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  1. Blutze

    3CB Factions

    Nah, the RHS weapons get their values from the ACE-maintained compat mod (at least in a proper setup), which is using different values: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/optionals/compat_rhs_usf3/CfgWeapons.hpp#L67-L71 https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/optionals/compat_rhs_usf3/CfgWeapons.hpp#L41-L45 FWIW, 508 mm is 20 inches, and 410 mm is a touch over 16 inches (ACE compat sets the M27 to 419.1 mm, which is exactly 16.5 inches). That makes 410 mm a wildly out of place value. HBAOplus: Go ahead and do the usual checking with the minimal modset (RHS, 3CB Factions, CBA, ACE, ACE-RHS compat) to make sure this isn't an unintended (or undocumented) side effect of whatever other random mods you are running.
  2. Blutze

    3CB BAF Weapons

    With just RHS 0.5.1 and CBA loaded: rhs_western_rifle_scopes_slot_short, inheriting from asdg_OpticRail1913_short, AND asdg_OpticRail1913_short itself explicitly have rhsusf_acc_premier_anpvs27 at 0. rhs_western_rifle_scopes_slot_long, inheriting from asdg_OpticRail1913_long, AND asdg_OpticRail1913_long itself explicitly have it at 1. WeaponSlotInfo>CowsSlot on rhs_weap_XM2010 implements rhs_western_rifle_scopes_slot_long. With 3CB Weapons added: The asdg_ and rhs_ interfaces are unchanged in this regard, as expected. WeaponSlotInfo>asdg_OpticRail_UK3CB_BAF_L129A1 (why is that variable carrying the tag of a different author btw?) on UK3CB_BAF_L129A1 implements only asdg_OpticRail1913, which is for normal riflescopes that would fit even adapters on top of M16 carryhandles. The sniper optic with the massive nightvision attachment obviously doesn't fit that, and the L129's toprail is long enough (for this exact application) to implement the _long interface. I don't have any older RHS version installed right now, so I'd have to shuffle files around to check pre-0.5.1 behaviour. What was that meme-y combo of large RHS optic on tiny MP5? The Apex MP5 now takes only the naked M8541 OR the standalone PVS27, not the combo item, but I don't remember if that was on an NIArms gun instead.
  3. Which optics are having this issue? It is possible for an optic to have mobility in both zeroing systems at the same time, with one of them kicking in when the other maxes out in the direction you're going (if you are using the same hotkeys for both, that is). If that is the case, the config or ACE compat for the optic is incorrectly set up.
  4. That sounds like a compat mod that is using the SMA icon getting loaded before NIArms. The icon displayed is that of the first mod to introduce a classname, regardless of any other mods patching that class later. IIRC, the SMA project was abandoned years ago. Any compat mod made back then has good chances of causing issues - for instance, the inheritance structure of some NIArms packs had to be changed in April/May last year to move the variants with less attachment slots further to the top. Outdated compat mods (if correctly loaded after the main mods) will reset that to the old order and break attachment slots or worse. On top of that, NIArms has been pretty much fully hooked up to the magazineWell system. It would be much cleaner for a compat mod to just introduce that to the SMA guns, and thereby making them magazine compatible with everything else under the sun without ever touching any other guns or requiring any other mods. Which is the entire point of the magWell system. If that info doesn't help you fix your problem, you should show your RPT file to someone.
  5. Blutze

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    If you are referring to the vanilla radar stuff, the default hotkey to change panel mode is right ctrl + whatever key brings up the panel, not alt. You'll want to expand that to left ctrl, as with all vanilla hotkeys, but otherwise it works fine for me. Not sure what other sensor range you could be talking about, as the radar texture for the 3d modelled panel isn't animated. Bulldogs shouldn't have any radar btw.
  6. That looks very similar to one of the grips in RHS, which can be used on NIArms weapons with https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1541041923 or https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1400574293, depending on how much of the NIArms suite you're using. Should also ask the OP of the image though.
  7. Blutze

