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  1. I scripted this mission a few years ago but with no success. Download
  2. TheFire Runner

    Veteran scripter gives free help (Arma 3)

    Hello again! By the time I released the two Arma 3 Server: Invade & Annex (Custom Mission): Vehicle/Team Deatchmatch (the same as previously): <--- THIS PORT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ABOVE So you can prove yourself that I experienced with the Arma 3 script language
  3. Hello my name is Felix aka TheFireRunner and I have over 4 years of scripting experience. I used to contribute to a roleplaying server and recently had a Team Deatchmatch server (see picture). Now I want to share my knowledge and help people if they have problems or questions in the SQF/Scripting area. Note: I only give help and am not there to create completely new scripts alone. Why do I do this? I enjoy helping people If possible I improve my English Contact me: Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061631265/ Discord: TheFireRunner#3400 Bye
  4. I created mean while an Arma 3 TDM Server. IP:
  5. Hello guys ^^ My Idea is to create an Arma 3 Team-Deathmatch Server like the old Academy TDM server. I would create many features myself that it is also a unique server. Please vote in the poll what you think. Thank you all ^^ Have a nice day ^^
  6. TheFire Runner

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    Hello ^^ Is it possible to only show players that have a GPS assigned? So when you remove your GPS, your friends won't see you on the map? ^^