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  1. Just downloaded the latest update, season 3 and logged in. . Map choices - Grontheim or quick play? I would prefer to choose my map as I did before, but will live with it for this season. Stats - Mentioned it before. I personally am ambivalent in regard to them, but can understand why some outlanders are Keen on them. One suggestion for future updates. Could you add a reset option? Why, you may ask. Because and depending on my challenges, and indeed my mood. I take differing approaches to encounters. Therefore if a feel a little aggressive, I would be interested in resetting and tracking my kill count. If I am grinding for certain materials or food, I may like to track my successful escapes etc etc. Protect Teammate - Simple yet extremely effective method of stopping team kills. Excellent addition. Loot levels - They appear slightly improved and food seems to be more abundant. Running noise - Appears to be lower. Good change. Shoot out - Great addition. Will hopefully provide the ideal solution for those outlanders who enjoy higher levels of engagement. . Anyone who has read my other posts on here and other forums will have noticed my disappointment with recent updates, cosmetic additions and the general trend towards Battle royale. Whilst I still think the game should consider embracing its roots a little more, season 3 has perked my interest and indeed encouraged me to spend pretty much a full day levelling up. I will see if my initial enthusiasm persists. Well done with Season 3 devs.
  2. I'm not sure what your primary point is? I simply go in naked. There are locations on all maps where you can pick up weapons. If it's bring back map select - yes If it's bring back slower radiation - yes If it's get rid of cosmetic items, fake glint, personal signal locator etc etc - yes If it's improve loot - yes If it's slow movement speed - yes If it's improve the chances of achieving the pathetic Battle Pass - yes . If I've missed anything please add. . Yes, I'm a founder and love the game for what it was, not what it's evolved into. My opinion and after what I've invested in the game, I'm entitled to it. . And yes. I've enjoyed imbibing a quantity of chilled Sauvignon Blanc prior to writing this.
  3. I find it very sad that this is what this once fine game has become. A grind! Every forum has the same comment, grinding for xp. It used to be fun. A clear example of how quickly a great concept turns to crap.
  4. I have to agree with your comments HomemadeG. I myself have made many posts lobbying the devs to think of the players. Unfortunately it appears we are dinosaurs. The generation playing this game, and probably developing this game, think differently. I'm beginning to feel as King Canute must have, as he feet began to get wet (under 55's Google it). Vigor will not revert back to the game we adored. We have to try to adapt or we will end up playing less and less, until Vigor eventually disappears from our home screens.
  5. Oldninja

    Adding weapon cleaning kits

    Just read this thread in it's entirety. Basically anyone who spends time on here is entitled to post their views. So all power to you for doing so. Having said that, I agree with the general consensus of the replies, insomuch as I currently find it an unnecessary and time consuming distraction. In my view this game has transitioned from a fairly straightforward shelter building survival looter, which included the option to take on other outlanders and try for the drop if you so desired. Into a seriously over engineered headless chicken shooter looter, with shelter development basically on the back burner. If you had said bring back slower radiation, get rid of most of the cosmetic items (fake glint, personal signal locator etc) that have been added simply to encourage players to spend money to get the plans, slow down movement speed and bring back map selection. I would have been right behind you. In fact probably right alongside you. I think I can understand that through your suggestion your looking for a more a emersive experience. I can see how some would see that as attractive. I think if there was a companion smartphone app, that allowed players to log into their shelters to collect food, materials and crowns, as well as performing the type of maintenance tasks your suggesting, then you would probably get more traction. I know we are all pretty much confined to barracks at the moment, but under normal conditions most outlanders log on simply to play, not to do time consuming maintenance tasks.
  6. Oldninja

    Team matchmaking!!

    Hi fOrsythiaa, It's clear your quite new to the forum. If you really mean your last statement - We're sorry you've been experiencing these issues, and rest assured, we are doing our best to figure out how to improve the game for our players. . Think about the following :- 1. The original concept, and the very thing that set the game apart from others. Build shelter improvements by collecting loot by using a variety of tactics. Not a clone of other looter shooters out there. 2. A game that actually listens to and applies user requests. Virtually all of your recent updates were not asked for. Why would you do that? 3. Consider your pricing policy. Be prepared to think outside of the box and embrace counter intuitive thinking. Lowered prices can actually increase income when combined with being true to the original concept. 4. Let's see some shelter updates to aim for. For instance virtually every toilet on every map produces fertilizer, but the toilet at the shelter doesn't. Why? The shelter is surrounded by water, why is it not possible the generate any food from it by way of fishing? . I could go on, but that's plenty to be getting on with. . Welcome and get to know the players who care and want this game to succeed via it's original, unique concept.
  7. Oldninja

    Plz bring back ability to choose map

    Read my comment on 'Things to make the game better'. It covers your concerns.
  8. They could also increase loot levels. Wouldn't that be helpful!
  9. Oldninja

    Team matchmaking!!

    All depends where your located Reyong. Latency differs quite a lot by region.
  10. Oldninja

    Things to make the game better.