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Found a few things. You can't achieve perfection, but you can strive to do so. This one might be a bit older, its just that I only now paid attention to what I'm looking at before jumping down to magWells. Recommend ctrl-f'ing that throughout your codebase in case of copypasta. The marked magazines dont belong here. The VHS uses G36 mags, because the Croatians already had that gun in inventory in small numbers; and the M21 mags are functionally, other than the cartridge, AK mags - see reinforcements, nose in rock back handling, and paddle release: Just slapping on some magazineWells and letting the creators of those mags do their research (plus automatically getting everything they add, without the need to update your weapon), would be a much easier solution. I don't quite get why you seem so hesitant to adopt that system across the board. On the BAF Milan, and IIRC also on the Factions TOW, the reticle isn't centered properly: That grey dot is the "cursor" for the vanilla mousewheel interaction system, the center of the screen, and pretty much the point of aim/point of impact with SACLOS weapon systems. If you want to model it, the little arrow shape in the reticle is supposed to account for recoil, or rather weight changes from the missile leaving (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3loUcIGZqE&t=30m22s). Otherwise, just center the big crosshair or something. One more thing without image: The ACE Arsenal hides all vehicle magazines, even when they are in your currently selected weapon's magazine list or magWells. That applies to your mortar rounds, HMG belts, GMG belts, and Barrett rifle mags. You can either change their type to personal mags (switch between 0 and 256, can't remember which way around right now), or add "ace_arsenal_hide = -1;" to forceshow them. See the GitHub repo for my compat stuff I PM'd you a while ago.
  8. Blutze

    3CB BAF Weapons

    For indirect/plunging fire, you will probably have to adjust (through a config mod) the ammo's timetolive. Especially on .50 BMG's ranges, 10 seconds can be a bit short. Speaking of the L7, and echoing bolo861's comment on the Factions thread, I recommend changing those functions from a simple config lookup of the magazine property to using CBA_fnc_compatibleMagazines - it is cached, so the check if you can reload being run every time you look at a static is going to be much less resource intensive, and it takes magazineWells into account. I've had trouble with the L7 actually being compatible with the mags I config-add to it, but only in multiplayer; and playing around with Redd&Tank's static MG3 kinda hinted at magazines vs magWells being the issue (or at least the CBA function being the solution, its been a while since I worked on that stuff). I guess I need to get around to putting my compat stuff on Github, there is a lot you guys could just copy over.
  9. Confirmed, lines to blame found, pull request is up. Thanks for the report.
  10. CBA, and its known/on the todo list: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/issues/1190
  11. Blutze

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    With shockwaves, I don't mean indirectHit. This stuff, which on CAMan feels like hydrostatic shock - shoot someone in the leg with .50, and his head takes damage. Or shoot him in the torso through a +30 platecarrier, and ACE puts the wound (plus limb break) on his arm because the direct damage on torso is a lower percentage than the shockwave damage on the arm, and the percentages (as opposed to the absolutes) are the only thing we have access to. The same should be able to happen on vehicles: go through one component, do minor (but potentially enough) damage to a neighboring component.
  12. Blutze

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Its mostly about the downstairs (aka behind the main plate) position of the carousel on T72s and T90s. Non-RHS penetrators have, almost universally, about twice as much hit than RHS classes of comparable power level, giving them a much higher radius on the... lets call them shockwaves. The intent being to send a round horizontally through the turret, and the shockwaves clipping the ammo. But either because of some damage resistance config, or because of air gaps in the model, I can send a non-RHS 120mm APFSDS round through the tracks sideways, and if I'm just a few centimeters off towards the engine the autoloader isn't even getting scratched. In both of those cases, I need RHS spalling to essentially shoot around the corner. I've tinkered with slapping spalling on the penetrator base class, which kinda (at least in SP) works for shaped charges. But if I do that for the vanilla APFSDS base class, your tank rounds cause massive FPS drops when fired because they have some submunition config themselves that I dont see a reason for, which doesn't overwrite all properties needed for spalling on normal classes. A different approach could be to put hitpoints for some currently loaded/handled rounds into the turret.
  13. Blutze

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Unless you are mixing vanilla guns and magazines with RHS stuff, the only thing ACE changes about basic ballistics is an additional 70 m/s on the MP7 hollowpoint mag. And that change hasn't even been released yet. Advanced Ballistics only changes where your bullet impacts and at what velocity. For terminal ballistics the game still takes that impact velocity and does all the calculations with hit, typicalSpeed and caliber.
  14. Blutze

