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  1. Oldninja

    communes & sharing

    I'm afraid I disagree, and below is my reason. The object of the game is to loot, including opening the vault and collecting air drops. Air drop crates (and challenge crates) being the only way to procure plans for weapons. You join a 'commune' where one guy has already picked up the plan say for an ADR. What incentive have other 'commune' members got to go out and get crates if they can get the weapon from another member? This game for me is essentially about solo survival. Get your own plans, upgrade your shelter by getting loot yourself and don't rely on others. It is possible to exchange weapons with a team mate in game, by trading through weapon boxes or dead outlanders. And for me that's more than enough. . I'll quote a simple example. My grandkids got me to play Clash of Clans. Different game scenario I know, but the principle being the point. They are all around Town Hall 10/11/12. As soon as I could join their Clan (@Town Hall 4 I think) they sent me top level troops that helped me destroy anyone else at my level. Deleted it. Too easy with advanced partners. . My point being, I want to progress through my own initiative. So if you want 'communes', fine but not for trading anything that gives you an advantage.
  2. Oldninja

    Duo loaded in Solo lobby?

    Hi goombz, If there is a shortage of players for a single player encounter, then any duo's waiting for an encounter will be included. It's happened since duo's were added to the game. It happens most during off peak times, but can happen spuriously depending on how many outlanders are waiting to play. When it happens it does give them a distinct advantage, but solo players have taken duo's out before now.
  3. Oldninja

    How to Upload Links of Your XB1 Captures to this Forum

    Very helpful. I will give it a try.
  4. Oldninja

    A robust list of suggestions from a seasoned gamer.

    Hi Subject, Some interesting ideas, but for me the basic premise of the game is fine as it is. I don't want it to become too complicated, but I would agree with better gameplay components for duo's would be a benefit. I've played a couple of team games and find it frustrating to say the least, that communication is so difficult. Whilst it is possible to swap weapons through a corpse or certain weapon boxes, it's not ideal. Traps makes me think of my grand kids on Fortnite, so for me I can't see what purpose they would serve. Binoculars and silenced weapons, yes I can see a benefit. But as I've mentioned in other posts, combat is rarely fair, as one outlander' usually gets the drop on another and has an immediate advantage. I'm personally not in favour of pay to win, so having outfits that limit damage is something I couldn't support. I would agree that other modes could be added, but not at the expense of the original solo survival principle.
  5. Oldninja

    Shit Game

    Hi Michael, Shame your not happy with the game. However, I've not experienced either of the gliches you mention, and would love to see the video's.
  6. Oldninja

    'Adding new gamemodes' POLL

    Agree that some may like the idea Alex. Wasn't trying to shut the idea down, just keen that the main focus of the game remains on the solo survival theme.
  7. Oldninja

    Colorblind Settings

    Can't help with the other problems you highlight, but if you look at the top of the signal detector, if it's rotating it's available, if it's stationary then you can't use it. Hope that helps a little.
  8. Hi Tyson, I would expect that all players affected by server crashes are known to Bohemia, as well as what they have lost through the server logs. There are two methods they could use as a form of reimbursement :- 1. Simple challenges providing crowns, weapons, crates, ammo etc 2. Gift crates of various levels . I would hope the Devs are already considering this as a lot of outlanders are reporting their losses and some feedback from the Devs would definitely be appreciated.
  9. Oldninja

    people camping at exit spots

    Hi iwant, I'm afraid no outlanders are going to get out of your way and make encounters easy for you. It's about getting off the map with as much as you can, be that after 1 minute, 10 minutes or anytime in between. If you can kill another outlander' in the process, wherever that may be on the map, then of course your going to do it and take their stuff. After all it is a survival scenario.
  10. My mistake. Apologies for the misunderstanding.
  11. Oldninja

    Introduction to duo's

    Will do.
  12. Oldninja

    'Adding new gamemodes' POLL

    As far as I am aware new guns are coming in 1.1. For instance, ppsh, Mosin etc Happy for new modes as long as the current solo play is not affected, as not all want a Fortnite clone. Hence why I vote NO. Would like to see more new cheaper outfits. For instance winter soldier white outfit for snow environment.
  13. Oldninja


    Would love to see the video if you can find a way to upload it or share a link.
  14. Oldninja

    people camping at exit spots

    Shame you feel that way. All outlanders use different tactics dependent on the map, the airdrop site and other factors. Camping is a perfectly legit tactic. Read the other posts in this thread, there are ways to combat campers. Use them, adapt and get on with it. Apologies for appearing abrupt, but would you pass up the chance of an easy kill for a full inventory?
  15. Oldninja

    Additional Crown Gain Methods

    All the above comments make sense. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, $1 a loot boost &$1.50 a crate boost is a considered decision, which a lot of outlanders will baulk at. If it was $0.40 & $0.60, I for one wouldn't think twice about applying boosts for either. Would like some more outlanders to have their say. Would you buy more and boost more if 155 crowns cost $1.99 instead of $4.99?