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  1. eKLaB

    Food chalenge really ?

    I don't have a problem with it being 75k but they need to bring back 500 and 1000 food in crates. Make the crates worth playing for again.
  2. eKLaB

    Food chalenge really ?

    I had 15 000 ready to donate as soon as the challenge restarted, would have been more if it wasn't thanks to my son donating more 😒 I've got all my rat traps and gardens upgraded to LVL 13. With collecting food in game from the buried cache and what I pick up, I should come close to that 75 000. I do feel for you guys that don't have the upgrades though, that's a lot of looting food and I can't remember the last time I saw a decent amount of food in crates.
  3. eKLaB

    Camera Angle and the Giant Blindside

    It definitely changes the gameplay. I now have to sit further back from my tv because it now feels too close. I can only assume it has something to do with improving frame rate maybe because you could see a lot more and thus reducing the amount of crashes people were experiencing??? Im just speculating...
  4. eKLaB

    Loss of gun/ammo for it

    Yes, I can confirm this. While dicking around with my duo partner at the end of an encounter, twice I've tried to melee him with my weapon at the last second and then when you open your inventory at the shelter you lose that weapon. I've lost 2 ADRs while doing this...
  5. eKLaB

    endgame/level 13+ shelter ideas

    I've suggested in another post that you have metal but no way to produce nails??? Being almost completely finished my upgrades except for a few nails which are in short supply, a bench to create them would be ideal. This would also help future and low level shelter players.
  6. eKLaB

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    As someone who came from PC and moved from ball mice to laser mice and even remember when PC had dedicated Counter Strike dial up servers 😂 Mnk give an advantage that thumbsticks never will. Pin point accuracy with less movement of the mouse than a thumbstick. I agree mnk gives you more advantage with inventory control but a game like this doesn't demand a great deal of time to worrying about that and it's made easier with the "take all" option. The addition of mnk would be a game killer for me, you simply can't compete with that accuracy.
  7. Please, elaborate on how this doesn't fix the problem? If someone dead can't see, they'd have to have impeccable hearing to give away positions...
  8. eKLaB

    Prone Bug

    I have found a way around it but it's involved and complicated. I generally run a single weapon but when I can't go prone because of the bug I have to switch to another primary gun and then melee with it and or aim down sight for the problem to correct itself. Please fix this...
  9. Fade to black. Problem solved.
  10. eKLaB


    Trust me. The rage is real. Many a time I've wanted to throw my controller at the tv. I play aggressive most of the time, when you have upgraded everything there's not a lot else to do but sometimes it just doesn't pay off. It's much easier just to 3rd person everyone rather than aim down your sights unless you're using your scope. Except the ADR that scope is horrible. When you're aiming down the sight only your mg3 in prone, that thing shouldn't move! At all! But it does, for some reason it recoils in the air as if you're in 3rd person, it makes no sense.
  11. eKLaB

    New plans not appearing in crates

    It will appear. I got it after opening half a dozen common crates. Be patient.
  12. eKLaB

    im so confused

    You'll find it in the Xbox market place. It's an Xbox exclusive.
  13. eKLaB


    The rage is real! 😂
  14. eKLaB


    I was wondering this myself, there has been a few occasions since the update in which Ive heard the wolf howls and seen an outlander either coming from or in that direction if I had towards it. Maybe coincidence?
  15. eKLaB

    Nagant Plans....

    Got it in a common crate within half a dozen crates... It'll come, just keep opening those crates.