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  1. Oldninja

    Lack of activity

    Just looked in to check on the current level of interest in this once great game. Sad to see such little discussion taking place. Used to buzzing with ideas. Shame really.
  2. Oldninja

    Just dropping in...

    Hi all, As a founder I thought I would just drop in on a great concept, ruined by the pursuit of income. Whilst I understand that games now survive by micro transactions, I'm still disappointed that BI didn't stick with the unique concept they developed. I long for a return to the days when you entered an encounter ( a term I inspired through my early feedback) not knowing how many other players were on the map. Not being able to change the drop, not having the ability to see where other outlanders were and having @8 minutes to loot after the radiation cloud appeared. New players may not be aware of this, but it was much more fun. More loot allowed you to build upgrades quicker, and all in all it was an enjoyable and unique concept. Ah well, that ship sailed a long time ago. I hope you all enjoy the current headless chicken concept. I don't and will continue to canvass for a return to the real Vigor.
  3. Oldninja

    The end is Nigh

    Congratulations BI. The final nail has been hammered into the coffin of the once original and unique grown up game concept called Vigor. My eldest grandson, aged 9! Has just informed me from lockdown, that he and his Fortnite squad have installed and are currently loving Vigor. If he and is friends love it then it conveys one message. You've achieved your goal of turning Vigor child friendly. I will probably buy him crowns as I bought him Vbuck's, but as I found on Fortnite. He's too bloody quick for me to compete with. I might try a duo with him so he can look after me, but this season looks like my last.
  4. Oldninja

    Valedictory Address

    As the title of this post suggests, this is my farewell post. . As my recent posts are nothing but critisism of the game I once so enjoyed and thought of as truly original. I have decided to end my relationship with its current, and future incarnations, as it no longer meets my requirements. The path from tactical survival game to standard shooter looter has been slow, and for me disappointing. But money talks and that money says that the original concept isn't as profitable as a fortnite/PUBG/CoD clone can be. Seeing the increasing number of bunny hoppers would confirm that theory. I wish BI and the devs all the best, and I really do hope the game succeeds. I do intend to drop in now and then and see how things are going, but my active engagement ends with this post. Have fun out there.
  5. Oldninja

    Daily Challenges

    Daily challenges are not refreshing. Anyone else witnessing this bug?
  6. Since 3.1 all 6 of my daily challenges have been to kill a random number of other outlanders, with a specific weapon, for pretty poor rewards. Linking that to the continued march of game spoiling consumables and the removal of map select, comfirmation regarding the direction of this once unique and eminently enjoyable game is confirmed .... Vignite! Signed, Disappointed but not surprised, from locked down England.
  7. Oldninja

    We want map selection back... as soon as possible

    I accept that I made my final address, but I still retain a shred of hope for the game and did say I would monitor things. Therefore I could not let forsythiaas politically correct, and quite simply wrong response go unanswered. 1. Wait times have become worse not better since map selection was removed. 2. There are less complaints about teaming because outlanders are fed up of wasting their time complaining. . Finally. When has BI actually done anything that a paying outlander asked for? Once in my recollection, when I asked for a sound to accompany the use of the comm station. Virtually everyone wants map selection back, but will it happen? No. Just check how many outlanders leave the lobbies when they end up on a map they don't like. 90% of encounters I play lose at least one. So BI, do something your player base actually wants you to do for a refreshing change.
  8. I don't know how other outlanders feel, but I'm pretty fed up with trying to complete season 3. I can now manage @5 encounters a day before I think to myself that this is no longer much fun. For the very first time in the history of me playing Vigor, I'm only playing Duo's. Why, because due to the level I've reached I earn 600 xp for getting off the map before my teammate dies. It started at 250. In 8 out of 10 encounters my teammate marks the barred house or signal locator and sets off as soon as the encounter starts. Knowing he/she is going to get killed I then loot the nearest sites and leave for my additional xp! Not much fun. In the other 2 we stick together and in 1 we share loot, in the other he/she either gets in before to bag as much loot as possible or even knocks me out of the way to get it. Very cut throat and leaves a bad taste. It's simply not fun, but playing solo would have meant I would probably been at least 10 levels below where I am. And that would have been a true grind based on my current attention span. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I used to really enjoy the days of picking my map based on my strategy for the day or just each encounter. And then fully committing to that strategy and really having fun. Now everyone seems to play the same, get in, get a little loot and get off. I'm wondering if I should really bother next time around and just revert to my tried and trusted strategies, ignoring the statistics delivered at the end of each encounter. Even the challenge rewards are poor. I had one the other day that offered me 30 food, 3 electronics and some ammo for 15 kills! I did that challenge many times in the past and picked up numerous crowns. If I recall 165 once! Loot levels are also poor. In my view the basic level of loot should be set at the same level as 3 boosts. I know BI need income to survive and prosper. But there is a tipping point whereby if you give the players such low reward with regard to the effort expended to get it. Players just pack it in. Hence my musings in this post. If players build up stockpiles of crowns through in game rewards. They will spend them and more! I did! But not any more. Rant over....
  9. Oldninja

    3.2 Update

    Judging by the lack of discussion on here it looks like the update has been a roaring success. The trolls must be the reason! Can we have a cute little dog poking his head out my backpack in 3.3 please? Just to increase the enhanced sense of reality.
  10. Oldninja

    3.2 Update

    Your right Edmin. I've watched this game degenerate from a grown up's strategy game into something a lot less, and It saddens me as I really enjoyed it. I'm wrong to continually criticise it and fully understand why BI chose this path. In future I'll adopt my long gone mum's invaluable guidance. If I can't say anything nice I won't say anything at all. Thanks for calling me out.
  11. Oldninja

    3.2 Update

    Randomly placed collectibles to find. The children of the fleeing Norwegians must have dropped them.
  12. Oldninja

    Kill challenges

    Hi Matthew, Thanks for the MoM tip. Downloaded and initial opinion - looks very interesting.
  13. Oldninja

    Title Solo Teaming

    Hi Matthew, Thanks for the heads up on MoM. Downloaded earlier and first impressions look good. Will give it a real go tomorrow, wife's job list permitting.
  14. Oldninja

    Take my MONEY & TIME !

