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  1. Oldninja

    larger teams

    Personally I'm fine with squads of any number, as long as there is no negative impact on the original solo player principles and mechanics.
  2. I've mentioned it before, but this issue is getting worse. 2 consecutive encounters, first one three strikes and ready for the kill. Controls failed but managed to get away through and open door. Lucky because pressing X does nothing. Second, first strike and had him cornered, controls failed again. Pidgeoned to death as door was shut and I couldn't open it. Makes melee challenges virtually impossible.
  3. Oldninja

    Quick finish

    Nice to see alternative points of view shared and no one fell out!! I remember working so will not pontificate. Good work guys.
  4. Oldninja

    Health\bullet damage

    I feel your frustration. I have no idea why it happens. Server lag maybe? Same scenario with 1911 today. I decided to test various weapons and emptied a 1911 magazine into a cornered outlander, he turned, pointed his pigeon at me, fired and that was that. It has been an random issue since early versions. Although it's fairly rare for me, it's nonetheless annoying and would be nice if it could be resolved.
  5. Well done Devs. Don't know if it's regional, but Vigor starts about 10 times quicker now. Top job.
  6. Well done Devs. Don't know if it's regional, but Vigor starts about 10 times quicker now. Top job.
  7. Oldninja

    Reporting cheating duos and trios

    Risky tactic Dustin, but non the less effective. I hope your gamertag is different from your forum name, or a lot of outlanders will be on to you!!
  8. Oldninja

    Player number?

    Hi Royal, I assume you mean a live headcount during the encounter as the pre encounter lobby shows you how many outlanders are starting the encounter. If so, the signal locater is the method of seeing how many outlanders are still on the map. If not please clarify.
  9. Oldninja

    Quick finish

    I understand your issue better now, and would probably have the same thoughts had the time zone been more than one hour different to mine. Perfectly reasonable request regarding time zone correlation with challenge reset times. Must be technically possible.
  10. Oldninja

    Is it a new game for run and gun?

    Absolutely agree Homemade, all opinions are valuable to help with the development of the game. And it's true, I suffer from very few connectivity and other related issues in my region. Have the odd one, but nothing like the problems outlanders in other regions report. Not looking to bicker, just sharing my viewpoint and sometimes it's not easy to add real context in 2 dimensional posts. I'll look out for you.
  11. Oldninja

    Is it a new game for run and gun?

    Take your point about movement speed. Outlanders can be past you and off into the sunset in no time.
  12. Nice to meet you Viktor. Do you place the items inside the buildings? If so what on earth is the book with the picture of an Indian chief on called Rodhud all about. It's in virtually every building and is apparently accredited to a BI employee!
  13. Oldninja

    Is it a new game for run and gun?

    Have to agree with Cry. For a while now I've just been using bayonets/knives during encounters, and foot steps (while running or jogging) are key to my bushwacking tactics. My 1950's vintage eardrums hear them clearly without a headset. I would agree that outlanders can effect a stealthy approach when crouched and creeping or walking, but that makes sense.
  14. Oldninja

    Quick finish

    I see your point Cry. Still need to grind for the resources before you can upgrade. Maybe adjust the upgrade that decreases build time to a higher percentage. Say to 90% (or even 100%) at level 13. So a one day upgrade takes 2.4 hours instead. Would be very disappointed with another reset! I'm not a free gamer Cry, after all I am a founder. Just don't like games where cash gives you a material advantage. I prefer games that offer a level playing field where skill and tactics matter.