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  1. Oldninja

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    Hi Merc, I'm interested to learn more about your comment re fine tuning the settings. I've tried numerous combinations, but have not managed to find a combination that works noticeably better than the default settings. Are you prepared to share your settings. Fully understand if you don't feel it's appropriate.
  2. Oldninja

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    Your spot on Dig4tal, There are quite a few MnK users playing the game. For me it's clear and obvious, and not just because I'm annoyed about getting ended, but the fact that they know they have a split second advantage even in situations where you think you have the drop on them.
  3. Oldninja

    Get to know - Andrej Novosad - Sound Designer

    Nice to meet you Andrej, May I set you a challenge? Can you come up with a rusty old safe door opening slowly sound effect. To be unleashed in conjunction with the on screen notification, when some outlander opens the safe. Just to make sure that I don't miss the notification in future encounters. Many thanks in advance.
  4. I know it's a thorny subject with many points of view being aired on here and other forums. I also understand from my limited technical knowledge that a solution is not easy to achieve. That means teaming in solo encounters is down to the integrity of the individuals concerned. However, I have just come out of 2 solo encounters on Grontheim where I remain convinced that teaming was pretty obvious. I'm not going to publish my tactics, but having despatched one outlander and taken some useful loot, weapons and ammo. I decided to stay in the encounter and try for a little more. Before I could move on I heard the approach of another outlander. I readied myself as he/she approached. There was some ammo and a knife in the death box, as I didn't need it. I saw the death box empty as the other outlander, who by the way made straight to it rather than look around the building, looted it from behind an adjacent wall. He then made into the room directly into my sights. Before I could make an impression on him/her, I was ended. Bad luck or maybe something else. In a similar manner on the previous encounter I despatched an outlander. This time I decided to exit with my ill gotten loot and very useful weapons/ammo. I exited and made for the north road exit. As soon as I was on the move a hail of bullets was incoming, a couple hit but I managed to evade and eventually made a successful exit. I've played this game since becoming a founder in late 2018, and have very rarely experienced 2 players in such close proximity to each other, with the second one seemingly very familiar with my movements. I am therefore, in my usual verbose manner, requesting an end to spectating! It's blindingly obvious to me that the dead outlander talked his pal into an advantageous position by using spectate after I killed him. I myself have only ever used it once. Out of interest when I was despatched by two outlanders who turned out to be in a team of 4! So please consider ending the facility or limiting it to 10 seconds at most, in fact no, 10 seconds is still more than enough to give your position away to a teammate. Just end it please. The only way to defeat it currently is to get off the map after you kill someone, or at least it has spooked me into behaving that way. Any other views on spectating?
  5. Oldninja

    Team challenge

    I'm OK with squad's, as long as it has no impact on the original concept of solo survival. Could be interesting 4 x 4 squad's of outlanders on Grontheim.
  6. Oldninja

    First Battlepass

    I afraid my enjoyment of the game overcame my original disappointment Sleve.
  7. Oldninja

    First Battlepass

    Ducky, I agree wholeheartedly with you. The first BP was offered free due to the underwhelming initial uptake. I like you chose to support the game by purchasing it and felt more than a little cheated when the free one came out. I made the same commitment to no longer financially support the game. But have since decided not to cut my nose off to spite my face, and have now bought the latest BP. I treat the first experience as a learning point and hope that BI decide in their wisdom, to treat loyal Outlanders a little better in the future.
  8. Oldninja


    Hi Kyle, Interesting post. 1. Ambivalent about the ADR as I don't use it, but bow to the knowledge of those who do. 2. Agree - not worth the trouble unless it's for a challenge which offers a decent reward. Not 10 nails, 5 chemicals, and 1 electronic but crowns or decent crates. 3. Agree - Raised this a lot in the past and even added a logical rational for doing it, but no traction with BI unfortunately. 4. Disagree - take for instance the new personal signal locator. It's potentially a game changer, so to be able to craft high numbers of them gives a distinct advantage and would flood the game with them. The way it is you have to chose carefully when to use it as you know it's a 45 plus minute wait for the next one to appear. 5. Agree - but I would add that as you learn the maps you know where to go and where not to go to get loot. . Have fun out there.
  9. Oldninja

    Simultaneously Killing

    Just out of interest, did you get credited with a kill?
  10. Oldninja


    Could prove helpful by warning of nearby outlanders. What about a convocation of Golden Eagles circling above dead outlanders. Would be another way of estimating how many outlanders are left on the map, and present an opportunity for some easy looting!
  11. The problem is that the Battlepass never really ends. So it's in the interest of increased income for BI, that the best and newest plans will be in the premium section of the whatever is the current Battlepass. As it is this time around.
  12. Oldninja

    Night mode on every map ?

    Night mode. Interesting concept, but no thermal sights please. A little too Fortnite!
  13. Oldninja

    First Battlepass

    I feel you too Blacklax, I fully concur with your sentiments regarding the purchase of the first BP. However I would counsel against pursuing your feelings of grievance on the forum, as it is clearly a contentious area. Keep the faith and continue to have fun out there.
  14. Oldninja

    Game crashes

    What region are you in Chase? Adding that information may help the devs isolate the issue.
  15. Oldninja

    Survival stats

    Hi Never, Just wondered if you wanted the statistics to be open to all or just yourself? I'm ambivalent about either to be honest, but feel a majority would maybe prefer to have stats limited to themselves and friends. I would certainly be interested in seeing mine. The only downside I can foresee, is that the statistics could expose your playing style. And some outlanders might not what that out there. Interesting discussion point though.