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  1. When I was bitten, there was an error message Sound dogGrowl2 not found Apart from this, the script works very well
  2. I will use this script in my next mission.If there are any bugs, I will reply to you, thanks again for your efforts
  3. Nice to hear this!So is this script compatible with ACE medical system now?
  4. luminous815

    CBRN Script

    Another problem, the connecting pipe of the respirator and the gas mask seems to be misplaced,the following is my revised content if (_goggles isEqualTo "G_RegulatorMask_F") then { _backPackContainer setObjectTextureGlobal [2,"a3\supplies_f_enoch\bags\data\b_cur_01_co.paa"]; } else { _backPackContainer setObjectTextureGlobal [1,"a3\supplies_f_enoch\bags\data\b_cur_01_co.paa"]; _backPackContainer setObjectTextureGlobal [2,"a3\supplies_f_enoch\bags\data\b_cur_01_co.paa"]; };
  5. luminous815

    CBRN Script

    In my test I can not find check CBRN exposure in my ACE medical menu like your screenshot,but it worked in old ACE version.Sorry, my english is not very good, i don't know if you can understand me.
  6. luminous815

    CBRN Script

    ACE team rewrite medical system,is there an update on compatibility?
  7. luminous815

    Apex Framework

    Use notepad++ search the war zone's name that you want to delete in code folder,and delete all the codes about it
  8. luminous815

    Apex Framework

    Is there any way to use the AdvancedSlingLoading mod in this framework?I hope players can use the CH-67 to lift the tank to the combat area.But the ASL module conflicts with this framework, when I pick up the rope, it will show busy.If you can solve this problem, or integrate the ASL mod into the mission like AdvancedRappelling, it would be better!Pay tribute to your efforts and look forward to hearing from you!
  9. luminous815

    Apex Framework

    Yes I met this a lot of times and some other server admin told me they have the same problem too.
  10. luminous815

    Paradropping Vehicles

    I used same code,but there is no parachutes.When I changed "rhs_bmd2" to any Arma3 vanilla vheicle className,the script works perfectly,what should I do?
  11. Great script! But every time the dogs bite me,there will be an error about ACE medic system. scripts\aceBiteDamage.sqf line2 '..."] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit;|#|' Error Looking to your reply!
  12. luminous815

    Apex Framework

    I have three more questions want to ask foe help First,I wonder how to let AI units use their default gear because I want them to look more neat. Second,I want to let side missions spawn faster,we all think the side missions are very challenging and interesting. At last,could you tell me how to add whitelist helicopter pilot or other whitelist infantry slot? Looking forward to your reply!
  13. luminous815

    Apex Framework

    I tried in my server,seems like eventHandler can not use in this block.But now I can add weapons for the vehicles,thank you for your reply!
  14. luminous815

    Apex Framework

    Hello Quicksliver!I found custom init code not working on respawning vehicle,these are the codes I added on the respawning vehinle: 0 = [ this, 30, false, {this addeventhandler["fired",{(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1;}];}, 50, 50, -1, true ] call QS_fnc_registerVehicle; Is there any problems with my codes? In addition,how could I use custom weather in the mission?I want to play some foggy tasks.
  15. luminous815

    Apex Framework

    Happy new year! I have a new problem now,some players tell me they saw Error Code 191,I want to know what is this mean.