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  1. Xaphan Misanthrop


    Hello, I just wanted to ask again when the technical team of Bohemia would be ready and also has the desire to fix this annoying bug? I don't want to play with a female character, so again: will it be fixed soon or will you adopt the same mentality as the support of Call of Duty, whose players don't care at all?
  2. Ich fange an, wütend zu werden, liebes Bohemia-Team, vor 2 Tagen habe ich ein Thema über die Balance und Ausrichtung meines Spielers gepostet, wenn ich schnell laufe, läuft er die ganze Zeit seitwärts, als ob er driften würde, er läuft geradeaus, aber in einer seitlichen Position!!!! Und da ich mich an den technischen Service gewandt hatte und bisher keine Antwort bekommen habe, muss ich erwähnen, dass es mir auf die Nerven geht. Schaut euch den folgenden Clip im Link an!!!! https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dead-oppz-ger/video/176962687
  3. Xaphan Misanthrop

    WTF is this?

    Hello dear Bohemia team, I was just about to play a round of Vigor again after a long time but I quickly wondered if my game character has damage from his last vaccination or if it is a new super cool running feature? Joking aside, yes, but why is my killer running so disabled? Is he perhaps a half-page spasticity? Please fix this annoying whatever is going on! https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dead-oppz-ger/video/176887436
  4. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Health and Healing?????

    Right, I was shot yesterday right after getting in and when I wanted to heal myself with antibiotics nothing happened no cure I tried it with bandage and it did not work
  5. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Health and Healing?????

    Am I the only one who can't heal myself when I've been hit? Neither antibiotics nor bandages nor anything else I can use to normalize my energy Don't really work... It is these things where the fun of the game becomes more and more
  6. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Connection is error

    Hello I am no longer connected, just connection errors
  7. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Portable Detector‘s??? WTF holy Shit

    can someone explain to me where the sense in the portable detectors should be? I use a detector and a signal is displayed at the other end of the map although another player is hiding in the bush less than 10 meters! Basically, these quadi are without any value and seriously wonder what people thought of introducing it? Did they really think that this is a really cool idea, we just change the detectors and shit the players? I mean wrong data is displayed, a signal is displayed which is not actually near me but somewhere in the ass of the world !!!!!!
  8. Xaphan Misanthrop

    new season

    Of course
  9. Xaphan Misanthrop


    I don't know how old you are, I guess 13 or 14 you are aware that there are two variants of the SVU? once in a fire mode and once with quick fire 😉 I don't need a signal detector to find people, but I have the portable detectors that show me where someone is nearby lol and because of the 180 degree shot that happened to me i suspect it is a bug As I said, come with correct evidence or leave it entirely, they are just empty accusations
  10. Xaphan Misanthrop


    Automatic aiming? (Auto Aim) I haven't seen or seen that myself and I've been playing it for a long time, I would be interested in how you uncovered this scndal? is there anything you can show us here as proof other than just moaning?
  11. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Rapidfire/modded controllers/strikepack

    lol okay suppose it was like that does it make any difference? a friend of mine only plays this game with strike pack and believe me that rapidfire makes hbar slower 😉 rapidfire only helps if you carry weapons with you that do not have rapid fire but can only fire one shot at a time, such as the rifle vz or a pistol and even then you have no advantage lol the only advantage because you have the strikepack because you get recoil with some weapons, for example the machine rifle without a strikepack the recoil is violent only with a strikepack you can set it so that it hardly has recoil that's fine and good as soon as you take another weapon you have to readjust it because the strikepack settings on the machine rifle completely misalign another weapon and whether you want to readjust the weapon before each round me think of it very few feel like it!
  12. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Season 7 ideas

    I would suggest next season Thems should be The Purge 😁 clothes, weapons and co. would also be answered
  13. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Season 7 ideas

    incorrectly generated steps? how do you create these? do you let a ghost emerge that comes out of the lamp and then performs the wrong steps or with what should this happen? i can't follow you completely from the logic but i don't know how to implement it in reality! the game experience should stay as realistic as possible and shouldn't contain any unnecessary unrealistic fantasy actions, all your ideas will make all campers wet in their pants and a dream would come true for this type of player. you would be promoting camping too much.
  14. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Clunky gameplay

    hiding and then killing to gain prey is called an ambush in the real world :-) hard to believe, isn't it? I am sure that you will find players with full pockets and only you because you are the one to be called out for a 1 to 1 duel like in the wild west! They'll whistle, they'll call just to get your attention lol
  15. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Owned item duplicate

    like a romanian street beggar lol you beg to the crowns haha you can't possibly have that outfit but it's ok