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    Rifle scope or attachments?

    Hello dear Vigor Support Team, I have thought seriously about what you think of my next idea? I thought how nice it would be if there were various different attachments for rifles, as an example I mean it something like this: Weapon: VZ 52 rifle, this has an open visor, how about the idea of adding attachments such as the M21 can own this if necessary assemble it again and again before a round? I would first try a couple of rifle types like the Carabina or something to see how it works, I think if you had the opportunity to attach a target attachment to a Carabina, using this type of rifle would be a lot more fun what you think ?
  2. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Season 7 ideas

    I would suggest next season Thems should be The Purge 😁 clothes, weapons and co. would also be answered
  3. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Season 7 ideas

    incorrectly generated steps? how do you create these? do you let a ghost emerge that comes out of the lamp and then performs the wrong steps or with what should this happen? i can't follow you completely from the logic but i don't know how to implement it in reality! the game experience should stay as realistic as possible and shouldn't contain any unnecessary unrealistic fantasy actions, all your ideas will make all campers wet in their pants and a dream would come true for this type of player. you would be promoting camping too much.
  4. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Clunky gameplay

    hiding and then killing to gain prey is called an ambush in the real world :-) hard to believe, isn't it? I am sure that you will find players with full pockets and only you because you are the one to be called out for a 1 to 1 duel like in the wild west! They'll whistle, they'll call just to get your attention lol
  5. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Owned item duplicate

    like a romanian street beggar lol you beg to the crowns haha you can't possibly have that outfit but it's ok
  6. Xaphan Misanthrop


    to keep it short: everyone started small, either you get better or stay in this state! what is the meaning of a number? Just because I'm level 50 in the battlepass doesn't mean that I'm the ultimate hunter! I learn to get better tactically and systematically with every new round, look at the Sagburg fire fight, I'm very bad even though I have completed every battle pass at level 50, I have a good kill rate, but I rarely make it below the top 3! my aim is bad despite good numbers and has to learn to improve it!
  7. Does it just seem to me that I am of the opinion that the "armoring" has almost no effect or is this part just a joke because I don't understand? we have now tested the armor a few times with different weapons that would be pistol, rifle and knife! And it doesn't matter whether I make armor for myself and wear it or whether I don't wear it, with I lose just as much energy as without whether it is a pistol, rifle or knife, now my question: what do you need that for? and one more question, does anyone know whether the card fiske factory is completely out or is it coming back?
  8. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Rifle scope or attachments?

    for recoil there are alternative remedies I've already seen everything, people who can play with a strike pack on the controller and thus completely remove recoil
  9. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Rifle scope or attachments?

    I don't mean that every weapon should or must be equipped with a rifle barrel, I'll take the anikkan card as an example: a huge card and just too perfect for sniper friends I like to use the rifle vz or the Moisin or carabina, the problem is that I'm lost on such a card against someone who has an m21 or a g3! That's why I thought it would be really cool if the other rifles were also suitable for target rifles. I even thought maybe of a silencer function for the gel and the mp5 😉 you know, I don't understand why there are now 500 knives to choose from pistols or other strange things if no one uses them i have dismantled about 700 knives that week 3000 pistols well i have plenty of materials now but i don't understand why ideas where weapons would be selected more often are so discarded that is a mystery to me, just like the armor, it just doesn't work and slowly I get a very bad suspicion and if I'm quite far in the battle pass at level 42, I am now so I think one or two bullets are enough and I'm dead no matter whether it's head or body me I think that was not so extreme before that you could tolerate more balls without falling directly, but two hits and m are now enough it's over and that really leaves a lot to be desired, I notice it when I'm involved in a fight when my opponent has swallowed well he is still there and as soon as I get two shots dead!
  10. Xaphan Misanthrop


    The recoil of many weapons is again unbearable, if one fires two or three shots one sees the beautiful sky...
  11. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Weapon change not possible

    Hello, I have the following problem, I can't switch between my weapons, if I have more than one weapon with me I can only use one switch doesn't work anymore! I can put them in when I wake up but I can't switch to another one!
  12. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Bomb Warning!!!!

