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  1. Hi, How can i use 'removeAllWeapons player' in remoteexec? or 'deletevehicle vehicle player' with remoteexec? i know the basics about remoteexec and can create some hints,playsound,... with it but i dont know how to do it with those 2? thx for your help!
  2. Hi, i have the following problem... if i kill somebody on my TDM server he dies and i have a respawn cooldown for 3 seconds... so the death person is 3seconds on the ground and then respawns, but in this millisecond the player respawns is spawning a person with no gear only a blue uniform on the death body, after ~0.5 sek the man despawns and the death body is away, if you kill this blue man the person who was killed will die 1 more time... how can i disable those blues on the death/respawn? *sry for my bad english!*
  3. Hi, i want to change the armor of a ifrit... especially the window of the vehicle so if found this https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference but i dont know where i have to put this in: // for vehicles general armorStructural= 1; // ranges between 1 and 4.0, default 1 armorFuel = 1.4; // default armorGlass = 0.5; // default armorLights = 0.4; // default 0.4 in all models. armorWheels = 0.05; // default // for tanks armorHull = 1; armorTurret = 0.8; armorGun = 0.6; armorEngine = 0.8; armorTracks = 0.6; // for men armorHead = 0.7; armorHands = 0.5; armorLegs = 0.5; // helicopters armorHull = 0.5; armorEngine = 0.6; armorAvionics = 1.4; armorVRotor = 0.5; armorHRotor = 0.7; armorMissiles = 1.6; armorGlass = 0.5; ??? Thx for your anwers
  4. Hi, i got the following drawIcon3D script that shows the players names above their heads: onEachFrame { _units = nearestObjects[(visiblePosition player),["Man"], 17]; _units = _units; { _color = switch (playerSide) do { case (EAST): {[1,0,0,1]}; case (WEST): {[0,0,1,1]}; case (independent): {[0,1,0,1]}; case default {[2.55,0.55,0,10]}; }; if (side _x isEqualto playerSide) then { if (!(lineIntersects [getPos player, getPos _x, player, _x]) && alive _x) then { drawIcon3D [ "", _color, [visiblePosition _x select 0,visiblePosition _x select 1, (visiblePosition _x select 2) +((_x ModelToWorld (_x selectionPosition "player")) select 2)+ 1.83], 45, -2, -1, name _x, 2, 0.035, "Puristamedium", "center" ]; }; }; }forEach _units; }; the problem: this shows also the names thought objects where i cant see the player normaly... how can i fix this? also it would be nice if my enime is in a car i would see his name above the car (not works now). Thx for your answer's 😄
  5. Yes thats true... i have noticed that too
  6. Thank you very much now its working! @pierremgi
  7. I dont know why... know how it with 3rd view works... could you please send me your complett script? maybe i replaced something wrong? my looks: onEachFrame { _units = player nearEntities [["CAManBase","air","landVehicle","ship"], 17]; _units = _units - [player]; { _color = switch (playerSide) do { case (EAST): {[1,0,0,1]}; case (WEST): {[0,0,1,1]}; case (independent): {[0,1,0,1]}; case default {[2.55,0.55,0,10]}; }; if (side _x isEqualto playerSide) then { if (([player,"view", _x] checkVisibility [AGLToASL positionCameraToWorld[ 0, 0, 0 ],getPosASL vehicle _x])>0 && alive _x) then { drawIcon3D [ "", _color, [visiblePosition _x select 0,visiblePosition _x select 1, (visiblePosition _x select 2) +((_x ModelToWorld (_x selectionPosition "player")) select 2)+ 1.83], 45, -2, -1, name _x, 2, 0.035, "Puristamedium", "center" ]; }; }; }forEach _units; }; and it is not working! Picture
  8. hey... i played a lot with this and the problem is: this only checkVisibility from eyePos player.. how can i change it to third person player cam? i tryed with !( lineIntersects [ AGLToASL positionCameraToWorld[ 0, 0, 0 ], eyePos _units, cameraOn, _units ]) but it is not working!
  9. Thank you very much @pierremgi! works fine
  10. Thx for your answere ! but it didnt changed something on the problem with the wall, also i can see players names if they are in a vehicle but if i get out i cant see their names if they are still in the vehicle, you have any other idears? now the script looks like: onEachFrame { _units = player nearEntities [["CAManBase","air","landVehicle","ship"], 17]; _units = _units; { _color = switch (playerSide) do { case default {[2.55,0.55,0,10]}; }; if (side _x isEqualto playerSide) then { if (!( lineIntersects [getPos player, getPos _x, player, _x]) && alive _x) then { drawIcon3D [ "", _color, [visiblePosition _x select 0,visiblePosition _x select 1, (visiblePosition _x select 2) +((_x ModelToWorld (_x selectionPosition "player")) select 2)+ 1.83], 45, -2, -1, name _x, 2, 0.035, "Puristamedium", "center" ]; }; }; }forEach _units; }; @POLPOX i have no idea how i can add a checkVisibility pram to this thx for your help! (lineIntersectsSurfaces (count = 0)  didnt worked... allways called a error)
  11. Hi, I need a script that every time a player connects on server directly when he is spawning exec 2 scripts (welcome music, intro) but only the player who connected should see it, like a init... i tryed it with Init.sqf,initPlayerLocal.sqf,initPlayerServer.sqf. Init only runs the 2 scripts on Server Mission start. an the other 2 did nothing? could you please help me?... Sry for my bad english!
  12. Hi, i need help with a script: ( addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { params ["_killed", "_killer", "_killerID"]; if ((isPlayer _killer) && (alive _killer)) then {execVM "shop\kill.sqf"}; }]; it exec a script to a person who killed somebody... the problem is : the script is not local so every time player1 kills player2 the script also get executed on player1,player2,player3,player4.... i what it only for the player who killed somebody! THX for your Help!
  13. Hi, i got following script : _veh = "B_T_LSV_01_unarmed_olive_F" createVehicle position player; _veh setVariable ["BIS_enableRandomization", false]; _veh setDir _direction; _veh setPos _position; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _veh; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _veh; clearItemCargoGlobal _veh; player moveInDriver _veh; it spawns a vehicle and moves the player inside, what i want now is a script that delets the vehicle if i exec this script again, so if i exec this script again it delets my first vehicle form the script and spawns a new, so that every player got only 1 vehicle on map!. Thx for your help!
  14. Sneax x

