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  1. I try to re-texture a civilian clothing piece from the Apex expansion. Everything works, except the texture. The uniform piece gets added on the arsenal, but it has the default texture applied to it and not the one specified in the config file. Anyone want to take a look and tell me what I have done wrong? config.cpp:
  2. "spawn" wasn't working that's why I used call. I didn't know I had to use a handler though, so everything works fine now, thanks!
  3. I try to use the default example from the wiki inside a trigger but I get the following error message, and only the last subtitle is shown. What is happening? Error Message [ ["Speaker1","Subtitle1",0], ["Speaker2","Subtitle2",5], ["Speaker3","Subtitle3",10], ["Speaker4","Subtitle5",15] ] call BIS_fnc_EXP_camp_playSubtitles;
  4. I wanted to display hints as radio messages like the example bellow. It would be too time consuming to create an image for each radio message my mission contains! I guess I will write them with English characters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hint "Ερμής απο Ύαινα. Λαμβάνει Ερμής? Δεν έχουμε διαθέσιμες ομάδες για υποστήριξη. Ελάτε στη βάση επιχειρήσεων βόρεια του Πάρος. Από ύαινα τέλος."
  5. I need to display a message in Greek language, but Arma does not support those characters. (Silly if you take into consideration that Arma 3 is supposed to take place on a greek island :P ) hint "ΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΗΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩ" //example Is there any way I can add new character support for the game?
  6. smirlianos

    Custom environment sound

    Sooo.... here I am reviving a 3 year old post :D Am I supposed to write the position that I want the sound to be played at, like this? [23558.902, 21130.393, 0] playSound3D "Radio2";
  7. this setVariable ["RscAttributeDiaryRecord_texture","Clues\Clue1.jpg", true]; data = [this,"RscAttributeDiaryRecord",["Clue","<br /><execute expression='[] spawn GOM_fnc_showImage1'>View the Document</execute>","Clues\Clue1.jpg"]] call bis_fnc_setServerVariable; GOM_fnc_shownImage1 = false; GOM_fnc_showImage1 = { if (GOM_fnc_shownImage1) exitWith {false}; GOM_fnc_shownImage1 = true; with uiNamespace do { intelIMG1 = findDisplay 46 ctrlCreate ["RscPicture", -1]; intelIMG1 ctrlSetPosition [ 0.5 - ( 350 * pixelW ), 0.5 - ( 350 * pixelH ), 700 * pixelW, 700 * pixelH ]; intelIMG1 ctrlCommit 0.4; intelIMG1 ctrlSetText "Clues\Clue1.jpg"; }; waitUntil {!visibleMap}; hint "ClosedMap"; with uiNamespace do { ctrlDelete intelIMG1; }; GOM_fnc_shownImage1 = false; }; I have this code inside an intel file, that is supposed to show a picture (Located inside the mission folder), but it doesn't work for other people, only for myself when in multiplayer. What is happening?
  8. smirlianos

    My uniform texture is invisible

    Well it turned out the compiler I was using to make the .pbo file was broken! I switched to another one and everything is working now! Thanks for your answer though!
  9. I want to add a new uniform to the game. My PBO file is structured like this: config.cpp : When I test my game, this is what it looks like: Is there any mistake in my config file?
  10. Ok so here's what's up. I spend several hours making a scenario/mission. After a week or so I decide to change some things. I go inside the editor but I forget I have this one completely irrelevant mod active in my modlist. Now everyone needs to have this mod in order to play my mission. And my question is. Is there any file inside the mission folder that contains all the mod requirements for the mission that I can modify?
  11. Yeah, that was it! You can also put ctrlDelete intelIMG; before intelIMG = findDisplay 46 ctrlCreate ["RscPicture", -1]; But that works as well!
  12. I see, thanks! It worked!
  13. I have a container that contains an optic, a banana (from ACE), a chemlight and a grenade. It has the following line inside init. hint str getItemcargo box1; I want it to return every object that's inside but it only returns these 2: Why is this happening?
  14. Nice, thanks man! There's one bug though to both of the solutions above, sometimes when I close the map the image doesn't disappear
  15. Sooo.... I may revive a super old post, but the file from Grumpy Old Man is no longer available! Can someone host it again?