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  1. zSCHIZOz

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Cyberpunk seems to be doing pretty well according to Steam reviews. I'm tempted to buy now but I'm going to wait for the bugs to be squashed. Feel bad for the Xbox One/PS4 players who have a gimped down game regarding graphical fidelity. Kind of a shameful thing CDPR did about last gen consoles, especially since next gen is so hard to purchase due to low availability.
  2. I'm pretty confident you have to insert code to change the loadout of a Unit. There are different ways to do this; init.sqf or manually inserting code to the Unit's init in the Editor. Easiest way is in the Editor. Type "removeAllWeapons this;" and then follow up with the classnames of the equipment you want loaded on the Unit. You could get fancy and type in an array but the aforementioned method in the Editor is the easiest, if not most time consuming.
  3. zSCHIZOz

    Lets talk about the F-35

    Indeed! 😁 My favorite variant of the JSF would have to be the A model. Looks the cleanest and doesn't have any of that VTOL nonsense weighing the jet down. The C model probably has the best maneuverability but it looks a bit too wide for my liking. Plus the A model has the best engine, making it the USAF's go-to airframe and any flight sim enthusiast's wetdream.
  4. zSCHIZOz

    Lets talk about the F-35

    I doubt that previous aircraft such as the F-15, F-16, F-18 and various other aircraft that the US produced (produces) will outweigh the F-35. The only real example of former generation aircraft still getting upgrades, to my knowledge, is the F-15X and F-18 Super Hornet. Yes those are great aircraft but the F-35 is a whole 'nother beast all together. The F-35 is the future and I'm pretty sure the Israelis have already flown combat missions with it. According the F35.com the Israelis were so impressed by it they designated the a Hebrew name which translates to "greatness" in English.
  5. Anybody still playing Arma II? I used to have a physical copy of both A2 and OA but with the recent Steam sale I picked up Combined Operations. Been playing the Campaign missions before I get into editing and scripting. I've noticed there are practically no Online Servers anymore but that is to be expected seeing as A3 has been out for 7+ years now. I guess I'll just play the Campaigns and do some light editing and scripting for nostalgia's sake. I do have Arma III and all the DLC by the way. Just felt like jumping back onboard A2CO for nostalgia and for having it on my Steam account of course.
  6. zSCHIZOz

    Lets talk about the F-35

    I love the F-35! There was a lot of critics in the early years about how expensive the aircraft, specifically the B model, was to produce. You don't have to be a flight enthusiast to realize the hurdle the F-35 jumped and maintains. The cockpit is all digital and testers, along with actual pilots, tell how simple the F-35 is to handle. I've been casually following the Joint Strike Fighter project since its mainstream inception back in the early years of the 2000's. While I don't know everything about the F-35, I do know that the more countries that adopt the Joint Strike Fighter the more successful it will remain. Its made to be an official replacement of all other generations of aircraft. By having three models to choose from the F-35 covers just about every aspect of air warfare and the logistics of the aircraft for both rearm and repair is much more cost effective with every new fighter off the factory floor.
  7. Its not so bad in the States. I usually wait for a desired game to go on sale unless its a new release that I'm interested in. A recent release better not be more than $60 and an older game on sale better be on sale for around or less than $30 or I'm not interested.
  8. Battletech, Dirt Rally 2.0, Panzer Corps 2, Squad and several others. I jump around my game library quite a bit so other than the ones listed, I play randomly. Really been getting into tabletop wargaming lately. Much fun, much fun! 😁
  9. zSCHIZOz

    Music Recommendations

    Been following Laura Cox for a number of years, off and on. Talent!
  10. zSCHIZOz

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    New here! Looking to enhance my knowledge on scripting and editing. I'm sure I'll see you around!