    Despawn second Vehicle

    Exactly what i searched thank you!!!
  15. Hi, i got this script: params ["_tele","_caller"]; _caller setPos getPos (selectRandom [p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6,p7,p8]); it random choose one of those 8points and the you get teleported randomly... i want the same with coordinates... but they are x,y,z so i cant use this script... i find nothing in the web. Thank you for your help!
  16. @Maff Thank you very much! it works!
  17. Hi, want to activate my script with shift+H, in the sqf i have to specify the keys in DIK KeyCodes https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes so what is Shift+H? if i combine 0x2A;0x23 or 0x2A,0x23 or 0x2A+0x23 or 0x2A0x23 or 0x2A 0x23 it not works... how?
  18. Deutsch: Hallo, Ich möchte ein Skript, das macht: Ein schild oder eine Flagge, auf die man klicken kann, Wenn man darauf klickt, wirst man zufällig auf einen von 15 Punkten teleportiert. Diese 15 Punkte kann ich manuell setzen wo ... ist das möglich? ich weißt nicht wie sowas geht wäre nett wenn mir hier wer helfen kann! English: Hey, i want a script that makes: A sign or a flag on that i can click. if i click on it you will teleported (random how) on one of 15 points. those 15 points can i manually set where... is this possibile? i dont know how to do this... would be nice if somebody of you can help me! Thanks! MfG SneaX
  19. Sneax x

    Random Teleport Script

    Yes that worked! Thank you very much!
  20. Sneax x

    Random Teleport Script

    Hey thank you for you answer but this script is not working at me and its this script doing: respawn random at those points t1,t3...? i want to click an a flag pole or sign to get teleported random on one of (10) and every time i click its a other point? so not a respawn script, a teleport script thank you for the effort