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  1. Snkman, thanks a lot for continuing on your AI improvement project! Just gave it a shot, love the movement once again. Not maybe as aggressive as first TCL versions, but definitely better than in the latest TCL. But for me this version seemed like a good balance of tactical advancement and speed, there's some guys supporting as others' advance and you can really see when the movement scripts kick in. The flare thing for me has been an issue, but I find it great if one squad engages another in pitch black. Apparently each squad fires a flare when engaged in dark (don't know how dark is the limit, in some TCL versions just when the sun was about to go out and you could still see very well they shot the flares anyways), so if you have multiple fire teams the end result looks a bit silly. But it's fantastic if you have just full squad against another.
  2. Jimi Markkanen

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Does somebody have changelogs from the dev builds or something telling about what's included? I know 2S1 Gvozdika's coming and that's awesome.
  3. Jimi Markkanen

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Luckily the Arma 3 community is a very mature community. To be honest, maybe the most mature I've ever seen in a video game. Therefore I'm sure nobody expects you to work free and spend your spare time on a modification. Friendly piece of advice: When you feel like it, work on it. If you don't, then you don't.
  4. Jimi Markkanen

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    First of all, love what you're doing. But I gotta' share my opinion. In the initial versions I really liked the Ai behaviour, it was aggressive and it felt really wise. In the new version the Ai acts super careful, even on "FULL" speed they are very slow and careful on their way to the WP even if there'd be a squad against one enemy. Plus the Ai still unfortunately does spam a lot of flares during night/dusk.
  5. Jimi Markkanen

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Arty calculation tables/formulas for manual fire, especially for the upcoming 2S1, would be well appreciated. Arty computer fells like such a cheat.
  6. Jimi Markkanen

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Again coming up with a question, but as always, want to tell you my appreciation for the development :)! - Does TCL activate on units that are spawned mid-game? I read your posts on previous versions and I'm under the understanding that then only squads that had playable/player units were under TCL, but now every unit is, right? So would units spawned via Zeus or Alive have TCL activated? Also a high recommendation to post this on Workshop. Cheers!
  7. My advice is to forget about the Military CQC module. It's basically unnecessary these days of ALiVE, at least in my opinion. Sync everything normally, the basic concept of TAOR's and syncing of modules stands even if it's asymmetric. IED module can be synced to the asymmetric OPCOM but it does take a lot of time for them to actually place any.
  8. Jimi Markkanen

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Just tested this one, I love the Ai behaviour! Great job mate, I hope you keep it up 🙂 Really looking forward for the update without the flare overspam. But as always, a few questions/suggestions 😄 - Is it possible to make Ai garrison a building with hold waypoint? (Like in Vcom) It's quite essential. - Is it serversided? I don't care about the sound effects etc that much, I know that's clientsided for sure.