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  1. MercWarlord

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    This is not the first time a topic ended into the whole MnK is better conversation. Mouse also had a sensitivity setting. I can set my controller exactly how I want it. Thumbsticks are pressure sensitive sinse like 2 console generations ago. I dont even have to change anything to make scoped aiming super easy. The fact that some people just slam their controller around to move doesn't make it sub-par to a MnK. Acceleration of the thumbstick movement of a controller can be changed. Dead zone on thumbsticks can be changed. Thumbsticks make it so much easier to stay on target then a mouse does. These days PC players aren't the only ones with fancy mouse and keyboards that change how it reacts with a press of a button.. I have to admit that I also always felt MnK was superior to a controller. However in reality this is a thing we kept telling each other and believed it after we said it often enough. I have been playing on my PC with controller and now that we have the cross play option it is proven that both MnK and controller play have their own advantages. It's all about the user. (Lets also be clear that the first thing I do when I play a new shooter on a console is fine tuning my settings and turn off aim-assist.) The reason pc uses a MnK and not a controller is because it is designed for it from the start.. Have to say this last bit is the most ingnorant weapon I have seen being used in this ancient battle. The only reason I dislike cross-play or the idea of playing Vigor with MnK is because the PC players feel superior up to toxic levels. No need to be part of this circle jerk.
  2. MercWarlord

    River bug

    Did you get shot while in the river? I know there is a bug that makes that happen, but it isn't because you simply cross a river. If you look around in some old post some people explain how they got this and how to avoid this from happening. Anyhow the way to get all your movement back is to holster your weapon and fall. Does have to be a big fall, as long as you Outlander gets some air-time.
  3. MercWarlord

    Team challenge

    People will be teamers no matter how large teamsizes can be. This would be one of the major issues on larger squad play. If 2teams decided to team up there is little for the leftover teams to defend themself. Other then that the way loot and points of interest will have to be changed completely. The only way I see this work would be with one pile of loot at the center and all the teams fighting it out. These squad-based play would make Vigor just another BR game. It will take the devs a lot a thinking and work to implement this without getting a lot of shite from players. Would like to see and play it, but I think I would get bored with it in no-time.
  4. MercWarlord

    Portable signal detector

    It works the same as the signal detector. It gives a single ping for a few seconds, it does not track a player. The big difference is it only pings the nearest player, there is no notification and it has less activation time. If you want to track a player use 2 of the PSD with an interval of like 3 seconds. That way you can find out what direction this player is heading. If another player comes closer in between the interval he will het pinged.
  5. MercWarlord

    Portable signal detector

    It has no range, it just detects the closest player even if that is on the other side of the map.
  6. MercWarlord

    River bug

    This is not a bug, it seems outlanders refuse to drown on command, there are other ways to commit suïcide tho. Try avoiding to cross rivers trough the water as much as you can, or find places with low water-levels, even better bridges and skipping-stones
  7. MercWarlord

    Team killing

    There is a way... Buy ensurance. The teamkiller gets nothing out of killing you exept for being a dumb troll.
  8. MercWarlord

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    I have no problem sharing my settings, the problem is that there will be a possibility you will have to unlearn the way you aim right now and create a complete new way of aiming using a controller. Setting also depend on the size of your screen. A smaller screen requires less joystick movement to turn then a large screen. A large screen is easier to get precision aim on target. Turn acceleration messes with the brain when suddenly changed, a lot of players think faster is always better but they just swipe over targets without even noticing them. A 180 turn then a nice killshot seems amazing, but even for MnK users it's in their settings and when no fine aim is requires. In conclusion, I might be able to help, but there is a good chance other people won't be able to het used to different settings when they already tought themself how to play trough the default settings.
  9. MercWarlord

    Camera Angle and the Giant Blindside

    Yes, the camera is a lot closer then it used to be. I am pretty sure they have done this to make the third person corner peak somewhat harder. Before S1 you could look into houses without being anywhere near putting yourself into danger, when they placed the camera closer in S1 your sight got completely obstructed by your secondary weapon butt-stock. I found my way around it by equipping my primary in the second slot. However they decided this was the way to fix it. Every time I change my view to the left I indeed only have a very small space where I can actually see the action. Everything else is just my character.
  10. MercWarlord

    Portable signal detector

    The portable signal detector is situational in duo's right now. It can be usefull when playing with a random duo, or when you split up to cover more ground and both players have one in their inventory. You should see it as "it detects the closest Outlander," not enemy.
  11. MercWarlord

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    TOS clearly state that the use of unauthorised third party software is not allowed. As long as BI does not inplement MnK, it is a cheat. There are some other games out there that do allow cross-platform as an option. I have yet to experience any disadvantage against MnK players. If you fine-tune your settings well enough you can react just as fast as MnK players. I watched this video and this guy must've recorder hours-'n-hours of gameplay before het made this montage, the moment he is waiting for the second opponent inside the house wielding that tommygun, he slowly finetunes his aim to headshots height instead of using his awesome super accurate MnK instant aim. This is 100% a controller move, if you watch the movie closely he makes more moves that are not normal for MnK players.
  12. MercWarlord

    VZ 58 and AKM need nerfing

    Well, in my experience Psycho Flare makes a good point about the AK-M with it's current damage/recoil being in the wrong weapon rarity. It handles better then the Ak47, and has as much stopping power as the blue burst-fire variant (forgot how they called it). The easiest solution would be to swap the AKM properties with one of those. However it is nowhere near as usefull/powerfull as the ADR. It also lacks accuracy on longer ranges compared to the AUR when fired in burst or full auto. As for the other part: every weapon is deadly. In Vigor it is indeed the case how player skill makes the effectiveness of the weapon
  13. So it seems some people are abusing a glitch were they use explosive traps to teleport at the start of the match. My spawn was close to the barred house. The game started laggier then it usually does. Before any of us was out of the starting timer the notification about the safe being opened appeared. I run to the barred house to see what happened and yeah, it is still completely barred with someone sitting inside it. I ran a few laps around it to see if he reacts or find some opening, nothing. I then released a few rounds between the cracks at the safe to scare him. A explosive trap goes off inside of the safe? None of us takes any damage even tough we are both in range of the explosive. I forgot to record because I was a bit confused.It happened again a few matches after, but I wasn't close enough to trap the culprit.
  14. MercWarlord

    workbench upgrade > chemicals ... where to find?

    It's been a while when I did the last upgrade but there might get a third item requirement. Not sure. I do know the last upgrade takes quite a bunch of resources.
  15. MercWarlord

    What was concealed...OHAA

    The smallest violin in the world, Before: Free After: Still free, but reserved for crybabies. Your semi- bipolar critique had nothing of value, no real problem, and you do not have any solution for the problem you have by yourself. You almost have a million materials but don't want to spend any? Then don't and soak in your cheapskate puddle of tommyguns and makarovs.