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  1. Actually right now we're on break from the project due to the team wanting to pursue other projects. At this time I unfortunately cannot confidently confirm any mech besides the sutherland.
  2. Notice of Cancelation At this time I regretfully have to announce the cancellation of this project. The team we had has lost interest and moved onto other projects. Unfortunately at this time I am not skilled enough to make a mod like the one intended. I am sorry to have let everyone down. The Mech Superiority Project The mech superiority project is a mod project intended to bring mechs from some of everyones' favorite animes to ArmA. Currently in production we have the Humanoind autonomous Knight, also known by fans of Code Geass as the Knightmare frame. This project has several goals before its completion; first to make functional mechs capable of not only participating in combat, but being a serious tactical weapon. Second is to make an effective and realistic pilot system, this goal comprises of multiple things; effective switching of weapons for mechs, defensive systems (shield usage, interceptors, etc), cockpit design and functionality. Third is to work on maneuverability (Flight, boosting). 4th goal is to have awesome giant mech battles. We intend to use the knightmare frames as a proof of concept before moving onto the much larger Mobile Suits from various Gundam series. Armaments To help accomplish the first goal two sets of armaments have been chosen to be both as faithful to the source material, and as effective as possible. The Knightmare is the equipped with a Knightmare Assault Rifle -2 (Name below was a typo). Mounted on top of the missile launcher which holds 4 90mm HEAT rockets, and underneath is a 5.5 machine gun. The slash harkin is a bonus for precise alternate fire, although it's firing will be limited it is a powerful weapon. This weapon system allows the knightmare to fight a variety of enemies effectively. The second sent makes use of an 120 mm cannon capable of taking out even more heavily armored targets from greater distances. Current Progress We have progressed to the configuration phase along with some texturing. We've hit a hiccup in the configs and it is slowing down our progress somewhat but we continue forward. Seeking Help/ or Join us in the fight We are currently looking for modders interested in being a part of this project to help us complete this project and achieve goals. If interested in helping or joining us in the good fight join us on our discord at: https://discord.gg/YK7wDmQ Our Mod Team Zephyrsouza
  3. They will have a new skeleton, at the moment we have no poses to show.
  4. The scale of the mechs will be true scale, so long as Arma will allow it.
  5. The current approach is to turn the mech into actual player characters and not as a traditional vehicle/tank. Upside to this is the vehicle will be able to be driven by custom animations and look correct in terms of movement. Downside is the mech is now a character so features like ejection wont be easily done, if its even possible.
  6. Zaku II are planned down the road but the Knightmare was the smallest mech and will let us get the configs down for future projects.
  7. Dr_Wrecker

    HIGH-MACS - HMCS Addon

    Hi we're making a mech mod as well. I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining our team. Your work is amazing and we'd love to have you. Join our discord https://discord.gg/xqqEaeb