    I can't see any real logic in the bomb - in other words in the booby trap 😕 what sense does it make when it makes such funny noises and is easy to spot because it sounds like a radio has bad reception? As soon as you spot it you fire a few shots at it and it goes off wow why don't we put up some signs in the shape of an arrow at the entrance, saying: Watch out! Enter at your own risk! Or bomb warning! Shouldn't such a trap be silent so that it serves its purpose?
  13. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Additions to consider?

    is that just a joke of yours or are you serious? haven't you read in other threads that animals will NOT come? The effort is A too high B it is enough if you can kill virtual people and if you absolutely want to shoot animals download some cheap hunting game as well as fishing download some cheap fish fishing game down with them Vehicles download Battlegrounds Pubg where you can drive vehicles Vigor doesn't have to be a pseudo copy of any other game!
  14. Xaphan Misanthrop


    Hey guys, no kidding but what's the deal with the mill right now? Is this some kind of zombie mode where sometime other outsiders are going on like zombies and you can shoot them 500 times in the head and nothing happens? You can't kill anybody but you can watch how the points of other outsiders rise and even points don't work! It went well before, why is it so complicated now to fix this mistake? Just don't understand it https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wehrwolf1888/video/100331606
  15. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Random maps?

    I understand the principle of the random mode concerning the maps but it is not acceptable that I get 500 times the Dverg Forest Map and 800 times the Fjellkanten Map from 4 hours of playing. It's just the two maps that make me really sick because there is very little booty on so many players! Meanwhile you have to be really lucky to get good maps like Grontheim I think the system should be reworked because I'm sure that many people lose more and more of their fun in this game I see it in my mind because I don't play games that often anymore just because the crashes are getting more and more frequent
  16. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Random maps?

    Short report refund: Protocol: Dverg Forest Save. Dverg Forest Save. Fjelljanten Save. Fiske Fabrik: Connection to server interrupted. Dverg Forest Save Grontheim Connection to server interrupted. Fiske Fabrik Connection to server interrupted. Viktorsen Stadium Save. Fjellkanten Save. Dverg Forest Save. Fjellkanten Save. Fiske Fabrik Save. Grontheim Connection to server interrupted. Dverg Forest Save. That's what I call fantastic really, I don't think it can get any more shooting than that, sorry but I'm starting to get fed up with this shit again!
  17. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Weapon change not possible

    No problem, my goodness Bohemia should hire more such extremely wonderful beautiful women, an absolute boon to every man's eyes 🤪
  18. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Weapon change not possible

    Okay, I found it, kind of still stupid.
  19. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Weapon change not possible

    How do I mark the weapons? Whoa, I don't know, playing and everything 🤣
  20. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Adding a new map with wildlife

    Fishing in a nice quiet place, it can be a carp or even a trout, while behind your head maybe a few bullets fly by, surviving is the motto 🎣 =🦈=🔫=♿️=🐖💨
  21. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Adding a new map with wildlife

    I think your animalistic idea has been answered 😄
  22. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Adding a new map with wildlife

    Or is it a UFO hangar, or a hidden grass plantation, a meth labor a bike basement to be soon with the bike mobile therefore the mobile shooting exercises? Maybe Mrs. Merkel from Germany is hidden there, or you have to store salami air-dry, otherwise I can't explain this air shaft, something needs fresh air, there are now totally well preserved modern phone booths that look like they come from the future, not broken and totally chic in design in contrast to the environment which partly looks like the end of the DDR in 1989 lul, who knows maybe he hasn't purchased adult services over the phone, OR but it could be some kind of one on one mode, trading and bartering I think is a good approach definitely would make more sense but maybe something like a barter and trading exchange or market? So according to the motto Outlander X offers 3 ADR submachine guns for 50 thousand materials or let's say special weapons with special status 3x ADR for 15 crowns normal weapons to light weapons either for materials or food
  23. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Adding a new map with wildlife

    Not again, Don't you think it's bad enough that there are people killing each other? Don't get me wrong this is the one thing that happens when humans kill each other whether in real life or in a simulation, but I don't think it has to get any worse by putting animals in here that only want to defend their habitat when humans invade it, I strongly suspect that nobody wants to shoot animals senselessly if you feel like it I suggest you use some hunting simulators like Deep Hunting
  24. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Weapon change not possible

    I cannot choose between weapons if I have more than one, that is if I want to change from machine gun to pistol as an example it is not possible why?
  25. Xaphan Misanthrop

    Throwables Items

    i think these gimmicks would take the real dynamics of the game and would more and more become a copy of Far Cry or Call of Duty which is not useful and purposeful, what would come in season 5? Maybe bazookas, or better still, slings and stones? Or and for Season 6 we'll pack some tactical drones and binoculars with thermal imaging function or what? I don't want to say bad idea but there are still many questions left unanswered like: why is the clock always and in every house set to 5 minutes to 7? Where does the weapon suddenly appear after he starts a match and puts the card away? What does the lighthouse mean? Why does it never get night or at least dusk? Questions Questions