    I too was once Keen to make suggestions about how this game could be made better for players, but BI eventually beat that enthusiasm out of me by introducing updates that non of the players asked for. What was once an enjoyable game that allowed me and many others, to build up our shelters by choosing to engage in firefights with other outlanders or employ more stealthy tactics to collect loot, has become nothing more than a grinding bore. Same old every encounter. But now you can't even pick the map you will have to run around on like a headless chicken, gun on auto collecting what little there is. And if you decide to try for the crate, unless it's boosted to gold what do you get. Not much! It seems long ago now, but when I did work for a living it was in the Pharmaceutical industry, ensuring that all the software developed for the company was compliant with FDA and other regulatory authorities requirements. I understand that this is a game! But one clear principle applies. All software development starts with a URS..... For the uninitiated, a user requirement specification. Key point User!! Not a developer requirement, or project manager requirement, or corporate accountant requirement, a user requirement. I.e. what does the user require or how do we attract someone to use the product. Develop the game then be led by the user. What a novel method for making a game popular with players. How would you achieve that lofty goal? By utilising a User Group to filter both general user and developer suggestions. A User Group of actual players supported by developers. That way updates enhance the player experience, rather than frustrate and eventually alienate the players. This isn't bluesky thinking, even SAP listens to it's user groups! . I've not given up just yet, it's close but not yet. Unfortunately the lack of commentary on this and other Vigor related forums, tells me that many have. For instance, a recent vote on another popular forum, regarding the return of map selection, attracted just 124 votes! By the way, 89 voted for it to be returned, 21 didn't care, 14 said no. Shall we see if this overwhelmingly negative reaction to removing map selection has any impact on the developers !!
  11. A large proportion of outlanders get to this point eventually. You only have to read through the various forums. Strangely enough BI don't seem too bothered.
  12. I applaud your general enthusiasm for the game Arachnid. I was once like that, before BI gradually eroded my enthusiasm with a series of 'improvements' that actually made the game more like the other shooters out there. However, and although iodine is a new and possibly the first actual improvement for a while. Everyone will be using it to Outlast other outlanders at the drop. Essentially BI are artificially bringing game time back towards what it was before they ruined it with the quicker radiation. But to do this they are asking outlanders to stump up 10200 materials! Not a lot for veterans, but quite a lot for new players who haven't made much shelter progress. I look forward to seeing how it works. It has the potential to perk my interest once they bring back map select.
  13. Another veteran completely agrees.
  14. Oldninja

    Bring back map select

    All the above comments are fair and honest from outlanders, some of whom have long histories with this game. I'm really disappointed that the game has developed the way it has. For me the turning point came when the Signal Locator was introduced. It said to me that stealth tactics were frowned upon and the powers that be in BI want engagement between outlanders. I imagine the discussion in the BI meeting room went something like this. Original developer - Introducing this locator will severely limit players options! New Vigor Project Manager - Sorry, but my annual objectives are to maximize income from this game. So less stealth more engagement. That's where we're moving to. Original developer - What about our proposed shelter updates? New Vigor Project Manager - On hold, shorter game time, quicker radiation, less loot means more boosting. Also get that Battle Pass up and running for the next update. More income and I meet my targets come year end. Original developer - But won't we alienate our player base? New Vigor Project Manager - Highly likely, but if we move towards more engagement we stand a good chance of poaching players from fortnite and PUBG. Original developer - But what about the original concept? New Vigor Project Manager - That didn't make enough money. Work on introducing more players per map next. . And there endeth my involvement.
  15. Oldninja

    Ive built my house, Now what??

    Additional shelter improvements are on the back burner for one reason. The game will become Warzone! Rather than stick with the original concept, BI are chasing dollars by steadily turning the game into a standard headless chicken looted shooter. 12000 chemicals for your final upgrade! How long would that take new players with ever diminishing loot levels and boosting that doesn't actually boost. Next will come more players per map. Gone are the days of stealthy looting, even after the crate had been collected. Shorter game time and quicker radiation saw to that. More players per map = more engagement = more fortnite = a real shame.
  16. Oldninja

    Corona Virus Maps???

    I hear you, and I'm sad the game has chosen the path it has. I have a theory that I would be only too happy if it was proved wrong. The next incarnation of maps will have more players per map. As I have predicted, the game is going more and more towards Battle Royale, maps will accommodate more players. For instance, Grontheim with move to 12 players then 16. Please prove me wrong Bohemia. I've virtually finished with Vigor, but will keep an eye on how things progress on the new Vignite. And hopefully if you decide to get back to what made this game so different and so engaging, I will be back.
  17. Oldninja

