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    Cheshire, England
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    Good food, New Zealand Sauvignon, watching football on the telly and of course gaming. Beating me grandkids at whatever game they choose! ... Except fortnite, the little blighters build too fast.

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About Me

Retired Regulatory Compliance Professional (Pharma/IT).

Started gaming when they invented the table tennis adapter for telly's many years ago, and been through all the major consoles since then. Also done the build your own gaming PC thing and played a few PC titles in the 80's and 90's.

Favourite games in addition to Vigor :-

Koronis rift

Elite - the latest incarnation seemingly being a combination of the original and Koronis rift!

Age of Empires

Fallout series

Mass Effect series

Halo series, Reach being the best in my opinion.

Metro series

To name a few...