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  1. Hi all! A mistep of the rules by me seem to have killed my thread- and my problem is left unsolved. Do we have a cool down time for how long before I can post the question again? If so- how long? Also, how is the staff list organized? I was looking for mods that are active and the first one hasn't been on for almost a month, most for a year or more. Did I miss some sort of 'sort-by' tool? Sorry for making such a bad impression being only a few months into the community 😟
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'd like option B please. And here's the RPT, thanks.
  3. Also, I've managed to fix the cyclic redundancy check problem without removing ace. I just looked for the missing files and placed them in 'ArmaDirerctory/addons'.
  4. Hi all. Does anyone know where is the 'x\ace\addons\main\script_marcos.hpp' located? I have the missing file downloaded but I don't know where to put it.
  5. Alright, back to vanilla it is for me then- thanks for the help!
  6. Alright, one down, another one to go: I moved the ACE folder out from the modfiles and now this is the error that shows up: Include file x\ace\addons\main\script_marcos.hpp not found. Thanks for the help!
  7. Thanks for the answers! Even though it's a bit too late as I am currently re-installing it is still appreciated. I'll update if anything comes up after re-installation.
  8. I have a lot of mods in my game, as I haven't played in a while I decided to refresh myself. I activated my mods, and the game restarted- then it popped an error about a cyclic redundancy check. Checking the crash logs I saw that ACE (not ACEX) is the one causing this problem. I cant remove the mod from in-game now since I cant launch ARMA beyond the check mark screen. How do I fix this? Can you guys help?
  9. Acer Nitro 5 or the cheaper Lenovo Legion Y520 Hello all! I am new to ARMA and have recently gotten Arma2 for christmas but most of my friends and recommendation say to go play arma3. I do not have a gaming laptop now, but I will this February and these are my two choices. My preferences in game experience are: View Distance (for spotting, I am an air asset player) and that's about it really XD just joking, I'd love to get a decent fps too. 25+ is good enough for me and 30 is awesome. Thank you in advance for the repliy(ies)
  10. NlaEid

    Greenhorn Reporting In!

    does anyone know how to make bi editing tools work with the 3d editor btw? icant seem to get it work...
  11. NlaEid

    arma2 in 3D Editor

    Yes, I know it's been years but i'd like to know this too.
  12. NlaEid

    Greenhorn Reporting In!

    Oh yes! I am currently downloading BI editing tools and is making a 27th MEU in ww2!
  13. Greetings ladies and gents, I hail from the decade-strong game of Project Reality but I wanted something more military sim on a large and small scale, Arma2 is a blessing for me. I was gifted arma2 and arma oa this Christmas by two good fellow discordians via steam and I gotta say that my heart has been captured. It's not perfect, like the AI driving could be improved but I saw that the peak of this game has been at 2015 and we're not expecting a miraculous update anymore XD. But other than that, this game is what I've been looking for. My 6 year old laptop can run this game at 20+ fps (which is shitty by your standards ik but for me to be able to run such a large-scale game is a blessing), multiplayer is still alive somewhat and the MODS I love the mods! I would say more things about this game but if you'll excuse me, I have to go play a superpowers scenario on warfare BE :D