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Get CBA and ACE if you don't have them already. On the main menu under tutorials, where you'd go to open Bohemia's Virtual Arsenal, click on ACE Virtual Arsenal. Equip the gun and the magazine you are interested in (you can change the loaded mag in the arsenal interface), then click Try. Press escape, click on CONFIG in the bottom center, and wait through the loading screen. In the bottom left corner, you can doubleclick on the weapon, magazine and ammo to navigate to them and look at their config properties. Starting on the ammo, indirectHitRange is the radius of your explosion, with damage dropping off from indirectHit at the epicenter to zero at the edge (and obviously zero outside the radius). ACE fragmentation is required for realistic high radius, semi-dangerous effects like 100+ meters on artillery fragments. On submunition config you don't need to understand all the details. You will either see a single penetrator created at 1000 m/s, or 30 chunks of steel in a cone starting at 200 m/s as a sub-sub-munition on the penetrator. This is essentially required to achieve decently catastrophic effects on some RHS tanks, but other mods are not going this route because there is a less resource intensive way of doing it. caliber is not the diameter of the projectile model (for anything but visuals, your projectile does not have a size at all), but is penetration capability. Enter this, impact velocity and a value for the strength of the material into a formula to get millimeters. More is better, same is same unless your velocity is also different. Higher velocity with the same caliber means deeper penetration. This is NOT body armor penetration - body armor doesn't exist in the physics simulation. This is only for object penetration, like punching through walls or destroying vehicles. hit is the amount of damage if you impact at typicalSpeed. Higher impact velocity than typicalSpeed is more damage, lower is less. Same hit at different typicalSpeed is not the same. indirectHit, hit and armor on body armor use the same unit of measurement. An unarmored torso can withstand 1 damage, big RHS plate carriers increase that by ~30, vanilla plate carriers by 20-25, soft kevlar vests are ~10. Causing 50% damage to the torso is slightly less than 50% change of a kill, 40% damage is around 20% chance of a kill, 90% damage is >95% chance. On the magazine, initSpeed is the base value for muzzle velocity. You can and will find the same ammo class in different magazines with different initSpeed values. The weapon then has an initSpeed property of its own, which is either positive, negative or zero. Positive values are used as an override, ignoring the magazine, which creates some of the more powerful combinations for the minmaxer to find. Negative values are made positive and used as multipliers on the magazine's value. Zero causes no calculations to happen at all, not even velocity increases from muzzle devices, and the magazine property is used directly. How quickly that velocity gets reduced from drag is determined by airFriction on the ammo. As the name implies, more is worse. In contrast to that, real life (or ACE Advanced Ballistics) BCs are "how good is my bullet compared to this standard bullet", so more is better. Both ingame and in real life low airfriction usually comes at the cost of muzzle velocity, and you tend to not catch up in time of flight (and same ToF = same bullet drop, because gravity is a constant acceleration), though you do get improved impact velocities at the far end of your effective range. You can use the ACE rangecard to see how much actual drop you have at a certain distance. In basic ballistics, precision is directly tied to the firemode's dispersion stat, which is configured in radians and shown in the ACE Arsenal as milliradians and minutes of angle. One MoA is 2.91 cm dispersion diameter at 100 meters, 5.82 cm at 200 meters, and so on - meaning less is better and AKs fucking suck. With ACE Advanced Ballistics enabled, there is some additional effect based on rifling twist. Those are mostly for AB, and the muzzle velocity can get a bit janky at least for basic ballistics - I think on the gun it is taking the loaded mag into account.
  15. Blutze

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Before 2.5, the Javelin already had a shaped charge inherited from the Titan. The problem wasn't as dire as some FK people tend to paint it, as you were guaranteed to disable traverse and/or elevation on T72s from any angle and distance other than crazy setups like 5 meters. Bohemia's T14s even had immediate catastrophic reactions on frontal turret hits. The real issue is a level deeper than shaped charges. The RHS T72's ammo hitpoint has a massive hole in the center that singular top-down penetrators might simply slip through AND sits so low in the chassis that most flight profiles pass over it. It essentially requires the kind of "spalling" sub-submunitions you get on RHS warheads. The vanilla/Tanks DLC system probably tries to approximate spalling through shockwaves, but I guess they don't get created while you are going through empty space or something. With the new penetrator, I am getting reliable ammo destruction at 2 klicks, but I'm reliably not getting it scratched at 1 klick. Difference being that the missile does not go through all phases of the flight profile, and the final approach angle is too flat (again, requiring RHS spalling to shoot around the corner). In other words, nothing has changed, really. But this isn't exactly a 3CB issue, as pretty much every non-RHS warhead has the same problem and I don't expect the RHS team to be willing to fix it. Sidenote: Isn't the HEDP AT-4 supposed to have a shaped charge with ~15 cm RHA? That being said, the new handling with the ACE compat fixes and the CBA (?) disposables works great. Character doesn't sloooowly take out the empty ILAW while I'm trying to go prone or fire my rifle anymore.