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  1. From the changelog: I understand the removal of the sensor display, but for a military aircraft to not have radar/threat detection seems very far-fetched and odd to say the least.
  2. agent556

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I'll post here though some might be more appropriate in the HUD Improvements thread Flight path marker should show actual flight path, not just act as a hud element that moves with the head. Also, the flight path marker doesn't coincide with the pitch ladder on the HUD Anti Collision light indicator for the Shikra flashes with the anti-collision light Flap indicator shows landing for takeoff position and shows takeoff for landing position
  3. agent556

    Jets - HUD improvements

    this depends on the lift characteristics of the aircraft's design. some aircraft, depending on speed and the lift generated at that speed, would need to nose down to maintain level flight.
  4. It might be a good idea to change the names or truncate the visible name shown in the radar screen
  5. agent556

    Jets - HUD improvements

    Flight path marker should be independent of where the pilot is looking. Right now the HMD acts like a standard glass HUD that follows the pilot's view and is only accurate when facing straight forward. Also +1 for the comment earlier about flight path markers not lining up with the artificial horizon Finally, some kind of marker on the HMD that shows a point which indicates where the plane itself is facing would be nice. You can tell where its facing when you have the gun selected, but otherwise you have no other marker showing the exact point the plane is facing Gryphon's HUD is difficult to see through as mentioned earlier. Also, a small thing: flap indicator for landing and takeoff settings appears reversed. (takeoff setting labled as landing, landing setting labled as takeoff) Shikra's anti collision indicator light blinks with the anti-collision lights
  6. This might be asking for something out of the scope of the update, but is it possible to correct the perspective of the plane/vehicle you are in when looking outside from the inside of the vehicle? inside view: outside view:
  7. i will gladly argue that a simple retort like this is very much not conduct befitting a forum moderator. off of that note, this is a video of dev branch at night with car headlights, is this lighting effect still a limitation of current lighting engine capabilities? or is it something that can be applied to the buildings as you guys have done so far with the ambient occlusion?
  8. It would be interesting to remove the white target box, but make some version of it available when wearing the fighter pilot's helmet or heli pilot helmet since they both seem to be the type of helmets with HMDs built in. (if anyone didnt notice with the heli pilot helmet, it has some electronics going on, most visible from the top with the wiring) hell, a togglable HMD system for artificial horizon or attitude display for pilots of both kinds of aircraft would be a welcome feature, given the kind of equipment that the pilots have. another possibility would be expanding the sensor capabilities to the use of an HMD pilot helmet in some fashion (detected aircraft, colored boxes with IFF) kind of like the intended capabilities of the current F-35
  9. agent556

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    Is there any particular reason that the ERCO cannot be mounted on the MX rifles? Also the NATO (pacific) marksman has a khaki MXM without a scope on it. Ditto to NATO Pacific Squad Leader and Team Leader and the Sniper(!)
  10. agent556

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Well, I mean the HEAT rounds really dont fare well against the corrugated steel shed, lol
  11. agent556

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    I haven't seen it in this thread yet so sorry this is buried in there somewhere, but as I reported in https://feedback.bistudio.com/T118441, the Y-32's artificial horizon functions completely backwards which makes flight in heavy fog disorienting.
  12. agent556

    Something wrong with the Y-32 Xi'an's HUD

    Just to tack onto this: the artificial horizon appears to rotate backwards, completely not acting like a horizon in the first place. Also as mentioned earlier a gauge indicating thrust vectoring angle would be very helpful so we dont need to verify in 3rd person
  13. agent556

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    These are my settings and I have never noticed this issue that everyone else is having. Specifically, I have a blank malloc parameter. Don't know if this will actually help for anyone else
  14. agent556

    Why do most people prefer coop, not cti?

    And with your post, we answer the question of "why do most people prefer coop, not cti?" haha
  15. agent556

    Why do most people prefer coop, not cti?

    To be honest it depends on the map. On the community made MP map called insurgency, I love harassing the US team and stealing their rifles and applying insurgent tactics with superior equipment after acquiring it against their almost completely traditional "STORM IN WITH A HUMVEE, JUMP OFF, AND GET TO THE BUILDINGS GAIZ" tactics. Also fun is the RPG to the humvee full of the other team event.