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  1. Honestly, I really don't understand why you even bothered to come here and complain. This is their official forum, have they updated the forum on the change logs from the most recent tweak they made to the servers regarding the lmgs? No... They couldn't care less about the community, it's simply just pumping enough money into Bohemia's coffers to keep them updating bits here and there...
  2. To the OP, I think you answered your own question. If people are pumping money in to this game, what do devs care if people team up? Ultimately I believe that unless its a game breaking issue they have no reason to fix it. People will continue to pump cash in to it...
  3. Today I was showing someone from the USA the ropes of the game and was astonished at their map finding times. Almost instantly they find maps to play while I'm spending anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes in Australia. Surely by now there's a large enough player base to have at least 1 server for the Oceania region???
  4. As the title says, today playing a round of elimination, I noticed a player who had a backpacK with a picture on it? I looked in the available backpacks and none have a picture of them. The picture is a picture of a random person but I'm curious as to how they got a picture of a person on the backpack?
  5. eKLaB

    Old bug back ? - not able to take consumable (iodine)

    lol, I often die from means created by myself. Sometimes I find that if you interact with something it sometimes fixes. I had a bug today where I couldn't select any consumable but could after I killed someone...
  6. eKLaB

    New Challenges

    I've also rerolled the 5 red crate challenge. Again, I'd be lucky to find 5 red crates in a week let alone a 24 hour period... Ideally the challenges need to be achievable within a 24 hour period. 5 red crates and 7 bomb defuse's just aren't achievable, those that make these challenges, do you even play this game???
  7. eKLaB

    New Challenges

    I see the game has been updated with the new Challenges that have been previewed elsewhere. Forcing someone to play the other game modes doesn't want to make me play them. I never liked shootout to start with now I'm forced to play it for a challenge... I tried rerolling the challenges, all costing crowns for basically the same challenge in modes I don't like, so I wasted crowns. Then you have challenges that are practically impossible, I'd be lucky to find 7 bombs in a week to defuse by shooting, let alone in 24 hours... Now that I've completed the season pass, the daily challenges were worth doing for resources and crates now they're not worth doing. Nobodys going to sit there and reroll challenges wasting crowns for a challenge worth doing.
  8. eKLaB


    They give 500 xp so they are still worth collecting just for xp.
  9. eKLaB

    M249 and loaded ammo ?

    To answer your question, yes! I believe the rounds are automatically put back in to your existing ammo. Double check and check your rounds before a match, leave and see if those rounds are put back in from the loaded weapon.
  10. eKLaB

    vigor buried cache what happen ?

    At this point I really don't think the developers really care what direction this game goes, it's simply a money generating free game some people are silly enough to dump real world money in to.
  11. eKLaB

    Map finding times

    Just an update to the original post. Wait times are still terrible. 3 minutes or more for a map. Can I suggest too that Oceania only be added to West Coast North American servers. Oceania seem to get added to South American servers and the connection is terrible, players rubber banding every where.
  12. eKLaB

    Map finding times

    I'm curious to know why this game still doesn't have any Oceania servers and if it does which I doubt, why does it take 3-4 minutes to find a game? Surely this game has increased its popularity since I last played. 3 to 4 minutes to find a server/map is honestly pretty bad. It needs improvement.
  13. eKLaB

    Gronth Valley Mid Exit

    Right to left, I'll give it a try thanks. And you're right about the weapons I was trying to take a 2nd machine gun with me
  14. Playing again after an extended break from this game and I cannot make the jump at the middle exit on Gronthem Valley. Has something changed, am I missing something? I even destroyed half my Loadout, and I still can't make it across???
  15. eKLaB

    Vigor xbox play anywhere?

    They probably know how easily it could fall prey to hackers. I laughed when I read it's going to PS4/5...