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  1. BigRed

    Feedback Thread

    Damn, it's been a while since I have been here but glad to be back. Played about 3-4 hours with new patch First what I like: Fast pace not a lot of waiting around, instant action. The way this is setup it will bring back squads and clans that dominated the scene years ago in OFP Easy maps to figure out, this will help get some new blood into the game (plus the price lol) Won't I don't like: The guns have no ass feels like I am shooting a automatic-BB gun, to many bullets to kill someone, this makes the sniper rifles useless Everyone can choose the same class, most servers I am playing on everyone is using the machine gunner probably because it takes too many bullets to kill someone, limit the classes to one person per class this will add more strategy Bugs: This happen to some of guys as well, the round starts and you commit suicide. When we first join a server we are suck at a black screen then we disconnect and come back and it works fine. What I would like to see: The ability to change the timer Capture the flag - with respawn Capture and Hold - with respawn I like where this has started look forward to seeing where it goes.
  2. BigRed

    [Template ArmA 3] for file "squad.xml"

    KissDavid, great stuff man actually looks cool enough now to put into the website now!
  3. BigRed

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    SAVE KIT and SAVE LOADOUT didn't work for us either other versions worked fine.
  4. BigRed

    CTF and C&H Leagues

    Yeah we just cranked back up and plan on being very active in leagues, we are currently looking for more guys - www.dragon-knights.info
  5. BigRed

    CTF and C&H Leagues

    1) How are the movements in ARMA 3. Are they ok for competetive CTF? Yes, movements are really smooth way better than the other games 2) Who is still about from the OFP CTF days? (Players and clans) We are and I seen some of the other teams as well 3)What is the damage like in ARMA 3? (How manys shots to kill/what happens when injured) 1 shot if your good most I had shot someone was 3 times 4) Were there any CTF/C&H leagues running in ARMA2? Are there any planned for ARMA3? kju has started the PVPscene here http://www.pvpscene.org/forum/index.php so most info will be there 5) What is the multiplayer platform like in ARMA3? Easy enough to join games? Anything like OFP? about the same they could do some more work here to make it easier Glad to see the old teams coming out the wood works!
  6. We are currently looking for a team that would like to have a friendly scrimmage on Sundays about 1900 GMT playing PvP. We have about 8 players and our own dedicated server located in London and are use the DEV version of the game. We are a international squad so we got members on both sides of the big pond. If you are interested please hit me up skype: bigreddk steam: bigreddk Thanks
  7. BigRed

    Squad.xml not working properly

    mine still not working and I have tried all methods, I wish Bohemia would just let us use .png or .gif
  8. I know it's super old but we are running Windows Server 2003 and even after updating and using -mod=DirectX I still get this: Thanks in advance for any help
  9. Wow good to see SWEC is still around and nice server stat link, thanks zyklone!
  10. I checked out Iron Front but the WW2 isn't my thing though the tank battling was cool, When I quit playing before I was working on some old school C&H templates that we used to use in leagues such as Wargames, Classic Combat League, and Desert Combat Tournament not sure if anybody is left that remembers any of those but I figure maybe I would finish them and release them to the public for the hell of it. I guess really we are all just trying to kill time waiting for ArmA 3.
  11. Thanks Binkowski I think I will start with the regular game then I am really old school.
  12. I have just reinstall ArmA2/OA and was wondering what everyone is playing so I can get back to the action. I am sure I will be downloading tons but for a start I got all the offical patches.
  13. Hi all long time no see (we have had a 1 year layoff), looks like #DK# is ready to get the wheel rolling again but we are coming up short in the member area so if you guys know anyone without a Squad please have them email me at rrosser9@msn.com or MSN message me at the same address or visit our forum at www.dragon-knights.info. For those of you that don't know us we are a international squad that have been around for almost 10 years we have alot of fun but like to win. We have a dedicated Server and TS3 and have no member fees. We do play coops sometime for fun and training but are a PvP base team. If we get enough members we plan a being very active in any and all ladders. Server: #DK# Dragon's Den - We request: 1. All members speak English (or enough to get by) 2. Have a working Mic 3. Have a PC that can run the game for 1 hour without issues 4. Can play at least 3 times a week (Match days normally Sunday/Tuesday) 5. Have some kind of personality (we like to have a good time on comms) 6. Are at least 18 (members now are in their mid 20's to their mid 40's)
  14. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem but when we play Dom (the newest version though has happened on previous versions aswell) on our server everyone about 15-20 minutes into the game gets the "ArmA2 has stopped working" error but the server continues to run the game and then we join back up and in about 10mins samething happens again and sometimes crashes the server hard after the second time. Is this a issue with the map or is our server causing the problem? Thanks in advance for any help it's very frustrating.
  15. BigRed

    1.03 won't even install.

    in your directory you have C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 in that folder you have a .exe file called arma2 mine is 16,460 kb I named it crysis for patch 1.02 therefore the 1.03 didn't reconize the install so when I renamed it arma2 it reconized the install. Not sure how else to explain it. Sorry...