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    3's?? Quads???

    Again I do agree with you old ninja. I will primarily be running solo myself. However it would be sweet to be able to hop online with three of my buddies and tackle some encounters! 🤙
  2. Josh Eads

    Recoil inconsistent

    I agree I don't want it super easy to kill people. However I never played before the update you speak of either lol. But wow I have such hard time killing anyone! I am an experienced shooter gamer and there's been times when I run up on a unexpecting Outlander and I feel I barely took them down to half life while I lay there Dead on the floor watching my loot being taken lol. The aiming and recoil is out of hand and like you said maybe dumb it down a little I would be ok with that but it needs addressed for sure.
  3. Josh Eads

    3's?? Quads???

    Is there going to be option to run with teams of 3 and 4 in the future!!! My gosh sure hope so!!
  4. Josh Eads

    Recoil inconsistent

    I've already posted about my complaints with recoil being way too uncontrollable... however something else I just noticed. The recoil is less when single tapping a gun set to fully auto compared to when gun is set to single shot... if I have gun on single shot and fire one shot. It's more recoil then if I turn gun to full auto and take one shot. That makes no sence? I'm not trying to be a negative Nancy by all my post I personally think this game and be GREAT just providing my feedback tho 🙂 I have four fingers crossed the aiming system and the recoil is fixed because this game could be soooooo good!!!
  5. All night tonight I've gotten "lost connection to server" it could be during gameplay or during crafting who knows it's all over the place and it just kicks me out to title screen.. is there alot of maintenance going on tonight or any ideas as to why?
  6. Here's a crazy idea for down the road. Maybe make two different difficulties? I would say the game now is more on the hardcore mode with how hard it is to aim and actually stay on target. So maybe the biggest difference between the two modes would be the "core mode" would have some aim assist and less recoil? "Hardcore" would remain with zero aim assist and keep this crazy amount of recoil the game currently has. Of course you could brainstorm and add other aspects to separate the two. This is probably a long shot but if there is always only going to be one difficulty setting then for the love of mankind please lower recoil for most weapons!! I understand if it's a really high caliber gun then it needs to have high recoil. But it is so hard to control wepons and aim. Please make more user friendly and this game will be a slam dunk. However if lots and lots of people love the gunplay how it is. Then maybe keep this build as a hard core mode and make a core mode with some slight aim assist and a LOT less recoil. I am looking forward to the full release of this game. Also here lately I can't even get full match in with out "lost connection to server" smh so frustrating I just want to loot crates! lol
  7. I'm a very experienced gamer. Mainly shooters and sports. I LOVE the concept of vigor. I have been playing the game and always find myself saying "man this aiming and recoil is horrible." I understand the "realistic" feeling were going for here but it's too much. I'm a gun enthusiast in my real world I've shot many different caliber weapons and this amount of recoil in the game is just unrealistic. The weapon sway when ADS is also too op... I really hope this gets addressed and the shooting/aiming can become more user friendly. Also the fall damage is so inconsistent and sometimes too sensitive. If the shooting/aiming and also fall damage gets fixed this game has potential to be up there as an all time great.