    Latest Update

    Just downloaded the latest update and logged on. . Map choices - Battery or quick play? I want to choose my map as I did before Rewards - yesterday I had a challenge for looting 300 food. Reward 65 crowns, today the reward changed to an uncommon crate. Thanks for nothing. Stats - apparently after 70 encounters your on the stat leaderboard. Why? I'm happy to know my own, not interested in anyone else's. . Ok, weapon stats are interesting, but I'm afraid yet again it appears you are looking to encourage outlanders to spend more and focus on stats. I.e. take more risks. I played and enjoyed this game because it offered me a wide choice of tactics. I could avoid other outlanders and loot covertly to build up my shelter. You basically stopped that by shortening game time and making the radiation faster and be more aggressive. You dropped loot levels. You made rewards less attractive. You made getting the lower tiered crates not worth the risk. I won't linger on the first Battle Pass fiasco etc etc With these and other recent changes, I see the game is moving more and more towards a Battle Royale scenario. Outlanders now need to be more aggressive to get any worthwhile loot. And as you have done nothing to add more shelter improvements, I'm sure it won't be long until we see more 'improvements' focussed on moving the game towards last man standing. I think for the time being I'm done with the game. You've successfully spoiled it for me, so I'm off for a nostalgic trip to Andromeda before I look for a new game to capture my interest.
  18. Oldninja

    Latest Update

    Hi eKLaB, Just to be clear, the comments in that particular sentence, weren't specific to this update. I'm mentioning it as each update seems to have had a cumulative negative effect on loot levels, challenge rewards and crate contents. I've raised it before through encounters I've experienced on Grontheim in particular, and other maps in general. Basically if an encounter is boosted 300% would you expect to see the loot container you know is always in certain place to have three times as much loot in it? Maybe not, as you could argue that the extra loot is distributed across the whole map. But would you expect there to be less in it?. Absolutely not, but it happens every boost in certain loot locations on Grontheim. Anyway, enough from me. I'll log in the collect my food/materials/crowns, pick up my free crates when they appear and maybe give it another go in a month or 2.
  19. I know it's a thorny subject with many points of view being aired on here and other forums. I also understand from my limited technical knowledge that a solution is not easy to achieve. That means teaming in solo encounters is down to the integrity of the individuals concerned. However, I have just come out of 2 solo encounters on Grontheim where I remain convinced that teaming was pretty obvious. I'm not going to publish my tactics, but having despatched one outlander and taken some useful loot, weapons and ammo. I decided to stay in the encounter and try for a little more. Before I could move on I heard the approach of another outlander. I readied myself as he/she approached. There was some ammo and a knife in the death box, as I didn't need it. I saw the death box empty as the other outlander, who by the way made straight to it rather than look around the building, looted it from behind an adjacent wall. He then made into the room directly into my sights. Before I could make an impression on him/her, I was ended. Bad luck or maybe something else. In a similar manner on the previous encounter I despatched an outlander. This time I decided to exit with my ill gotten loot and very useful weapons/ammo. I exited and made for the north road exit. As soon as I was on the move a hail of bullets was incoming, a couple hit but I managed to evade and eventually made a successful exit. I've played this game since becoming a founder in late 2018, and have very rarely experienced 2 players in such close proximity to each other, with the second one seemingly very familiar with my movements. I am therefore, in my usual verbose manner, requesting an end to spectating! It's blindingly obvious to me that the dead outlander talked his pal into an advantageous position by using spectate after I killed him. I myself have only ever used it once. Out of interest when I was despatched by two outlanders who turned out to be in a team of 4! So please consider ending the facility or limiting it to 10 seconds at most, in fact no, 10 seconds is still more than enough to give your position away to a teammate. Just end it please. The only way to defeat it currently is to get off the map after you kill someone, or at least it has spooked me into behaving that way. Any other views on spectating?
  20. Oldninja

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    Hi Merc, I'm interested to learn more about your comment re fine tuning the settings. I've tried numerous combinations, but have not managed to find a combination that works noticeably better than the default settings. Are you prepared to share your settings. Fully understand if you don't feel it's appropriate.
  21. Oldninja

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    Your spot on Dig4tal, There are quite a few MnK users playing the game. For me it's clear and obvious, and not just because I'm annoyed about getting ended, but the fact that they know they have a split second advantage even in situations where you think you have the drop on them.
  22. Oldninja

    Get to know - Andrej Novosad - Sound Designer

    Nice to meet you Andrej, May I set you a challenge? Can you come up with a rusty old safe door opening slowly sound effect. To be unleashed in conjunction with the on screen notification, when some outlander opens the safe. Just to make sure that I don't miss the notification in future encounters. Many thanks in advance.
  23. Oldninja

    Team challenge

    I'm OK with squad's, as long as it has no impact on the original concept of solo survival. Could be interesting 4 x 4 squad's of outlanders on Grontheim.
  24. Oldninja

    First Battlepass

    I afraid my enjoyment of the game overcame my original disappointment Sleve.
  25. Oldninja

    First Battlepass

    Ducky, I agree wholeheartedly with you. The first BP was offered free due to the underwhelming initial uptake. I like you chose to support the game by purchasing it and felt more than a little cheated when the free one came out. I made the same commitment to no longer financially support the game. But have since decided not to cut my nose off to spite my face, and have now bought the latest BP. I treat the first experience as a learning point and hope that BI decide in their wisdom, to treat loyal Outlanders a little better in the future.