ie will we be able to reference that information via the fired event handler?
  21. bigpickle

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Please make environmental occlusion as abrupt and "muting" ie removal of top end as it is in reality :p
  22. bigpickle

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    No need to explain mate, I am looking into the warning sounds as we speak.
  23. bigpickle

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    Very much love the new recoil and resting, now to just reduce that darned figure of 8 sway malarkey
  24. bigpickle

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Sounds interesting. Is there anymore information available about this from the devs? Is this deep engine level stuff and sound sample config is the same?