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  1. UAV Operator

    Arma 3 crashes only when flying

    me2, only in the Blackfish
  2. UAV Operator

    Armor Mechnics

    It doesnt explain why non-penetrating shots deal damage capable of destroying a tank. and for me RAM no longer works
  3. UAV Operator


    Minitall defended him today, and he is still not temp banned
  4. UAV Operator


    Wanna report "babushka" for saying the N word.
  5. UAV Operator

    ArmA 3 - Country specific Salutes

    LOLW UWU Maybe it can depend on the uniform, as there are fictional British unis, would be a cool feature 4 sure.
  6. UAV Operator

    Armor Mechnics

    Is this official ?
  7. UAV Operator

    Armor Mechnics

    How exactly does the new mechanics work ?
  8. UAV Operator

    Armor Mechnics

    So the question is, does the armor penetration mechanics after the Tanks DLC update depend on sloping and thickness of armor like in the Real Armor mod or just the healthpools of hitboxes?