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  1. I was using the example mission code. I realized the delete portion was only checking for MAN so I adjusted it to check for logic as well and works fine now. Thanks
  2. I used the Dropbox link, I will check the GitHub instead. Do you know of delete objects should remove the Zeus module? Also since I have you, just want to thank you for your hard work.
  3. jimbojones


    Ravage does have a module that will allow persistent saving of the player itself. Are you asking about saving vehicles and crates when restarting a server?
  4. Thank you, I had the same issue with the latest version so it appears to still be a problem. Has anyone run I to an issue with the delete all objects removing the Zeus game module? If I delete all objects and then load in all saved objects I am no longer able to access the Zeus interface in game.
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    I'll have to take a look at one of your missions, someone mentioned the ai don't attack and that's the behavior I've seen with the patrols so far on the dedicated server.
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    It was previously mentioned that the ravage bandit camp script doesn't work right, ainjust stand there and do not engage on dedicated server. Looks like the vehicle patrols are doing the same thing. Does anyone know if this was broken by an ArmA issue or asomething with Ravage?
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    Thank you for this. I will give it a try.
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    Can anyone help me understand the MP persistency? I tried the random loadout script rvg_fnc_equip and called it in onPlayerRespawn.sqf but it fires even on players loading back in and overwrites their saved gear. Also, I was told I should restart our dedicated server every few hours, do vehicles and loot boxes persistace as well or is there a way I can save them? Thanks
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    Thank you, based on the previous post this rvgFill script is one you had to add manually? On the wikia it sounded like it was a script built in to Ravage mod. I'll have to take a look at how your mission is laid out. Thanks everyone!
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    Does anyone know if the bandit camp script and the rvgFill script still work? Bandit camp trigger doesn't spawn anything and I'm get an error saying the rvgFill script doesn't exist. Also, Ravage is great, thank you for this mod! http://ravage.wikia.com/wiki/Tools_for_Mission_Makers
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    [MP][TVT/COOP] Total Conquest for Arma III

    This talk of a new version is good news, I can not wait to try it when finished. I love this map because I can play with friends, or if I am low on time I can play a short match solo. There is never any shortage of action
  12. jimbojones

    [MP][TVT/COOP] Total Conquest for Arma III

    I played this over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Thanks and look foward to further updates. Cheers!
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    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Im with you on that.
  14. Jim US est Played on and off since ofp was released. Looking for a group that plays Friday/Saturday nights. Casual is preffered, ill do coop or pvp, just interested in doing infantry for now
  15. Thanks, seems like I lose video completely, I hit escape, and I am staring at a black screen. If I move my mouse I can hear the sound of the menu that comes up, no video. Oh well
  16. Win7 64 GTX460, The cut scene stutter, then lock up the PC, sometimes the video cuts out completely. Ill look into sending in DxDiag next time I play. Anyone know how to skip the cut scenes so I can at least play what I paid for???
  17. jimbojones

    AnimalMother92 Presents...

    Been having a blast with Hearts and Minds. Your work is much appreciated. Ill give some feedback when I finish it up :)
  18. jimbojones

    Server Admin Rcon

    +1 would have been great the first time around, desperately needed the second time, maybe we will get lucky this third time?
  19. jimbojones

    Simple Map Editing

    You could use markers as explained under respawn here, or try Tophe's script http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6080
  20. Anyone have any luck getting these to move far distances? Im not sure what is causing them to stop I used CreateUnit to spawn them, then al1 doMove (getMarkerPos "mkr_al_2"); The markers is a far ways out there but they only move 5 or 10 feet then stop. Do I need to add some sort of waypoint before I use the doMove or set a specific behavior? Thanks
  21. think you could put it in your init.sqs/sqf
  22. _file = nameofobject addAction ["Read file", "readfile.sqf"] replace nameofobject with the name of your object in editor would add to the action list 'Read File' when you are close to the object. If you click the action is will launch the script readfile.sqf ...of course you can use any script name you like, just make sure it exists
  23. whats the arma2.RPT say? If you cannt find it just use the windows search feature to find it....i believe its under Document & Settings\yourusername\Local Data\Application Data\ArmA2 Also, here are some examples http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createUnit http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4847
  24. You got me right, I see now that teams is by color. Thanks, exactly what I was looking for but I was chasing my tail using team commands. Thanks a bunch