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  1. Alejandro Cano

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    @sgtwilson You indicate that it will be used in single player, so add that code block in an init.sqf file in your mission folder. Cheers
  2. Alejandro Cano

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    This is gross, but it will work for you: [] spawn { _list = nearestTerrainObjects [player, ["FENCE"], 2000]; {if (random (1) > 0.5) then {_x hideObject true}} foreach _list; }; It will randomly hide terrain objects (of the "fence" type) in an area of 2000 meters around the player.
  3. Alejandro Cano

    F-16 Fighting Falcon Series Standalone

    It happens when you have installed the USAF mod along with the Firewill mod. Waiting for USAF to update ...
  4. Alejandro Cano

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Hello RJey. My mod is already old and I have not kept it after version 1.07. But you can still open the pbo and edit the chkHelo.sqf script. There the anchor positions for the types of helicopters supported are defined. You just have to repeat the code of a supported version, changing its class name to the one of the MI-8 you want, but placing the correct values for the position vector (_datFastRopes): Each element of the vector corresponds to a string position. Each position is an array of 3 elements that are the coordinates in the model space of the rope anchor (values x, y, z) Example: if (_tiptip isKindOf "I_HELI_LIGHT_03_UNARMED_BASE_F") then { _center = [0,0,1]; _datCam = [[0.67,4.45,0.2],[0,1, -1.7],[0,2, -6]]; _datFastRopes = [[[1.00,3.00, -11.95],270,1,1],[[-1.05,3.00, -11.95],90,1,1]]; }; Greetings.