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  1. Except that it is way more linear and way less story driven. 3 hours of gameplay with 0 replay value is a joke.
  2. Really? Is that what you're going with? Have you actually played that mission? It doesn't even fit into the storyline properly, especially if you just completed "Wet Work". So it is highly likely that Bohemia just adjusted the showcase a bit.
  3. Antichrist

    Showcase Review

    Had lots of fun with Tanks showcase. On every single attempt, shortly after first engaging the enemy, 2 lead tanks run into each other. One flies into the ocean, second one flies in the general direction of the moon, AI/Scripts break and the mission is effectively over. Tried it 3 times. Same thing happened again and again. Finally just said "Fuck it" and gave up. Good job there BIS.
  4. Nope. "With a variety of upgrades and wing replacements, the A-10's service life has been extended to 2040."
  5. Antichrist

    Too many destroyed cars in Altis

    Don't worry, guys, you can always just smash through them in a tank..... oh wait...
  6. Do you really want to bring the registration date into discussion?
  7. Antichrist

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Sadly, if you look at this whole situation realistically, there is no way we going to see even Ep1 of the Campaign before 2014, considering all the planned AI changes/fixes.
  8. Antichrist

    Development Blog & Reveals

    If this is not a big FU to all the fans, I don't know what is. The campaign decision will hurt BIS a lot.
  9. Can't. There is absolutely nothing else to play at the moment. If not for Arma 3 alpha/beta I would, probably, have to do something useful on the weekends.
  10. Should have the ability to turn off Motion Blur separately from other effects. Why even model something that doesn't exist in real life?
  11. Check you PMs *W0lle*. You have my permission to convert the campaign.
  12. Antichrist

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    I will pay for a better and longer SP campaign.
  13. So what is up with no Steam version on the www.arma2.com? Will it be available on Steam or am I sol?
  14. Antichrist

    ArmA 2 vs. OFP 1

    I still consider OFP to be the best game ever. Arma 2 is an imrovement, but in 2001 OFP was unmatched and is still #1 in my heart in terms of "awesome" factor.
  15. Biggest Russian gaming website www.ag.ru published Arma 2 review http://www.ag.ru/reviews/armed_assault_2 Final score 75% 'Not bad'