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  1. The new fog effect is a dramatic improvemenet over the old one. I also seem to get better performance overall. Well done!
  2. Blake

    Situation update?

    Can the supposedly developed 1.06 patch be released, or "leaked" now somehow or is this just wishful thinking?
  3. Blake

    CO 06 Oh, James!

    Type: COOP 6 players Location: Stratis Weather: Sunny Good morning, gentlemen. It has come to our attention that a SPECTRE helicopter carrying stolen plans detailing a nuclear device has crashed into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Stratis. Her Majesty's government expects that 007 agents conduct a swift and vigorous operation to eliminate SPECTRE specialist divers trying to recover the plans from the crash site. Once neutralized, head back to the beach and proceed to village of Girna. Wearing a disguise, Q is waiting for you in a rubber dinghy, ready to extract the entire team to safety. Q is forced to sail in 45 minutes with or without you. Good luck! - Eliminate SPECTRE divers at the helicopter crash site and return to the beach. - Proceed to village of Girna where disguised Q is waiting for you in a rubber dinghy. http://kyllikki.fi/temp/co_06_oh_james.Stratis.zip
  4. Is there any way to put on other clothes else than what you're wearing? I've tried to add different clothes and fatigues to crates but the inventory shows red when trying to wear them.
  5. Blake

    First impressions

    The main difference however is that Iron Front is actually a good game!
  6. Aufklarer (coop 8 players) August 1944, Staszow. After fierce fighting, the front lines have stagnated between Nizny and Jasnoi. Commander of 5.Kompanie, Hauptmann Kleist, has orderer your aufklarer squad to conduct recon behind enemy lines to find out Soviet intentions. Avoid enemy contact if possible. Morning fog and smoke from forest fires should give some cover your patrol. Be aware that the Soviets have concentrated powerful forces around village of Kurozweki. - Reach waypoint 1. - Reach waypoint 2. - Reach waypoint 3. - Get back to HQ. DOWNLOAD: co 08 aufklarer
  7. This is a very good mission for small commando troops, very suitable nice location and good unit placement. I think respawn is really not needed, so that players need to work on their entry tactics to the compound. 2 megabyte loading screen picture is also a bit unnecessary Could also use the 'ol mission naming conventions so admins could easily tell how many players fit in and mission type etc: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?53005-ARMA-Mission-Filename-Convention
  8. Nice mission, could use more enemy troops and maybe bit of nerfing of the defenders, 2 x King Tigers is maybe too powerful in defence. In all, should be more difficult and we pulled it of with some 5-6 players. Well done "Iron Cross" theme setting. This mission could also use the old mission naming conventions.
  9. Just try compressing into .zip format and take away empty spaces in the filename, might help.
  10. I got corrupted download, anyone else got this working?
  11. Gagolin Bridgehead (coop 32 players) August 1944, Baranow. Despite tenacious German defence, forward elements of Marshall Konev's 6th Guards Army have crossed river Vistula near the village of Gagolin. Commander of the German 6th Panzer Division has improvised a kampfgruppe with a task to counter-attack and eliminate the Soviet bridgehead. With Luftwaffe enjoying temporary air superiority, a single Ju-87 Stuka has been allocated for close air support. - Eliminate forward lookout. - Destroy reserve tank platoon. - Crush the Gagolin bridgehead. VEHICLES: 1 x Panther 1 x Panzer IV 1 x SdKfz 251 2 x Kubelwagen 1 x Opel Blitz Repair 1 x Opel Blitz Ammo 1 x Ju-87 Stuka Side respawn & waypoints for friendly AI, so it's playable with smaller player count. DOWNLOAD: co 32 gagolin bridgehead Earlier releases: co 32 sven hassel
  12. Blake

    Compared to MOD I44

    How about Operation Bagration? In 1944 Soviets had finally gained the initiative for good and were relatively even match on a tactical and strategic level versus the Germans. 1941 Red Army was weak and inexperienced and in 1945 Germans were virtually crushed on all fronts. Additionally, 1944 offers good range of powerful armored vehicles (King Tiger, JS2) and weapons (MG42, StGw 44). Any year during 1941-45 would be interesting, but if you'd have to pick one 1944 would probably be the best choice.
  13. Blake

    Compared to MOD I44

    Well, here are just some reasons to get Iron Front: - Realistic tank warfare for instance (armor, penetration, sights etc.) - Professional textures and models (i44 still has some OFP era models and poor textures) - HUGE maps and terrains made from real locations - Almost every house is enterable and there are plenty of large buildings and castles. - Towable guns - Trenches - German voice profiles Really, if you've played both and tested the features there is no contest. i44 is great mod for western theater but it is not at a commercial level. What comes to RO2, It's very a nice shooter situated on Stalingrad and offers fast action where as Iron Front offers ArmA 2 style gameplay. But they can't be directly compared.
  14. There's fuel truck at the depot, which you need to use to refuel the King Tiger.