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  1. dunedain

    JETS DLC Wishlist

    Payday2 has 40 paid DLCs for a total value of 182€. BIS so far only released four DLCs after four years of continuous support... The whole DLC bundle 2 is 23€ anyway, and quite a bit less for third worlders... Seems to me you the greedy one here boy. Anyway enjoy your ban, I don't think anti semitism has its place here.
  2. That's just the Windows thread scheduler doing its thing. The Real Virtuality, afaik, only supports two simultaneous threads. I've had my I5 3570k for five years already... I've been meaning to upgrade for a whole year already, had huge hopes for Ryzen. I guess I'll just wait and see if six core Coffee lake are worth the money.
  3. dunedain

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    Excellent! Just tried the Tanks showcase and it's working great. That's the kind of features I really like to see personally.
  4. For people who want to play H&D2 multiplayer on wide resolution without the HUD cropped follow these tutorials. rprclan.com/index.php/news/10-hidden-and-dangerous-2/2-play-online gog.com/forum/hidden_dangerous_series/widescreen_support_for_hd_2/post8
  5. Yes, and according to some benchmarks AMD's SMT is actually having a negative impact on some games.
  6. A couple more here... pclab.pl/art72996.html The results aren't surprising really. Even an I5 2500k on stock frequencies is just a dozen frames below, a seven year old CPU...
  7. dunedain

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Well I just tried the supports showcase, and it's getting old. I still get my fov locked zoomed in after using the sniper scope and the artillery module is broke, it only shoots one round at a time.
  8. dunedain

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Maybe you should have watched his video mate then... You can clearly hear the building collapsing a couple of seconds before you hear the explosion. Anyway hyped with the new vehicle speed of sound simulation, the way you always heard the engine stop way before you can hear the crash really bugged me.
  9. dunedain


    Yeah, afaik they stopped distributing personal editions of VBS a while ago. We'll see how TitanIM will turn out over time. It has whole planets, okay cool, however the fidelity on the ground, from what they showed, doesn't seem quite rich and detailed enough to make a fun and rewarding tactical shooter imo. It seems like, once more, people are getting overhyped over the vastness of procedurally generated worlds.
  10. Yes indeed, and as I mentioned the action itself isn't responsive at all. With the exception of LMGs and MMGs, You should always be able to raise your weapon instantaneously. Right now, I'll stick to keep toggle tactical pace and weapon raised at all time in CQC. The raise weapon action is still not reliable and just too dangerous to use. They fixed the rest though, so it means someone must be working on it. :o
  11. Seems like 1.66 fixed most movement issues I had since at least 1.62... Like my tactical pace toggle key combinaison not responding, being locked into movement whenever I switched pace or toggle raise weapon not sticking ect.. It feels a lot smoother now. However toggle raise weapon still feels a bit unresponsive at times and does lock you into movement for a couple of seconds which can be pretty dangerous. Still props for fixing most of it, I can play the game again without losing my hairs because my character does things on its own. ;)
  12. dunedain

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    It just plays a sound when you calibrate your optics or sights.
  13. dunedain


    I really fail to see how Arma would benefit from planet wide maps... This is a a combined arms tactical shooter with a well rounded sandbox element. A video game, not a training tool. You can already have pretty big maps on Arma. I'ld rather they improve performances while increasing complexity of future Arma maps rather than make vast but ugly and empty worlds. If anything Arma should focus on improving CQC with support for large and complex underground structures and AIs that can actually perform in interiors. Anyway VBS does the planetwide rendering as well. It probably doesn't have deformable ground, but still looks as good if not better than TitanIM. https://youtu.be/N39Vn3rY8rY
  14. dunedain

    Lets get Arma 3 elected for a steam award!

    That's where I put it too.