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  1. Jimi Markkanen

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Were there added bridge building vehicles/tanks in the latest update? If so, where to find them?
  2. And giving a magical dose of epi to revive anyone from anything instantly wasn't an immersion kill?
  3. Loving the new medical system! The ones who hate it aren't maybe the target audience for ACE as per terms of realism.. Keep up the good work lads.
  4. Jimi Markkanen

    Virolahti - Valtatie 7

    Sorry mate, don't get me wrong, I'm in no place to disrespect other people's modeling work of course! I do use those vests myself, I was just talking in comparison to the Finmod vests that used to be a part of SFP FFP, but got removed for whatever reason. SFP Terrains, if permitted, would have a lot of stuff like road signs etc that'd be a very nice addition to the map with re-texturing, definitely!
  5. Any ETA on the next update? Apparently it'll have full textures.
  6. Jimi Markkanen

    Virolahti - Valtatie 7

    This is just unbelievable! I’m loving it! Wish we’d have a quality Finnish forces mod to go along with it. SFP’s mod had Finmod’s vests, but they got removed for some reason and the vests now are just horrible.
  7. Jimi Markkanen

    Northern Fronts - Scandinavia in WW2

    We'll never forget. The pics look so awesome, can't wait! Hoping to see a winter uniform (lumipuku) for winter scenarios too.
  8. Jimi Markkanen

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    Excellent job mate! Looking forward for the update. With pool complier and as this got fixed, it’s got all a man can ask for. (Although reinforcement module was already easy to setup, artillery isn’t) Played with the mod for 6 hours and it’s a very powerful tool to create scenarios with and the Ai seems really wise. Especially loving your reinforcement module, it enables longer battles without performance loss. (Meaning you’d have to place a looot of troops without respawn system.) The reinforcement module is used to respawn destroyed aircrafts right? So to get the CAS etc going just simply place any plane, modded or not, and sync to Include squads? The ammo drop does sound cool, but that’s probs vanilla ammo and hard to configure.
  9. Jimi Markkanen

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    Another question: planes. Does the mod have anything to do with them, should they be synced or..?
  10. Jimi Markkanen

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    I've been playing for the past few hours and it actually this time has worked with withdraw set to 0. The helicopter it didn't work with before was UH-1 slick and Chinook of the USMC faction, UNSUNG, with Unsung USMC squads onboard.
  11. Jimi Markkanen

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    Good thing that the problem was located! I just did a test with vanilla and 60 as cycle, and it worked fine. Is there any work around to this for the time being?
  12. Jimi Markkanen

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    I had cycle rotation set to 60 instead of default 150. I reckon when you get that information about morale etc to bottom-left, that's when a cycle comes? Well at that very moment three choppers on air did a 180 and RTB. Gonna' run more tests with the default settings, I tried something and therefore left it at 60, but should it be an issue anyways for the transports? I feel like this would've happened anyways as the choppers tend to take off even though they're next to the squads, land, get the squads in and fly the 10kms. E: As in, the 150s is not enough time for that is it. Well at very first time I did have success with vanilla assets.
  13. Jimi Markkanen

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    Did not notice anything like that from the commander debug (Should've I noticed?), but just turned the withdraw coefficiency to 0, and they seemed to be flying normally, but just like 1-3km away from the objective turned away, other squad turned away as before. I tried with different helicopter models aswell.
  14. Jimi Markkanen

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    Just had the same thing happen to me with a CAP mission.. Must be something on my end, they did go all the way initially with the vanilla NATO forces and NATO helicopter, but it does pick 'em up normally with the UNSUNG one, so I can't put my head around why would they return after flying towards the objective.. O_o
  15. Jimi Markkanen

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    Okay, very very very useful information, thanks once again! Atm I got a very simple set up, and the Chinook does pick up one of the two squads for a Recon objective 10km away BUT they fly 1km and then RTB, whilst the group is still assigned to the recon mission..