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  1. Wanted to ask something and got this:Notice: This is an old thread. The last post was 461 days ago. If your post is not directly related to this discussion please consider making a new thread. Im not going to start a new thread so I just ask here. This DAC thing seems very nice but the problem for me is that I prefer to place enemies on the map manually and not by some magical trick. But I do, however, enjoy those AI-(voice-) sounds and would very much like to use them. Is it possible to only have these AI-(voice-) sounds without any spawning of units? Sorry for clumsy English.
  2. http://www.invasion-1944.com/ not working for me, down or just something on my end? Using Mozilla.
  3. Hello, first of all, thank you for this mod. I have spent some time in the editor and doing so found some possible bugs or maybe config errors. If enemy aircraft is present, all friendly mortars , AT guns and such try to shoot the aircraft down. Looked slightly hillarious when a american mortar crew tried their best to shoot my Me109 down. But, a truly wonderful mod nonetheless. Thank you.
  4. Sorry, I was not aware of the release thread, I dont visit the forums that much. And, yes latest version of CWR2, patches and a hotfix dated July 1st.
  5. Not exactly sure if this is the correct thread for this but I have noticed some possible bugs in CWR 2. Me and a couple of guys played some MP coops that came with the game. The mission Return To Eden failed to complete even after we managed to capture the little church, halt the counter-attack and clear the airfield. The mortar shells did not work for XMS, or more accurately did not get the "load mortar shell" option. Not quite sure if the shells are even supposed to work with XMS, accordingly to the description they should. These "bugs" might have been reported already and I apologize for repeating.
  6. Does not work with Independent? Guess they dont have a Papabear:yay:
  7. Thanks´for the effort! I´ll look into it.
  8. Hey, Im trying to build a firing range mission. Im using the "simple targets" as my principle targets. The problem is that the target goes down after a single hit, I need it to take two hits and then go down. I have no idea how to do this and Im hoping someone knows. Thx.
  9. Mersu

    DLC and ArmA2 funding -idea

    My thoughts exactly. OFP CWC remake with A2 chararestics, no change to campaign or SP missons. bad idea?
  10. Mersu

    HELP! OA sprocket problem

    Yeah got that message too. I deleted the Sprocket folder and started the DL all over again. Worked fine.
  11. I assume its not possible use Crossroad radio chatter from OFP? If it is, how is this done?
  12. No, I dl the updates with Yoma and only use whatever ACE provides.