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  1. eKLaB

    Vigor xbox play anywhere?

    They probably know how easily it could fall prey to hackers. I laughed when I read it's going to PS4/5...
  2. eKLaB

    Most frustating game I've played

    Just do yourself a favour and delete the game. I haven't played since the start of this season because they felt the need to change the gun mechanics/aiming AGAIN... They've consistently refused to listen to their player base. They opted to introduce the game to the the switch to which I've read numerous posts about how bad the switch controller compares to when playing against Xbox. Switch players have asked for switch only servers but have been meet with a no, further alienating another portion of the community. This game could have, should have been better than it is...
  3. eKLaB

    Rewards for level 51-75

    Added battlepass levels? Sounds to me like less content being delivered 😂
  4. The recoil is what drove myself and many others I have no doubt, away from the game. It has constantly changed, continuesly frustrating the player base. It was as close to something that looked like a polished games recoil last season and then they quickly destroyed that this season. It was a fun game while it lasted, I voted with my thumbs you probably should too @wolny slimak
  5. eKLaB

    Carrying abilities

    See how easily it can be spun to not sound like pay to win 😂😂😂 @Matthew Aiken
  6. eKLaB

    Vigor_Only 30FPS ?!?

    As I've said, players need to stop accepting mediocre games and maybe game developers will stop developing half baked creations.
  7. eKLaB

    Bring back map select

    I will agree that since the update que times have improved, it only took 30 seconds to find a server with my North American friend but that alone doesn't make up for the horrendous recoil that's been implemented this season...
  8. eKLaB


    There should be a base line and then this baseline is twerked/improved over the life of the game. But to have it yoyo from 1 season to the next is ridiculous, every season is a learning curve, it puts people off, especially this gamer. You lose the ability to just pick up the game and play, now I've got to learn the recoil system AGAIN... I hope I'm wrong and maybe it's just my controller I'm having trouble with but I doubt it.
  9. eKLaB


    Have just played my first 4 encounters of the new season and this recoil is absolutely garbage. I'm constantly fighting my thumbstick to correct it and even turning the sens all the way down has no effect. It's seriously unplayable! I managed 2 kills, 1 from a lucky hs from the g3 and the other from unloading 100 rounds from my pkm. This game is looking much more polished but to what expense? The camera feels aweful and the recoil is unbearable. New players need to stop accepting mediocrity and vote with their thumbs and play something else... This ship has sailed!
  10. eKLaB

    Season Pass 4

    Any idea on when you will update the forum's with the change logs? I mean, the updates out but you don't even update your official forum 🤷
  11. eKLaB

    Season Pass 4

    Seriously it got extended another week? That's not good but also not surprising 😂
  12. eKLaB

    Latest updates?

    Been asking for a new map for a few seasons now, their answer was a snow version of battery... The basics have been neglected for far to long to the point that it doesn't really matter anymore. Aesthetics is their answer to giving us something new without actually giving us anything new, if you know what I mean. I'm sure there was a communal eye roll when people saw mortars but hey, what ever brings the kids in. And with the crate disappearing it's more than likely people destroying it.
  13. eKLaB

    Game Over

    @Matthew Aiken there's a few preview videos on YouTube of season 4. Still can't choose map from what I've seen, so it'll continue to be dverg every second map... It's like they're panicked they're losing player numbers so they're throwing the most ridiculous thing out there.
  14. eKLaB

    Game Over

    It only took a couple of seasons to give us instant crafting consumables... Finally something to spend my 3 million resources on, I don't see portable signals or mortar strikes being spammed at all 😂😂😂 I do think it's dumb that now 4 seasons later we have the ability to call in a mortar strike but before we had no help??? If you didn't have it before you definitely have confirmation now that the game has moved on from the original concept.
  15. eKLaB

    Unneecesary grind

    16000 chemicals are needed for the final 2 Chemical distillation upgrades, that is a grind! The game has definitely passed it, it's not you. The gimmicks have taken away from the original concept. Who uses the fake glint or fake signal??? Now it's just people running around with premium weapons and a dozen portable signal detectors.