    I admire your partial loyalty Edmin. I am also a founder, and have played continuously since 2018. Playing for varying lengths of time as often as possible. Being retired that means most days. I'm happy you have found the game again and have found that it satisfies your specific gaming requirements. I on the other hand have gradually been worn down by the inexorable march towards making the game into a pretty standard looter shooter. Hence my sometimes fierce criticism. This is of course my opinion. An opinion to which I am entitled. Because it differs from yours does not make me sad. Quite the opposite actually. I'm a very happy individual, and currently look forward to my daily chats with my grand children. One in particular, who will be 10 shortly, loves to tell me how many Vigor kills he made during the day. Have fun out there.
  15. Oldninja

    Too hard for a casual player ?

    Hi Edmin, No I didn't say that. I'm sure the vast majority of the cash you spend goes on development and associated costs. I actually said the game may not develop in a way that satisfies you, unless you enjoy running around with your weapon on auto shooting everything that moves. In my opinion the game was great, but becomes less so and less unique with every update. Have fun out there.
  16. Oldninja

    Done with the game till next season

    Hi Iron, We seem to be exchanging friendly comments on a few topics today. I hate repeating myself but I will, so please be patient. The original premise back in 2018 was solo survival leading to development of your shelter through looting for resources. Not much change then I hear you say. But... You dropped onto the map of the week not knowing how many other outlanders were on it, and you decided if you wanted the drop, which was a fixed location, or you avoided it to loot as you took the chance that other players would move towards the drop area. If someone took the drop quickly, the slower radiation gave you a further 8 minutes to move ahead of it looting before leaving at the opposite end to whence it came. You could engage if you wished or focus on looting to upgrade if you wished. Needless to say other games that offered more action were more popular. Hence the transition of Vigor by embracing a similar philosophy as the more popular survival/battle Royale formats. The updates of the last 18 months have consistently eroded an outlanders ability to avoid engagement and lower loot levels have accentuated it. Shorter game time, the signal generator, personal signal generator etc have all been added to encourage more engagement. I know BI need to get a return for what is now a free to play offering (it cost me 16.99), but the older players who wanted to play a little more tactically and have a clearer choice of engage or not feel a little frustrated at the path the game has taken. I really do hope you enjoy it, as many older and certainty newer players do. My eldest grandson certainly enjoys telling me from lockdown how many kills he had today and what weapons he looted. I will still play but maybe not as much or as often as I once did.
  17. Oldninja

    The end is Nigh

    Absolutely agree Iron. But it does mean something to players who enjoyed earlier incarnations of the game. I'm not going to repeat myself about my preferences for the game, as that ship has sailed. Grandsons and granddaughters Iron, 3 of which play Fortnite. Just coughed up for some gold man skin for the eldest granddaughter 7! When I was 8 all we had was a local wood to play in and aim homemade catapults at each other. Fortunately we were crap shots, so no one got scared for life. For reference we won the World cup shortly after that.
  18. Oldninja

    If comfirmation was ever required!

    It's a valid point Iron, but I honestly believe there will be nothing but shooting challenges until the next update/hot fix. BI want more engagement between outlanders, for reasons I've mentioned earlier in the thread. Time was the reward for killing 15 outlanders with any weapon was 165 crowns.... Not a common crate or 5 fuel!
  19. Oldninja

    Title Solo Teaming

    Hi Iron, you'll know when you have. I look forward to you venting your frustration on here then. A friendly tip. If the signal locator is pinging every 2 minutes, then it's likely a team is on the map. Have fun out there.
  20. Oldninja

    Adding a new map with wildlife

    How about this idea. Randomly placed stuffed and colourful pinatas, full of loot!
  21. Oldninja

    Kill challenges

    Hi Michael, that would make sense as the challenge generator would probably take into account your crafting level, not necessarily what was in your stash. I will complete this season, albeit by adopting a cynical approach, and see what changes in the next update, before finally deciding on the future of my relationship with Vigor.
  22. Oldninja

    Having Proper Vigor Etiquette

    Hi Sven, it would be nice if outlanders adopted a more relaxed style. But that will not attract players from other similar games, who have been weaned on fast action killing, and buying skins. I won't harp on about how good this game used to be. That ship has sailed, but you only have to look at the daily challenges. Since the update all my challenges are kill a certain number of outlanders with a certain weapon for a pretty poor reward. That means that the vast majority of the current outlander crop won't pass on any easy kill to help complete their challenges. And that also means some outlanders will enter an encounter to simply ambush others. And although movement speed has been turned up since the early days, there are still plenty of places that offer an opportunity to take out a stationary or slowed down outlander with any weapon in your stash. My point is therefore this. It's now okay to kill another outlander in any way that you can, be him/her armed or not.
  23. Oldninja

    Done with the game till next season

    You're right. Maybe that's why the roadmap was never published!
  24. Oldninja

    Done with the game till next season

    I feel you my friend. But unique concepts don't necessarily make money. Shame BI couldn't keep the faith in their creation.
  25. Oldninja

    The end is Nigh

    Hi fOsythiaa, It might be good for BI's income, but creating a Fortnite/Apex clone isn't really that clever. Anyway I've disinherited him!