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  1. eKLaB


    They're literally making the game pay to win from next season with the ability to buy the weapon plans with crowns. Pay to win for newbies at least. If you've played long enough you'll most likely have all the plans already. Cronus and strike pack users will continue to plague this game, not that this development team cares to be honest. It was clear this game became a money grab years ago. Do yourself a favour, find something new to play, I haven't played in months, hell I haven't even bothered to login and collect my 10 crowns a day and I certainly haven't missed it. There are a few indie games on game pass at the moment that are fun, come back in a month or two like me and if it's still the hollow, dead inside game it currently is, uninstall it.
  2. Has never happened, was solely introduced to appease players. All huff and no puff from this Dev, it's dollars over integrity here.
  3. eKLaB


    $1000 Bucks!!! Real money? Are you kidding? For cosmetics and crate boosts? You're a part of the reason this game hasn't lived up to expectations. Bohemia will take your $1000 and every other schmucks $1000 willing to spend that kind of money on cosmetics alone. People are free to do what they like with their own money but when companies would rather commit time to making a new hat and ask $25 dollars for it instead of actually making the game better, that's the problem with the gaming industry. Crates are just another word for loot boxes, it's no different to gambling really
  4. eKLaB


    Sadly, still yet to see it boosted that high though. A random create would have been so much better, 1 round you're playing for a rare create the next you're playing for 3 special issue and 2 military. Would make the crates really worth fighting for.
  5. eKLaB


    Es handelt sich um einen bekannten Fehler, der nach dem letzten Update des Spiels aufgetreten ist. Sie arbeiten an einer Lösung dafür. Wenn Sie Ihren Charakter in einen weiblichen Archetyp ändern, wird das nicht passieren. Entschuldigen Sie meine schlechte Übersetzung vom Englischen ins Deutsche
  6. eKLaB

    Team up

    Not only teaming up but Xbox players that also have a switch and then load in to the same game and use their switch outlander to be able to track everyone 🤦
  7. eKLaB

    Buried Cache

    It was nerfed. You could get parts for every special issue consumable and every special issue weapon. Especially good for the new players who wouldn't otherwise be able to craft the higher tier weapons, I would even leave the weapon parts in there in case somebody came across it after me.
  8. eKLaB

    Buried Cache

    Who asked for it to be nerfed? It was actually worth looking for this season. Once you've completed your seasonal challenges and battle pass the parts filled buried cache still gave you something to play for. Why does this Dev team continuosly sabotage their own game?
  9. eKLaB

    Rework Machine guns

    I feel the player base has been slowly dying off in the last couple of seasons. Which has seen an increase in the nerfing of various things within the game to force people to buy crowns to improve it.
  10. eKLaB

    Cosmetics Loadouts

    I think the community as a whole prefer them focused on fixing other issues, not potentially creating more. I'm not opposed to it but think resources would be better utilised in areas improving the game rather than cosmetics.
  11. eKLaB

    Rework Machine guns

    The game becomes hard because of the unbalanced weapons, most of which are out of reach for the newer players. Shelter customisation? You mean the option to go from looking like a shak to a house right? That was the shelter customisation players were given 🤷 Personally I could care less about shelter customisation and cosmetics and would gladly take improvements to the game over those. But sadly at the end of the day "it's a free game" and money has to be made on it and quality is left lacking at the expense of the quick buck.
  12. eKLaB

    Rework Machine guns

    More so this season than last I'm getting 1 tapped from players with 0 stats. I watched a raincoat literally snap on to my character as he turned around, then shoot me dead.
  13. eKLaB

    Easter cosmetics!

    Have the Dev team included bots in the forum's now? 🤣 And considering this season's balls up with the seasonal challenge cosmetic 🤣 But keep making cosmetics and ignore the glaring issues with this game 🤦
  14. eKLaB

    Players abusing the new Vote to Kick system

    It's happening on Xbox too. Had a guy afk, sitting in spawn. Every time the vote kick came up they moved enough to avoid being kicked.
  15. Kill 9 outlanders in a row is broken(much like the majority of the game...) It kindly resets on you before you have the opportunity to get to 9. I was at 8 before it reset to 0. How is broken challenges even still a thing???